Smogon Premier League X - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]

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SM OU: Mana vs Hiye
SM UU: Christo vs Pearl
SM RU: aim vs passion
SM NU: ict vs lax
SM DOU: emforbes vs Croven
ORAS OU: Poek vs imsosorrylol
BW OU: We Three Kings vs Rewer
DPP OU: GaryTheGengar vs Jimmy Turtwing
ADV OU: Gilbert arenas vs Hyogafodex
GSC OU: sulcata vs Lavos
RBY OU: Heroic Troller vs FriendOfMrGolem120

SM RU: aim vs Pearl
GSC OU: sulcata vs Lavos
SM OU: Mana vs Hiye Mana seems fairly overrated just because he had one good game this season where he just subbed with a mon that his garbage opponent‘s team got 6:0‘d by anyway and just clicked super effective moves like wow congrats dude hard to see the 3k emergency buy to win against an actual competent player like smogon tour winner hiye

SM OU: BLUNDER SANTANA vs Empo all this guy has been doing is use shitty teams and get rewarded by even shittier opponents bringing even worse shit teams that get 6:0‘d by unviable pokemon like come on his price tag definitely doesnt justify his rather positive record in addition he isn‘t even a helpful chat presence either really questionable position in this starting lineup couldve definitely seen rodriblutar starting over him but as we have seen from previous weeks the tyrants managerial duo dont seem to know what they‘re doing

SM UU: Christo vs Pearl this rusty 3k piece of arrogant trash build his positive record up based on games against people he doesnt even know how to spell their name which already means a lot, pearl won grand slam and definitely the best uu’er on smogon and all i‘ve heard of christo this year in our teamchat is how he brags about his fortnite high kill rounds come on virgin step it up

SM RU: aim vs passion I remember when I bought aim in uupl and he went like 0-8 now he finds himself in a tier where the competition is even more challenging and has to face metagame titans like passion, if aim finally manages to not write his dumbass notes on a paper before the game he might actually have a chance in this matchup but if he continues playing at that low level which he has been doing for the whole season i hardly see him even kill a pokemon

SM NU: ict vs lax ict was banned for almost one year and seems relatively lost in every game he plays his teams lack creativity and efficiency (might be because his incredibly awful team support and lack of active nu builders) whereas lax always knows what his opponent brings and always gets a favorable matchup because of his impeccable human knowledge. Very motived coming of two utterly dominant victories he‘ll leave no chance for ict to end up victorious in this matchup

SM DOU: emforbes vs Croven nobody knew emforbes before this spl and he doesnt seem to take the opportunity to leave his mark in the smogon history books, coming of a very awful season start and very lackluster regular season perfomance he managed to end up grabbing a win against a retard who voluntarily handicapped himself with autism incorporated in the pokemon named Magmar, the young and talented croven might be on the shorter end when it comes to moral but he definitely has some tricks up his sleeves to prove the doubting ones how talented he is

ORAS OU: Poek vs imsosorrylol poek managed set up a special record all by himself going 0-18 in his first three games, that deserves a place in the smogon hall of fame imo, and arguably any win has been either him getting incredibly lucky (for example vs TDK) or cheesing so hard that his opponents have a mental breakdown and purposely throw games. a player from sorry‘s caliber will definitely be able to punish poeks unrewarding and lazy playstyle by outplaying him with his innovative techniques such as sash landorus ho

BW OU: We Three Kings vs Rewer lasse might have just been the worst guy ive ever teamed with he contributes absolutely nothing to the chat by posting subpar imgflip memes into actually relevant and important team conversations, incapable of scheduling games and only winning games with absolutely no relevance to the outcome theres no way i see him winning here while Rewer played the most impressive bw game ive seen in a while leaving lopunny kicks absolutely no chance to win the game despite rewer being on the short end matchupwise, which lopunny kicks failed to exploit by getting nervous of rewers amazing sequences of outplay, very onside

