Smogon Premier League Season 5 Commencement

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I don't give a fuck seeing how the team went tbh.
1. I don't speak English good, and when I was talking spanish in the frogs chat it was for the hispanic ones, if that was really annoying for any of you, you could have told it to me and I had tried to find a way to do it.
2. When I joined the chat and I asked for friendly or test matches the most of the times no one wanted to play, a lot of times I talked and no one answered me, I dont know what I was supposed to do, Just join to try to look active like you do??
3. That thing about you scheduling my matches is absolutely false. I've played all my battles in time talking with my opponent in PMs, If any of you did another thing... that is your problem.
4. I've started in 2/4 weeks and subbed in in 1. You made me play a tier that I DONT PLAY and I DIDNT SIGN UP and I didnt complain about it, I have a lot of things to do irl and I stayed here TILL 4 AM to play a match even when the score was 9-2.... but I see thats not any important.
I wish you luck in the tournament, I know I'm not a great loss for you and same you for me, but I'm annoyed that any of you told me anything about this to me directly and act in this stupid way to secure the sell back.
PS: I'm not posting this in the General Talk thread because I want this post to be read.


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If it means anything to you, I tried my hardest to get you onto the Sharks just now. What the Frogs did to you is dirty and I feel like you deserve a spot on a team. You have a friend in the Sharks Madchine.
Except we offered him for 3k and you guys didn't accept.

Anyway, we have Oglemis permission to take the sellback back and sell him to another team, 3k and he is yours. Just PM me.
People are too funny, i offered K-12 to cryos and sharks (to a sharks' player and a cryos' assman) as soon as i knew LN as going to sellback him, we just wanted 3k or a guy that we could sellback, but they didn't accept the trade. Now it seems that cryos and sharks want him. Sure ;)

I like those 2 teams (sharks and cryos), and their players know it, but i'm just getting mad with all this bullshit.
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