Smogon Snake Draft II - Finals [Won by the Shinto Ruin Serpents]

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First of all, thank you hikari and ark for doing a fantastic job hosting this. It really is a thankless job and you guys ran it smoothly and made it a great experience for everyone.

ggs nagas. I'm sorry about how it went down and the luck in some of the games made it kind of impossible for your dudes to have a chance to play. Regardless, we were feeling ourselves pretty hard at 4-1 and then you guys managed to claw your way back and tie it up. I'm glad we got to play some friends on that team, especially soulwind and pohjis. You dudes rock.

Anyway, before the tour I honestly wasn't sure about what I'd do with snake. I planned to manage with abr and then he backed out so I wanted to play ubers instead. But then manager sign ups went up kinda suddenly for me since I wasn't paying attention to it and I was like damn what do I do. If I were to manage I wanted it to be with someone heat, I don't talk to regularly, and someone I'd have fun with. So I came up with 3 possible options: mounts, pohjis, pasy g. I asked mounts first and after some pushing he said yes and I was super excited to have a second go at this tour as a manager. Pre season was a good time since we added star to our chat. Mounts was a bit hesitant at first cus stars a dumb cheater bitch but star helped us out a lot with the planning portion, constantly helping me figure out how to get the most mileage of certain cores / players etc. Then we added ajna for w.e reason who kept gassing up ru mainers to us smh. Then pick order was revealed and we were pretty set on like one of soulwind / flcl. Ojama never really crossed our minds for some reason but then when abr alerted us that hes goin with bkc, we all kinda agreed that it'd be dumb to pass up on ojama. And so we added that man to our chat and ofc the first thing he says is "lets get french 1, french 2, and french 3". I was pretty happy with our draft overall and was feeling confident about our chances. Then...the unspeakable happened... our resident racist dropped the hard r and dodmen's words "obii drafted ojama, a gay, and then a black" shot back into my mind. Then these two fools spent like an hour arguing about the effects of racism in europe vs america holy shit what a woat day. Honestly, I thought our season ended there. 2 of our supposed star players were already in tears and after this retarded argument they both didnt log on for like 5 days and im like yeah its over. AND THEN we went 8-12 in phase LOL. Honestly, I was lowkey ready to give up but thought about what went wrong and how to fix it. Besides the mediocre prep, play, and bad luck, I realized we were lacking something all teams should have: team spirit. We didn't feel like a team at all and it showed. So that sunday at the end of phase 1 I kind of just laughed at the team for sucking so bad and of course my man cancerous elodin followed and sort of roasted the team. This continued to the point where we were all just fooling around and bonding over bullying posho having the biggest choke in history. Funnily enough, our bullying forced us to bond and become comfortable with each other to the point where feelings wouldn't be hurt when someone lost a game or posted a wack team and we could just be honest or funny and then laugh about it. Then we had the magical phase and went undefeated in weeks and here we are.

Mounts - buddy i think im prob the only one who isn't really upset about you ditching us. you warned me before the tour that you'd be busy and couldnt commit to being that active and i assured you that its alright. BUT, i thought you meant something like online twice a week not last log in august LOL. I wish you stuck around with us because you played a big part in shaping our team and I really really really wanted to win with you. Come back soon dude, i wanna see your reaction to when you find out we won

Star - my boy... you've been one of my best friends on here for a good while and i was glad that you decided to come along for the ride. You're still retarded for getting tourbanned for like 87 years cus you legit wouldve had like 3 trophies by now. Not counting the individuals you woulda won in the meantime. Smh what a loser man. You were essentially the assman in place of mounts and acted as a check to me. You made sure i didnt hard ajna round 2 and got dickass posho instead (how'd that work out LOOL) and kept me from wanting to draft anyone who sent me a remotely nice pm. You contributed a lot to the toxic nature of our chat, constantly calling someone garbage in game discussion, or fucking posting that weird pak picture LOL. You were ALSO a limiting factor cus your dumbass has lke some random ass enemies on this site so i had to ask a ton of ppl before drafting them "yo u got a problem w star?" oml. How woat dude. But it was worth it anyway, we won as fuck bro. And you should have the green.

