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Hi i am with an idea which is commonly used in other unofficial server which help for people to know about the his or her freind when he was last online. It help for smogon tour to know when the people was online or for hoster to know and dq other people


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Unless the other person hides online status, viewing his/her profile should show the last time he was online and what he was doing even if he doesn't post. Even if he hides online status you can still find out when he last posted by clicking "Recent Activity"


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This is already implemented in Smogon if they don't hide their activity. The /whois command in showdown will tell you if they are online or not.

I've noticed that this is a Pokemon Showdown suggestion. Please, in the future, use its suggestions thread found above the title of this thread.


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Can we close this forum yet? Don't think there's anything wrong with deleting the troll fest.
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