DPP OU: GaryTheGengar vs Jimmy Turtwig If you would ask me what consistency means in dpp i would respond nothing but saying jimmy turtwig easily one of the ruiners best invested money nothing else to say that he has been living up to the expectations of a 17.5k player. whereas garythegengar showed that he isnt even worth the 3k rey dropped on him while he was probably having too much fun in the morphine department at the hospital he works in otherwise i cannot explain while you would waste 2.14% of your budget on this non-stop stoned ladder kid with anger issues

ADV OU: Gilbert arenas vs Hyogafodex how marcop got into spl will forever remain a mystery, safe to say that it was definitely not because of his forum presence, the discount casedvictory actually proved that he has some words to say when it comes to adv but really thats his only possible niche i can think of in this team, since he doesnt listen to any of us and brings shame upon the name of tyrants by bringing mons like Ursaring like u‘ll forever be that annoying piece of shit /sitting 24/7 on smogtours asking „hey someone up for some adv/dpp games“ maybe thats why u actually became close to being any competent, nice job

GSC OU: sulcata vs Lavos I know you longer than anyone else on the team since we go back into po times and holy shit how are u still that bad i mean look at me i got two trophys and am leading the dragonspiral tyrants by carrying the team as much as I can and you arguably play longer than me and you still are only known for your obnoxious obsession for milk and making weird battle criess like how you want to fuck fish pussies like mipha from botw, that aside idk what else to say that i hope we dont ever team again since ive been with u like two or three years in a row, the talented chad lavos hopefully will end your career here because hes the leader of the ruiners and will leave no chance to sulcata but forfeiting when hes in the process of getting 6:0‘d. K im done.

RBY OU: Heroic Troller vs FriendOfMrGolem120 finally the last matchup, once again a guy i know from PO but really u were ubers gym leader on PO how deep can u go lmfao, ur lucky ur playing rby where everyone who is capable of clicking hyper beam and recover moves is able to grab a couple more wins than expected, your negative start to the season was justified as u werent as lucky then as you are currently and now i really hope the adorable and loved user friendofmrgolem will show how actual veterans win their games unlike you italian scumbag
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These are definitely the 2 best teams in the tournament so I'm glad to see both in finals. I do think the Scooters had a stronger lineup in a tiebreaker but I feel like not going Ojama SM / ben gay ORAS was a pretty big mistake from them.

Talking a little bit about these 2 teams, I honestly don't give a fuck who wins. I like how the Tyrants try their very hardest to make everyone in the community dislike them when in reality I think no one but them or the Ruiners (and Mr.E) really cares about who wins SPL X at this point, so that's pretty funny. This is the reyscarface effect since 2012 to be honest, can't remember the last time this man managed or played for a team and didn't try his hardest to make everyone else hate them. That's why I love rey and sympathize with the Tyrants, despite thinking they look silly at times trying to imitate their manager when that's something extremely difficult to do because rey is a top 3 most annoying user of all time (with Sweepage and Tele) and a top 10 player of all time as well.

The Ruiners are a team filled with friends and they're like the opposite of the Tyrants when it comes to their attitude. While the Tyrants dgaf and flame everyone so that the community sees it and starts hating them, the Ruiners act respectfully and sportsmanlike so that the community thinks they're likable when in reality they're attempting to ghost qsns and hard flaming everyone in private. So while the Tyrants have players like CTC who are just gonna hard flame people after being thoroughly outplayed and just not give a fuck, the Ruiners are like "gg great game friend" in public after their games and in private chats they're like "omg did you see how that retard haxed me fuck that trash player" even if luck wasn't even relevant in the game.

So I think the Ruiners are a fake nice team, and the Tyrants are a fake annoying team. Both are identities I personally fuck with a lot, so I'm happy with either of these teams winning. Kind of cheering for Ruiners cuz there's so many friends (2 of them Brazilians!) on this team, but then again after the change of heart I saw in z0mOG after winning his Tour trophy idk if I want my friends to win trophies anymore just to become arrogant evil people ;_;