Ajna - my man i dont remember when we started talking but you were always a cool ass dude and ive wanted to team with you since. it makes me happy that you felt the same such that you'd mention in tours that you would cancer any other team but mine. made me feel special bro. you were chilling in our channel even during preseason and helped us do tryouts / scouting which was a lot of fun. and despite not being on the team yet, you helped us with our draft plan even though star INSISTED numerous times that we snake you and get king kdot for ru as a late pick. i really appreciate it bro. in addition to all of that, you freakin went 8-2!!!!! dude, honestly its pretty poetic that you were our teams first win (monday of phase 1 vs diogo) and our teams last tournament winning game. the fact that we had the dude who has the most snake wins of all time to start our season off and end it is definitely fate of some kind. i thoroughly enjoyed all our test games and learned quite a bit from them even if i pissed you off by makin HEAT plays since we got used to each others playstyles. i really hope you dont retire. i know irl is important and all that jazz but spl is around the corner and surely you can manage your music career and play some pkmn!

Ojama - this one is special to me. Ever since we were robbed in spl8 I felt obligated that we need to win a team tour together. We couldn't do it with philip in spl 9 but we got biosci who was also part of the scooters crew. The serpents had a very similar atmosphere to the spl 8 scooters with us two, bio, star, and even philip hanging out in our chat. Anyway, I'm sure everyone is tired of me gassing you but I gotta say it: you are without a doubt the best player currently on smogon. Back in spl 8 before the tiebreak game vs roro, you were like "im gonna win dw" and you did. This time you were like "fuck im so tilted" oml that got me MAD but you won anyway while playing a near perfect game. Having you still left to play at 4-4 filled me with confidence and almost certainty that we would win the tour. Even with your woat teams, your level of play is unmatched for a long time. I'm sad to say that we won't be teaming together anymore tho since we're both superstitious bitches and believe that ppl who won together shouldn't team again or else we're cursed. All that aside, I'm glad I could call you one of my best friends on here. Your friendship is most certainly an acquired taste but the fact that youre always open and trusting means a lot.

Posho - posho my man, despite going 1-6 or however many losses you had, you were an integral part of the team. without anyone to direct our frustration towards, without a specific target for bullying, im sure we wouldve imploded by the end of phase 1. props to you for taking it all super well. jokes aside, you know the drill: "everyone has a bad tour blah blah". your performance this tour was dogshit oml. as we both discussed many times throughout the season, it has more to do with your mental state rather than some magical loss of skill. despite you being 1-253645 i felt comfortable starting you in playoffs because at your peak, you are one of the best current gen players. but man, you were just chilling at your worst for a solid 7 months or however long this tournament lasted. im sorry if i got a little overbearing at some points in the tour but seeing you try to build when your only win came from us giving you a team the day before the game kinda ticked me the wrong way. mons aside, i really love talking to you man. we first met in that gigantic olt chat and then you came out as a homoseks and we had a meaningful chat that night. i knew you were a great dude and im happy i finally got the pleasure to become closer friends with you. i know you said you wont play spl and maybe its a good thing. you havent been enjoying this game too much. but the truth is, you did work your ass off this tour and im glad we got you another trophy for it. much love cutie :)

Biosci - another og scooters gang. how good did it feel when i was finally able to team with you again. to be honest dude, you were kind of a panic pick LOL. we didnt expect to get posho ajna r2 and 3 so we were kinda confused about who to get r4. we didnt really have a concrete dubs plan either since it was kind of "dubs has a deep playerbase so lets grab whoever is around near the end" and then it became "yo if we dont figure it out im just getting bio, thats mans". BEST panic pick of all time btw. despite your "slowing down" since spl 8, i still felt super confident with the early pick since records dont tell the whole story and i know that pound for pound, raw skill wise you are one of the best dubs players. i understood this deeply when we first teamed in spl 8 and understood it again this tournament with your all around insane playmaking and crushing wins throughout the season. holy fuck dude, youre incredible. mons aside, i really love talking with you man. youre one of the few dubs players who actually socialize with their team instead of existing in some other universe. i value atmosphere greatly in a team tour and youre one of the dudes i can rely on to foster a chill atmosphere. thanks for stepping up as a leader figure when i was busy. it was nice to see someone else with big enough balls to step in between ojama and whoever he was arguing with at the time. i truly appreciate it.

