Smogon Superstars - Finals - Won by Level 56

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Shoutouts rozes for the banner

Smogon Superstars I: Won by Jibaku
Smogon Superstars II: Won by 6A9 Ace Matador
Smogon Superstars III: Won by Aeroblacktyl
Smogon Superstars IV: Won by panamaxis
Smogon Superstars V: Won by HeIIraiser
Smogon Superstars VI: Won by M Dragon

Previous Hosts: tripe, undisputed, ENZ0, FireMage, and KratosMana.

Hello all, welcome to this years edition of Smogon Superstars. All participants in this tournament are handpicked and invited to play.



9. Level 56 vs 2. FLCL

Level 56 is in the winners bracket and only needs to win one series to win the tournament. FLCL has to defeat Level 56 twice to win the tournament.

Just make sure the tour is finished before the end of the month :toast:
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it's quite hard to choose between those two :[
But that's what makes great finals i guess

you both deserve to win, so do your best!

Level 56

Faded memories
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