SM OU: Mana vs Hiye - honestly haven't seen too much from either this SPL but I do know Mana is a very solid player and I've always felt like Hiye had predictable team choices coupled with a passive, exploitable playstyle that made him overrated despite winning often.
SM OU: BLUNDER SANTANA vs Empo - really like both players, but blunder is impossible to predict against this SPL. This man is the best preview player of all time.
SM UU: Christo vs Pearl - think Pearl is a better player when he's not afraid to make moves. Idk if the pressure will get to him but I do think he has the edge over Christo, who thinks way too highly of himself for a UU main.
SM RU: aim vs passion - I feel bad predicting vs the love of my life but Joey's been super fire this SPL and I have always thought of him as an excellent player nonetheless. This man just has a very unique way of approaching the game imo.
SM NU: ict vs lax - toughest game to predict man. Both these players are fire as fuck. I thought ict would be trash going into SPL but he showed me how wrong I was. lax has more creative approaches to the tier, however, and I think that's gonna be the difference maker here.
SM DOU: emforbes vs Croven - not gonna predict doubles because I have no idea who's better tbh.
ORAS OU: Poek vs imsosorrylol - Poek's been super solid after the beginning of the tournament and he used to be my favorite player to watch at the beginning of SM. Very creative ideas and aggressive playstyle which I really enjoy. I still like sorry a lot and think he has a pretty decent shot at winning this if he's smart about the team he brings.
BW OU: We Three Kings vs Rewer - haven't been really impressed by either this SPL. We Three Kings' record is a bit inflated due to a weak pool and luck while Rewer's is worse than it should be due to bad luck, but at the end of the day W3K has better support, a better understanding of the tier and is less likely to bring something completely retarded which will lose him the game on matchup, so I favor him.
DPP OU: GaryTheGengar vs Jimmy Turtwing - I think GaryTheGengar doing well in DPP is not correlated to him being good because this man was not even good back in the early XY OU metagame he innovated by building the OG Deo-S / Thund-i / Mega-Lucario / Genesect / Bisharp / Lando-i team. The fact that he has a good record is an indicator, to me, that this tier is dogshit and that the playerbase sucks too. Jimmy Turtwig is not one of these dogshit players, so I think he has the edge.
ADV OU: Gilbert arenas vs Hyogafodex - read above, except marcop's contribution to the community was getting banned by posting a nutsack on an ice cream cone instead of a solid XY OU team. Hyoga is a pretty solid player and I think he'll definitely come through as long as he doesn't give marcop too much credit.
GSC OU: sulcata vs Lavos - impossible to predict vs Lavos since he's been one of the best players on the site for a long time now. I have nothing against sulcata but Lavos is just on another level when it comes to this SPL and GSC in particular. I do think if sulcata pulls this upset then the Ruiners can just forfeit and let the Tyrants have the trophy, cuz there's no way the rest of his team is able to pull through.
RBY OU: Heroic Troller vs FriendOfMrGolem120 - Probably a closer game than most people are expecting? Troller's super solid though and hard to predict against.
Biased Predictions cuz no matter who wins my trophy is getting grey'd out and this finals is team I expected to win since the draft vs team of friends I want to win so im fine with either outcome

SM OU: Mana [45] vs [55] Hiye - Mana is really good and I've been big on him since last yr, he's also really good facing people who traditionally use standard teams and play passive (hiye). However I want to believe hiye will try to use his brain and make something creative so his standard builds don't just get ran over.

SM OU: BLUNDER SANTANA [40] vs [60] Empo - Blunder has undoubtedly been the best player of this SPL no matter who was in Empo's position rn Blunder would always be favored because every other SM player has failed to even shown to be as good. (I Know Charmflash went like 7-2 which is a great record but Blunder got just as many wins in even more dominant fashion where at times it didnt seem like he was putting effort.) However I'll go with empo cause he'll probably bring a dope team that everyone will spam in stour after he wins w/ it and play nice having accumulated that Ladder experience to take down aggro players, that I was able to take and utilize last SPL.

SM UU: Christo [55] vs Pearl [45] - This is an awesome game between the #2 UU and #3 UU, [Rob is #1 clearly] I've seen people say "no way pearl loses again after 2 straight loses" or something like that but it's when you suffer 2 straight losses that you really have to turn it up so unless Pearl does that the world isn't just gonna say Pearl can't lose 3 in a row and magically give him the win.

