Smogon Snake Draft III - Introduction

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Hi there guys, just gonna continue on the trend of ranking players from playerbases no one really knows nor cares about - so we have my suggest PU snake pick ups. I feel though this may be completely counterproductive because I may end up having to play them throughout snake - so here's to some unbiased review of potential picks in return for a couple of likes.

Taskr -
The ex tier leader himself is a well versed player when it comes to weekly PL type tournaments with a lot of innovation and support from his large friendslist as he is a popular and likeable chap (important for team tours!). Though he didn't have the best records and not too much recognition in the most recent tournaments, he is definitely a top pick for people who want a builder / player who has a very high playing ceiling. If he can keep consistent in the builder and stay true to his strengths when it comes to team choice, i don't see why he can't be a good value pickup for someone looking to invest in the slightly earlier rounds for a pu player. Estimated round 4-8

TJ -
I have not always seen eye to eye with TJ, but given the circumstances of the way he is shaped up going into this tournament - i can see him doing either of 2 things. If he gets off to a good start with a win or 2, i can see him using this momentum to getting a very good record given he tries very hard to outprep / come up with "innovative" ideas. Or 2, he could flip flop around and struggle and get a negative record - in all honesty it's your call. He will most certainly try hard, he will definitely take the finch approach and outprep in the builder, but I do see more talented players in the field. That being said - i definitely think he deserves a shot in this tour and should be picked up.

Megazard -
The actual tier leader himself. I've not seen zard play a lot of pu because he likes to host a lot of tournaments such as pupl - so it's quite an unknown quantity in most respects. What I do know is that zard loves messy offense - whatever threat he can fit onto a team and then add hazards and you have most of his tournament teams - which in this format would work very well since it's near impossible to scout. That matched with the most tier knowledge and activity I have seen from a human being, he seems like a good pick. However, he's not got a lot of tournament success to go by and given how there's little to scout from - i feel like it would be hard to say that he is the best pu pickup to choose. Managers; take your own judgement on this man because I don't know too well myself, but i can definitely see him being similar to fireburn last snake - old man (in terms of tier knowledge) and slightly above average record.

Jarii -
This man went 6-0 in pupl, won just about every lower tier premier league and had the best year in his pokemon career. However, he also had dedenne pupl support - which I can safely say that if he was drafted onto any other team during pupl, he would not have been unbeaten and the same applies to finch who also went unbeaten. Jarii is a great pilot of teams and is familiar with the tier due to his involvement with pupl - but he can't build for himself and will require a support slot almost dedicated to helping him do well with the builder. Jarii on his own will not be good enough i'm afraid - but if given the right support - i can see this man doing exceptional things if picked up for snake.

Robert Alfons -
Last year after last pupl - i was on the rob train shouting choo choo all the way to the snake draft station... but now not so much. He tilted off this planet during pupl, couldn't provide his team with the necessary support for the sm slots in the final as i believe dedennes vs victreebels SM ended something like 5-1 in dedenne's favour over the course of the finals - which goes to say that he's not been building particularly well and he in fact quit immediately after. HOWEVER, he has had an abundance of team tour experience, he's fresh off a break so he could be very well motivated and fresh to take on the necessary scouting and will be able to provide his own teams and playing to a reasonably high level needed for this tournament. If you buy him, might be worth having a support slot in case he tilts, but otherwise a person who I would probably take the risk for.

Lord Sample Team (LST) -
This is a tricky one - on one hand i can see lst being a self sufficient pickup who is quite talented at pu. On the other hand, he's got 0 tournaments behind him, much like mz or even tj. Given his involvement with the tier, I would say that he is definitely deserved of a shot in snake, but I wouldn't rank him as my first choice. He didn't do great in pupl, he didn't make it too far in pu open so it's hard to get behind him. However if given the shot to prove himself, i can see the potential for a good record - though i think there are more talented pokemon players to be picked up.

