Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 1

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SM OU: Tamahome vs august: more even than ppl are saying, but still a significant edge for tama. yeah tama plays SM more but look at so many of the top players in this tour to see that you don't need much SM OU experience to do well if you're a top player in another OU...
SM OU: Cdumas vs Gondra: while gondra didn't play for qualifiers in WCoP, he really brought it in playoffs. cdu, on the other hand, had a really really poor SPL and an OK WCoP. i think gondra is better in 2019.
SM OU: Updated Kanto vs TonyFlygon: tony's clearly good, but i can't help but feel he's been really overrated lately. i don't think 3 WCoP games is much to go off. kekto has proven time and time again that he has a really high ceiling as a player... just that he doesn't always reach that. kanto at his best is a top player in this tournament, but i think even an average kanto can take this one.
SM OU: Santu vs SoulWind: SW's a top player, but santu shouldn't be counted out completely. he did beat ABR pretty convincingly in stour, and he's no slouch of a player. SW's just better though and the safer choice.
SM DOU: Mint16 vs Spurrific
SM UU: Lycans vs TDK
SM RU: Feliburn vs rozes
SM NU: Jrdn vs Kushalos: love jrdn, but kush is the best NU player.
SM PU: false vs GaryTheGengar: false does poorly against the unpredictable.
SM LC: ZoroDark vs teal6

SM OU: Hayburner vs Eo Ut Mortus: eo is better.
SM OU: Insult vs dice: to me, insult has always come off as one of those players who cares more about making the "right" play instead of making the plays that will win him the game. i don't think this type of bullshit will cut it against a player as good as dice. sure, insult has much more experience in SM + the support of some fantastic Preppers, but dice is a great player with some strong support as well. kinda think this one depends on how much dice cares.
SM OU: Tace vs FMG: very close one imo. i'm really high on both of these guys, but FMG has quite a bit more to show than young taco.
SM OU: Valentine vs Jytcampbell: love jyt, but val is crazy good and always underrated. both strong af though, close 1.
SM DOU: emforbes vs Tman
SM UU: Charmflash vs Accelgor
SM RU: Welliou vs UltraBallz
SM NU: Garay oak vs Finchinator: i think finch is at his best when he's the underdog. being ranked low undeservedly might be the kick in the butt he needs to prove he can handle this NU pool.
SM PU: Xiri vs Raiza
SM LC: Luthier vs Kingler12345

SM OU: Indigo Plateau vs Sacri': sacri's really good. IP had a strong OST, but he didn't really get the strongest opponents honestly. still good enough to start in this tour, but sacri's proven himself to be SUPER consistent
SM OU: Relous vs BKC: relous is kinda underrated but not underrated enough to beat kev.
SM OU: xImRaptor vs Star: more results
SM OU: Lopunny Kicks vs yjh971203
SM DOU: Croven vs Demantoid
SM UU: HT vs Corckscrew
SM RU: Ajna vs Nat
SM NU: col49 vs Bobby Dagen: both really really strong players in weird situations. rodri's been a bit less prominent since his SPL win, and col49 is not in RU. think this could go either way, but it'll be a great game i'm sure.
SM PU: Tsunami vs soulgazer: idk lax is pretty strong tho.
SM LC: tko vs BurntZebra

SM OU: Empo vs Chaitanya: empo's god, chait seems REALLY good from what i've seen, so i'm hoping he has a great tour!
SM OU: Gilbert arenas vs Mana: crazy MU. marcop's god, but mana is one of the great SM OU minds.
SM OU: Rexus vs Twixtry: twix has been doing really well lately, fresh off an OLT win vs a top SM OU player. i think he takes this one pretty easily.
SM OU: xray vs ABR: in ORAS this would be even. in SM this is strongly in ABR's favor.
SM DOU: Human vs Ezrael
SM UU: Christo vs robjr
SM RU: Averardo vs Alpha Rabbit
SM NU: ict vs Sjneider
SM PU: Sam I Yam vs Teddeh
SM LC: LilyAC vs jake

SM OU: blarghlfarghl vs ramboss: we all love to hate blargh, but if he loses, hating on him goes from being funny to just kinda sad. think he wins this one pretty comfortably.
SM OU: HSA vs Tricking: cool match.
SM OU: z0mOG vs Kory2600: a year ago i would've said kory, but he's been out of the game whereas z0m has been doing well lately. shocker right.
SM OU: Xtra vs Jimmy Turtwig: like kekto, xtra has a crazy high ceiling as a player, making this one a lot more even than some might think. jimmy is really fucking consistent, and he's kinda just good at every OU, so i'm sure he can handle himself in SM. very slight edge to jimmy since he's more well-rounded.
SM DOU: SMB vs Nails: best dubs match.
SM UU: Amane Misa vs Adaam
SM RU: SPACE FORCE meeps vs Kink: best RU player.
SM NU: Eternally vs Ren-chon
SM PU: Taskr vs Ktütverde
SM LC: tazz vs Osh
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