elodin - my fuckin boy. despite the horrendous spl 9 fiasco, i told literally EVERYONE i talk to that you were the best buy of the tournament. honestly bro, if theres one good thing that came out of it, it was meeting you. despite being dogshit at this game, i really pushed to draft you because i love talking with you and knew that whatever the result, i would have a fun time if youre in the chat. my senses were right and you started off 0-2 LMAO. youre so bad dude LOLOL. so i had to bench your dumbass while you armchaired every game and kept repeating "we lose" on like turn 4 as someone u turned with landorus on a rocky helmet tornadus. then, by god's hand, we'd win the game. you were a pretty useless sub bro oml. lettin tangy run around with raichu and whatever dogshit he used. then the time came for you to get back into the starting line up. oh my god dude, you stressed me out more than soulgazer in snake 1 which says A LOT. we'd cycle through like 8 teams a week because no matter how solid they were, they were always dogshit. my secret technique of gassing bad teams to players so they'd feel confident in it and win wasnt working either cus you thought everything was bad. so even when you loaded up braviary with no electric resist, and i said the team was heat and for sure gonna win, you werent having it. "this teams dogshit bro oml" yes it was definitely dogshit. but bro, you won as fuck. then you did it again against nintendi in possibly the best game of all time. that day was stupidly stressful too cus you were close to throwing a fit in tours discord and catching a nice infraction. and i was like ,.. if elodin gets banned before finals im never talkin to that man again. but phew, you promised me you wouldnt get banned. i appreciate that. then finals came and abr wanted to join the chann and youre like "if you add him, i leave and bench" and im like oml cancer ass bitch. but ofc im the boat manager and was able to convince my toxic player that abr would elevate our ou and now you two are a gay couple :pikaS:. man you somehow got worse during finals. i was pming eternally for advice like every night, then i hit up lax cus i knew you liked his teams, then tangy logged on to say all our ideas are garbage, and then abr finally decided to build a team. and i thought it was finally over, we found a team you liked. NOPE epic memes haha. but finally we were able to settle on a finch team and you came through in finals god bless. besides the 2 wins you contributed to this team, you also contributed a good amount of "we lose" in our game discussion channel. youre actually the woat look at this shit:

elodin 19/08/2018
so i slowly lose?

LMAO. whats wrong w you dude holy shit. ok everything aside, id like to reiterate: im really really really glad i met you dude. i love that we can talk about anything and have a good time. all our test games are stupid as fuck but fun. love you bro

suapah - dude i often joke about how mounts drafted you then logged off for the rest of the season but thats literally what happened LOL. we were discussing our r6 pick and mounts went rogue for a minute and boom, here you are. not to say we didnt plan for it but it was unexpected. regardless, i was happy to have you on the team. youre a fantastic presence whether it be socially or building wise. i actually slept through your first game vs xray but caught the replay and saw you assault xray with lopunny and im like YOOO suapahs heat AF. then that game vs popo happened and im like YOOOO suapahs DOGSHIT. that game was woat bro. why didnt you z ever smh gtfo. anyway, you were pretty up and down this season in terms of play which honestly i wasnt dissatisfied with. i knew at your best we could rely on you for a win but irl gets in the way etc etc dude. i really appreciate the mediating presence you provided when ojama was arguing with literally whoever (notice the recurring theme) even if you dropped retarded lines like this. bro what is that LOL. random ass capitalization smh. this meme in finals was FIRE btw. anyway, you're definitely getting another shot in spl, dont worry too much. 4-5 is nothing to be ashamed of for your 2nd tournament as a starter and your schedule wasnt exactly the easiest.

Pak - i wont lie i was one of those people who bought heavily into the "pearl hard carried pak in spl". i guess he did but i also thought your level of play didnt align with your spl record. i guess other people thought the same since you went round 7!!!!!!!! what a steal bro. your playing and prep this tournament was fantastic and i dont need to tell you how amazing you were since your record reflects that. i know you were upset about your final game but really dude, who cares. we wouldnt be here without your 7 wins. seriously. we wouldnt even have gotten past phase 1 if you hadnt gone 4-0. i had a lot of fun goofing around with you this season. i remember we first met in that uupl channel when pearl invited you and all you did was post mandiqueen. then sabella accidentally invited you to the ojama jerk and you decided to stay and it was a good time. and now we finally teamed (no mpl doesnt count but we won that af too). you should be proud of your accomplishments this season and i hope people give you the respect you deserve. your win vs accel legit energized me after being drained from a long week into being down 1-3 vs the abrs. fantastic plays, fantastic teams, and lots of love bro. lets win mpl again or some shit cus im winning spl while youre gonna be jerkin w roscoe and gondra :cwl:

Leru - like i said before, we hella didnt plan for this buy. our ubers plan was always zesty but 56 sniped us 1 round earlier and we were legit gonna grab fireburn or something. but then i suddenly remembered that while i was discussing ubers prospects with pearl, he mentioned that flcl liked you as a buy. and then i remembered you won ubers circuit playoffs or some shit vs flcl himself. AND THEN i remembered you went 4-1 in wcop. so im like, aight how bad can this dude be. i brought up the idea to star and he said you were cool in mpl so we went for it. so, this was the pick i was worried about cus on the outside, your rep is pretty dogshit. being german, quiet, and literally friends with mazar and the gang it was hella bad looks. so im like o no, we got some crazy bluri ass dude in the team whos gonna get tourbanned. but in a surprise turn of events, you turned out to be quite normal and fun to talk to if we ignore the weird weeb catgirl talk and other nonsense. thank god. i actually like talking to you quite a bit and you advised me on several managerial tasks throughout the season. youre a really really really smart guy and very sociable. thanks a ton for starting off dogshit but winning like 6 straight. tho it does worry me when you say something incredibly shady and then follow up with "im clean though!" yeah... anyway, as ojama said, best to lay low cus i like how this green looks on me.

teal6 - the moment star joined the channel he said "we're getting levi or teal for lc. levis gonna go early af so lets get teal." and of course i was down. i wasnt too worried about lack of metagame knowledge or whatever cus i knew star would supply you with the good stuff and i knew from wcop that you just had a fantastic game sense so i felt confident in drafting you. your first game i was pretty surprised that you choked vs dundies. i figured that someone with your amount of experience and level of play wouldnt choke, especially in that fashion but hey it happens to everyone. and i guess, it was easier to understand when you mentioned that you didnt know scarf diglet was a set... cmon even i knew that dude. then you did some insane stuff and won a bunch in a row only to choke on gigantic penis vs levi LOL. and then i started getting some angry pms about "throwing vs the abrs" and "karma will be against you". but you got a huge win in the finals and im really really proud of you. additionally, you filled in for a leader like role when we needed someone to say kind words since late into the tour, we were all kinda used to the excessive joking around and trolling and what not. you were there to kinda pull us back to reality and remind us that we're so close to the green and can easily get it if we dont become complacent. on top of all that, you've been one of my best friends for quite a while and you make every chat you join fun. whether it be with your weird old man humor or your claim to ___ ass bitch or your insightful opinions on tv shows / anime that we watch, i just love talking with you. its funny cus as im writing this section im reminded of when elodin cried himself to sleep on sunday night cus im gettin p emotional now. yo this shit gay, youre my bro and one of my greatest allies.

Paycard - i actually remember zesty gassed you up to me and i dropped a big :messi:. and then ojama mentioned somethin like "yo we should get one of those olt dudes, how bad can they be?" so im like bet. then you had that woat game vs lavos and im like oml now we know how bad they can be. you were struggling a bit in ou with your wack teams featuring a colorful cast of mantine, thundurus t, and camerupt but im glad you found your footing in ubers. seriously bro, your work in ubers was pretty fantastic. in regards to building, i honestly dont trust a lot of ppl to build good teams in that tier outside of myself, cynara, and some durians dudes primarily because we share similar views on the metagame. yes even zesty makes some WACK stuff w his ditto nonsense and mmx obsession. but your take on ubers was creative and at the same time, viable. it was really refreshing to see a take on the meta that had unique cores and interesting techs which played to your style of nonstop aggression. i actually jacked every team you posted in the channel besides that scarf duskmane one cus theyre all dope. thanks a ton for joining the ride bro and i hope to see you in future tours.

Tangelo - LOL my boy tangy. the first thing you did after joining the chat was run to the nu channel and post a team with swanna, oricorio, and lombre. wow dude. why are you so inclined to shit mons. building and talking nu with you was a lot of fun tho. i had a lot of fun "figuring out the meta" and you seemed to always be ahead of the curve. preaching alolan egg when no one ran steel types cus they dont exist in nu and preaching oricorio when it actually did 6-0 the standard bro lix teams. after elodin sucked balls i realized nu's kinda wack and maybe we'd get more mileage out of putting you in and letting you go crazy. and yo, we kinda did for a bit. your insane teams featuring more pu mons than nu mons were putting on some work. and then you outplayed kush for like 20 turns but then got literally 100 turns in a row WRONG. thats quite a feat bro. as i said before, its unfortunate your record wasnt complete dogshit cus every nu'er i had as a manager did bad under me but turned up the next tour. so i guess youre stuck using raichu and goin 2-5 in spl. anyway dude, i truly had a good time talking to you and just goofing around in call (yes even though i was muted you made me laugh quite a bit. your voice is so cute!!!!!!)