Rexus -
Probably one of the highest playing ceilings of the players mentioned so far - I am a big fan of rexus. Builds his own innovative teams, paired with tricking and you have a probably sure positive pu record. I'd go so far as to say he is probably a top 3 PU pickup, arguably top 1 if has the right combination of support around him as he has a great playing ceiling and some crazy and cool innovation. However he has used some absolutely garbage teams or ideas - yet still manages to win with them. I think the only thing holding him back is his motivation to play pu and not OU and potentially not having the right support behind him to maximise his potential.

Tom H0lland -
Given his slam run, he's done okay for himself. Quite the unknown entity going into slam before, did quite well for himself and had a fairly challenging run. I'd say that Tom is okay, not the best choice for your pickup given that he doesn't have the most experience and I can see that hindering him on the big stage in front of a smogtours crowd of 200+ people. I wouldn't count him out as a potential pick, given that he had some cool ideas and made a successful run in pu open, but i have other options ahead of him. A little more experience and I would have given him a bit more of a boost.

Xiri -
This guy has done very well in tiers and is becoming quite the jack of all trades given his involvement in monotype, pu and other tiers recently. He's performed quite well and demonstrated positive records in some pupls. He does however lack official tournament involvement (much like most people on this list) and may be another 50/50 slot. I think he has quite a linear building style (i know, rich coming from me) and bonermons - but he's a good pickup.

False -
He won the first pu open and since pupl, he's been much more involved in the tier. After being haxed out of this years iteration in round 6 - I can definitely see him being more interested and involved in the tier. I'm not 100% sure on how well he will do as I have limited playing experience of him in this gen, but he knows how to win pokemon matches, clearly. Probably a top 5 pu pick up for snake - may require support if he tilts off this planet.

Sam I Yam -
Activity risk. Big activity risk. I love sam to pieces but he lost his team in the final of exhibition to an activity call ffs LOL. IF you can speak to him and find out his availability with work and have some assurances however, he won the pu unopen and has been very active in the tier. Just have a sub on standby if he goes MIA.

tlenit -
I am a big fan of this guy - he's topped the ladder multiple times with some version of the filthiest stall you could imagine and a decent player to boot. However, 0-2 in pupl means he's probably not ready for snake yet - give it til next year imho.

Kushalos / Robjr / Tricking / Finchinator -
If you can convince one of these guys to step into pu rather than one of their other tiers - they will do well and win matches. But good luck trying to do that.

Anty -
This man is my kryptonite - if you wanna buy someone just to spite me - he's 3-0 vs me. Oh and uhh fuck you.

Ktutverde -
If he signs up, which he might - i still reckon ktut is a top 3 player in this tier. Given the success he had last year, i would have definitely given him the top spot of mvp going into this tournament, i even think he may be still top 1 even now. If he puts his mind to it, he will do well. He is a top player, top builder and a tryhard who would love to do anything to do better than megazard. However, after a poor pupl and since going MIA - there is some doubt there that he would be a reliable pick. If you are unsure of who to get, he's worth the gamble (if he signs up).

Yogibears -
Now some of you may consider picking up yogibears and if you are - don't. Simply put - he's awful. TERRIBLE. He will complain constantly about how much he hates this tier and will more than likely choke away a 4-6 lead. However, unless your name is HJAD and you have Dibs in the server, there is potential for a 4-0 yogi round 14 pick somewhere in the horizon. That's if he doesn't annoy the shit out of you in the server by constant tags and claims he's not a pokemon player.

The tour player - i/e Star / Serene Grace / Poek / HT etc.
Given the state of the pu playerbase - it's quite underdeveloped in some respects in terms of tournament experience, playing ability, showing up in big tournaments and I think that PU open really shows that. Lots of pu dedicated players dipped out in the early rounds and it left a lot of potential for tournament mainstays to do well in this open and become familiar with the tier. I think that this is going to be a route that a lot of managers may take in terms of getting a pu slot - I would even be tempted by this myself. However, they may be exposed in the earlier rounds of the tournament due to unfamiliarity with meta trends and sets that some mons may have which they may not have come across in their runs. I would heavily suggest if you take this route to give them support and to not leave them on their own - pick up a PU mainer to support.

