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Got a small suggestion for the smogdex, not sure how realistic it is though: When you search for an item, it shows you all mons that have an analysis including that item - it would be nice if we could again filter those results by tier if possible :)
Hi, I have a question I couldn't really get answered on PS! so apologies if this is the incorrect place to drop this.

May I ask what pixels PS background best support; as in what by what? I'm wondering since almost every image I upload as my background appears blurry and if I could have an idea of what the pixels are, I could know which picture is best to upload and that would save a lot of time.

Ideally, displaying the image size which PS! background supports next to "Select Background" would be very helpful for users selecting images to upload as their backdrop.


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hello I was wondering if it would be possible for an analysis to be written for the use of mudsdale in the Uber Metagame he is my favourite pokemon thank you
Mudsdale unfortunately isn't very viable in Ubers so there's no reason to write an analysis about it. Analysis writing is also paused in most tiers to account for the recent Crown Tundra DLC. It's very viable in NU if you want to use it though!

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