SM RU: aim [55] vs [45] passion - I hate ru, but I've seen aim winning a lot and he beat a lot of people I expected him to lose to based on the silly "someone who can play all tiers good vs someone who dedicates their whole day and night into one single tier to be great it" mentality. Howeva im a fan of passion so that automatically makes this much close.

SM NU: ict [45] vs [55] lax - The two best NUers RN, I can't really say much but that when these two face each other i always predict ict to win for absolutely no reason but im going with lax cause he's probably feeling himself heavy after the semis.

SM DOU: emforbes [45] vs Croven [55] - These are two names who I predicted to win during regular season no matter who they were vs just cuz (unless it was vs ezrael) but yea both are good nothing more to say than this is just a bias pick based on what ive seen from them on the smogon discord.

ORAS OU: [40] Poek vs [60] msosorrylol - ORAS this year was extremely boring with 80% of the good ORASers having quit, been banned, or being put in other gens ( such as ABR, Blunder). Didn't really get any "wow this player is great not good" from anyone and sorry got the prep right vs ben just played it not so good so I'll give him a tip that will ensure his victory. (not to mention sorry has shown potential)

Every detail in a game is worth keeping at the back of your head like non leftovers cresselia

BW OU: We Three Kings [51] vs [49] Rewer - I wanted to bold Rewer cause he used archeops in a game and because I dont really have any particular opinion on either player but it'd be silly to make a biased prediction

DPP OU: GaryTheGengar [45] vs [55] Jimmy Turtwig - Gary's been on fire this spl and seems like he enjoys dpp which is awesome but I'll go Jimmy here because my gut told me 2

ADV OU: Gilbert arenas [Victory Ensured] vs [Nobody would have been bolded over him anyways] Hyogafodex - CAptain of US Metro whos also been fire this SPL, best adv this spl probably maybe even top 5 all time.

GSC OU: sulcata [40] vs [60] Lavos - Both are coming off hot wins and are splendid players but im going with lavos cause i hate milk and sulcata is obsessed with milk and I like Mr. E and Mr. E is obsessed with Lavos

RBY OU: Heroic Troller [Reality] vs [Dream] FriendOfMrGolem120 - I think Troller will win but the ideal scenario is FoMG is down 0-1 with the 2nd game looking bad and then Mr Golem 120 hearing his friend has made spl finals gets online and seeing him pushes FoMG to bring it back 2-1
SM OU: Mana [100%] vs [0%] Hiye
SM OU: BLUNDER SANTANA [100%] vs [0%] Empo
SM UU: Christo [100%] vs [0%] Pearl
SM RU: aim [100%] vs [0%] passion
SM NU: ict [100%] vs [0%] lax
SM DOU: emforbes [100%] vs [0%] Croven
ORAS OU: Poek [100%] vs [0%] imsosorrylol
BW OU: We Three Kings CTC subbing in on 11-0 [0%] vs [100%] Rewer or anyone/anything who can click
DPP OU: GaryTheGengar [100%] vs [0%] Jimmy Turtwig
ADV OU: Gilbert arenas [100%] vs [0%] Hyogafodex
GSC OU: sulcata [100%] vs [0%] Lavos
RBY OU: Heroic Troller [100%] vs [0%] FriendOfMrGolem120

First Try to apply my Stats:

Predictions on calculated winning chances overall and game-wise

Tyrants [58%] vs Ruiners [42%]

Mana [54%] vs Hiye [46%]
blunder [63%] vs Empo [37%]
Christo [55%] vs Pearl [45%]
aim [79%] vs passion [21%]
ict [49%] vs lax [51%]
emforbes [41%] vs Croven [59%]
Poek [84%]
vs imsosorrylol [16%]
We Three Kings [88%] vs Rewer [12%]
GaryTheGengar [49%] vs Jimmy Turtwig [51%]
Gilbert Arenas [74%]
vs Hyogafodex [26%]
sulcata [39%] vs lavos [61%]
Heroic Troller [57%]
vs FriendOfMrGolem120 [43%]

--> Tyrants 8 - Ruiners 4

We'll see how badly applicable the data is :D
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