The PU Mainer - Shuckledeath / Jonago / Gum / Many / Specs etc
This is the category of player that I would definitely say is not good enough for the limelight just yet as they are exposed in terms of not being quite the best builder, player or just lack the necessary experience. However, they live, breathe and love the tier (for the most part) and would be desirable assets for your team if you are struggling with who to pick up for as a support slot. I may be wrong, but i wouldn't pick these up on their own unless they were supporting a tournament player to take the reigns over the playing slot each week. However, if you're a manager - it's definitely worth sweet talking these guys into joining your server to support your slot and even get some much needed official tournament experience.

Dibs -
Don't pick him us a player - but he's the best cheerleader this tier has ever seen. If you love shitty but loveable paint art of pokemon that blush - he's your guy.

Given everyone i've just mentioned - i would probably go with a ranking of something along the lines of -
1 - ktut (if he signs up)
2 - Taskr
3 - rexus
4 - False
5 - TJ
6 - Jarii (he probably goes up to a top 3 player if he is paired with a top builder)
7 - LST
8 - Robert Alfons
9 - Megazard
10 - Xiri
11 - Tom H0lland
12 - Sam I Yam
13 - Anty
14 - Tlenit

Shit tier:

Quick note regarding me - i am going on holiday + moving house in september, keep that in mind if you plan on drafting me as an early round pick :)
This list seems atrocious jesus LOL

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Yet another midnight mock! Will try to update player pool tonight or tomorrow for future mocks and looking forward to more mocks as the player pool expands :)


Taipans LU:
Bushmasters LU:
Mambas LU:
Cobras LU:
Serpents LU:
Nagas LU:
Lindworms LU:
Leviathans LU:
Rattlers LU:

Unfortunately the other lineup was lost in a tragic train accident, sorry for the inconvenience!

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Another mock! This time at an hour that you didn't need to be a degenerate to be awake for.



The last two lineups were caught in a housefire, a real tragedy!


the real n1n1
Big Congrats to all the players drafted in the latest Mock Draft

Power Rankings*:
1) Black City Mambas - Drafted both SMB and Demantoid. Two of the greatest. Probably over kill given how unimportant DOU is.
2) Shinto Ruin Serpents - Stax is arguably the most accomplished player in DOU history and he just lead his DPL team to victory in DPL5
3) Celadon City Serpents - The return of Stratos!! this will be exciting to watch. He is still good as ever and always super dedicated to team tours.
4) Terminus Taipans - I've been really impressed with n1n1 lately, no surprise he continues to get drafted in the mocks. Qsns was excellent support to croven in SPL, expect he'll bring the same help to n1n1 in Snake
5) Rumble Hall Rattlers - After winning a trophy in SPL Croven will be one of the most anticipated DOUers. In this mock and others I have not seen him with teammate qsns which could be a big issue.
6) Lanakila Nagas - Emforbes is one of the best modern day DOUers, currently in Grand Prix and Seasonal Winner. He falls a few spots as he has zero chat presence, which normally doesnt matter for tours, but team tours it should
7) Sky Tower Lindworms - Human made a splash in SPL as the annual random VGCer to get picked. Unlike past VGCers, he stuck with DOU and played excellently in Seasonals.
8) Berry Forest Bushmaters - Nido-Rus is a veteran of DOU and has SPL experience. He seems to be less active and I am unsure if he is still good as he once was.
9) Lake of Rage Leviathans - Ezrael also has not been so active recently but has great results from prior team tours
10) Ambrette Astotias - DOU TLs usually under-preform in team tours. Not expecting an exception this time around

*entirely based on dou
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