Smogon Snake Draft IV - Signups

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Smogon Snake Draft

The format for signing up to play in the Smogon Snake Draft is as follows:
Player Name: kjdaas
Tiers Played: SS OU / SS PU / SS LC
Timezone : GMT+2
The tiers will be:
  • SS OU
  • SS DOU
  • SS UU
  • SS RU
  • SS NU
  • SS PU
  • SS LC
It is absolutely pivotal that you sign up using the above format, as we will use an external tool to parse signups and push into the spreadsheets.

The sign-up list will then be taken and sorted into appropriate lists for each of the 7 metagames (Four slots for SS OU, remember).

This year's Captains and their teams will be

Aurella & Will of Fire
rozes & Eternally
Eternal Spirit & M Dragon
Analytic & Jordy
EviGaro & HJAD
TonyFlygon & TDK
Averardo & Prinz
xImRaptor & Gondra
Christo & FlamingVictini
Tricking & Mysterious M

Guidelines for Players:

- The Smogon Snake Draft is an 11 week event at minimum, and has the potential to stretch on a bit further depending on tiebreak situations. Only sign up if you can be active for the majority of this time, as a high level of activity is expected. This includes several things, such as communicating with your team and getting your games done, and maintaining a competitive attitude even after your team has already been eliminated. It is in your own best interest to show off your best side. For general guidelines on what to do and what not to do, refer to Luigi's guidelines here.​
- Plan to participate in your team's Discord server. Discord is what makes Snake Draft fun. It helps you test, get to know your teammates, find out when battles are happening, and for general trashtalk in the main Smogon Tournaments discord. Speaking from experience, if managers know that you do not use Discord, you will have an extremely small chance of being picked.
- In order to ensure the best possible experience for yourself, the managers, and your team, please do NOT sign up for any tier you are unwilling to play. If you would not seriously consider playing that tier in a tournament environment, DO NOT LIST IT. Similarly to SPL, we have added a rule to combat potential prize fixing or in this case, draft pick fixing. This means that during the first two weeks of SSD, players are only allowed to play in the tiers listed in their signups post. We will not be enforcing this rule for anyone picked in the last four rounds of the draft. Don't make dumb joke posts about playing tiers you do not care for.​
Signups will last until 4pm Saturday the 22nd, the auction will be 24hrs later.

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