Smogon Snake Draft II - Signups (read post #462)

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Player name: Snou
Tiers played: SM NU, SM OU (I'd honestly prefer to play NU, that's why I put it first. If needed, I'll play OU. I'd be still up for building n stuff in OU tho)
TimeZone: GMT +2
Significant time missed: nop

If you want to draft me, please, hit me up before.
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Signups are closed. Draft order was randomized publicly on smogtours:

1. Goldenrod Gliders - z0mOG + ggggd
2. Terminus Taipans - Pearl + Sabella
3. Berry Forest Bushmasters - TonyFlygon + ABR
4. Shinto Ruin Serpents - obii + Mounts
5. Cianwood Cobras - Chill Shadow + snagaa
6. Lake of Rage Leviathans - Genesis7 + Evan.
7. Lanakila Nagas - Void + Pohjis
8. Black City Mambas - reyscarface + Will of Fire
9. Sootopolis Sidewinders - Level 56 + Kaori
10. Ambrette Astrotias - Arifeen + Teddeh
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