Smogon Premier League VI - Midseason Sign-ups

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It is not quite the end of Week 4 yet, but in order to give more time for managers to make their midseason plans and give players more time to sign up, we are launching the Midseason Sign-ups early. The Midseason Auction will not begin until these sign-ups close.

Sellback requests are permitted to be sent in via PM to myself. Like last year, managers can propose to veto a sellback, and I will look into it and handle it accordingly.


If you missed out on the original signups, or if you are a team looking to make up the loss for unloading inactive players, team cancers, or if you are a manager that has issues sleeping at night worrying about activity losses thanks to having no substitutes, look no further than this thread!

Players will sign up and a new free agent list will be made. Note: Even if you signed up the first time around, you must sign up AGAIN in order to participate in the Midseason Auction. We will NOT be accepting entries beyond the deadline.

the format for signing up to play in the Smogon Premier League is as follows:

Player Name: Zebraiken
Tiers Played: ORAS OU / ORAS Uber / ORAS Doubles / ORAS UU / ORAS RU / ORAS NU / BW OU / DPP OU / ADV OU / GSC OU / RBY OU
Timezone : GMT -5 (CDT)
Significant Time Missed?: Yes (2 weeks in early March, exams)
Guidelines for Players:

- DO NOT sign up if you cannot commit to the entire season, which will run from January until the end of March. If you know in advance that you will be gone for a significant period of time (such as for exams, vacation, etc.) then PLEASE make note of it in your post so managers can plan accordingly. If I hear that any player knew in advance they would be gone for a significant period of time and did not notify the League in advance then action WILL be taken in future SPLs and potentially all tournaments.

- Plan to participate in your team's IRC channel. If you do not have IRC, please see the page on Smogon's main page on how to access IRC. IRC is what makes SPL fun. It helps you test, get to know your teammates, find out when battles are happening, and for general trashtalk in #spl. Speaking from experience, if managers know that you do not use IRC, you will have an extremely small chance of being picked.

- Signing up for SPL without being retained is making an agreement to play for whichever team drafts you. Do not break that agreement.

After sign-ups close, I will remind each manager how many credits they have left over from the original live auction as well as any credits gained from selling back players. (Remember, original auction credits are used prior to any sellback credits!)

We will then have a thread auction a la SPL 1's auction system.

There is no use for credits leftover after the midseason free agent pickups, so it is in every manager's best interest to spend all of their remaining points at this time.



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Player Name: Cranham
Tiers Played: ADV OU
Timezone : GMT +0
Significant Time Missed?: Not really
Player Name: d0nut
Tiers Played: ORAS OU / ORAS Uber / ORAS NU / DPP OU / RBY OU
Timezone : GMT -6
Significant Time Missed?: No
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