RedEmption - rouxdemption omfl. we started the season off watching you livestream your nu open series on youtube where you threw hard AF. and then we ended the season with you throwing hard AF. poetic af dude. i was really glad to have you on the team bro. same thing applies here, we wouldnt have made it this far without the wins you got earlier in the season. you should be proud of what you accomplished because you got a decent amount of wins for the round you were picked in. i know you were not happy with your finals performance but its totally understandable. it was your first time playing on the big stage with an immense amount of pressure. i dont blame you at all for your mistakes but i do ask that you learn from it and carry that experience and feeling with you for future finals showings cus i know you'll be back in it very soon. good luck in spl man. i love your livestreams and found it very wholesome and adorable that you streamed the last 3 games for your viewers to watch. your live reactions are truly something else.

talkingtree - dude i actually met you a long time ago before i was even active on smogon so its dope that your first team tour was with me. your name was constantly mentioned as a fantastic builder and my idea was essentially take who i thought was one of the best dubs players and pair him with the supposedly best builder and see what happens. well, we all saw what happened when we look at bios fantastic wins and the gorgeous variety of teams he used. you should be really proud of what you accomplished this season. you are one of the most creative minds this tier has to offer and in general a really smart dude. it absolutely would not be an understatement to say that bios wins are just as much yours. again, i appreciated the mediating presence and leaderlike role when i wasnt active. it also made me happy that you were quite active. you mentioned that you accumulated a nice 12k lines over years in the dubs discord and exceeded that within a couple of months in our team chat. i think i did my job well if i was able to make you feel comfortable in our chat. im sorry we couldnt get you a game this season. our guys sucked too hard and couldnt win soon enough. you will get a chance in spl though.

ramboss - the boss. i love your attitude and mindset towards this game. you were always ready to step in and play no matter the stakes, the situation, the whatever. the words "im ready to play whenever you need me" was very refreshing to hear after poshos depressing wave of pms about this and that. i really enjoyed talking with you even since the hpl days where you built some really cool teams and won like every game. i look forward to watching you continuously improve as a player and one day you'll be back on the big stage as a starter. good luck bro, thanks for joining the ride

Zesty43 - thanks a lot for joining our chat in stage 2. i was pleasantly surprised to find a really cool dude, good player, and CLEAN user in the ubers community. i was sad that we couldnt team because i really liked talking to you and knew that you would murder the competition. your taste in music is impeccable but your grammar is pretty horseshit LOL. its ok tho, everyone has flaws. i was pleasantly surprised to learn that you had quite a bit of lines in our chat which again told me that i was able to do my job as a manager and create a comfortable and fun atmosphere. looking forward to playing wcop with you bro

ABR - yo fuck off you already know how i feel about you. but i guess i'll say it anyway. youre one of my best friends on here and i deeply enjoy every conversation we have. you really have a strange but refreshing outlook on various things. the way you manage to break down almost everything into logical pieces to deepen our understanding is quite interesting. i remember when we were talking about somethin like pretty random and you started listing down your thoughts on it like in a literal list and im like wtf is he doin,, weird ass. its pretty cool though, your logical approach to almost everything teaches me a lot and makes me want to strive to be a better version of myself. youre a standard to strive for as a player and thinker to me. gay shit aside, i dont need to repeat how fantastic your grasp on the metagame is as well as your building sense. thanks a ton for joining our chat and truly elevating our ou play in the final week. you had some reservations after "beefing" with elodin like a week prior but you wanted to put that aside to help us out and it showed how mature of a person you are. i respect that a lot and appreciate it. thank you buddy, stay blessed :pray:. wow rereading this im makin a :pikaS: face rn

brief thanks to EviGaro who was in our chat for a solid 2 weeks that everyone seemed to have forgotten about. sorry ojama kicked you LOL. you legit had like 5 lines soooooooo yeah. i actually convinced ojama to add zesty to the chat by saying we can "trade" you for him so this marks the 2nd time where you and i are involved in a trade of some sort and i end up winning the tour. :smiling_imp: thanks for joining though and helping ajna. good luck in spl!

thanks to lax and Eternally for putting up with my pms and complaints about elodin, you guys rock

thanks to big philip and giara for hanging out in our chat and just showing support.

brief thanks to various dudes like tony, finch, tdk, rozes and whoever pmd me to just give me general advice or say nice things.

shout outs the snake 1 serpents for banding together and showing support near the end stages of the tour.

HUGE thanks to prinz for blessing us with his reverse jinx

destinyunknown i finally got the green, one year late tho

anyway, i was planning to write a bit more but i wrote enough to put finch to shame and my team has been yelling at me to finish since sunday night and im tired now so yeah. thanks again and peace.

edit: mounts got back to me btw, he congratulated us on the win!!!
edit2: FUCK gunner for deleting his sign up
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