Smogon Tour 27

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I don't know Finchinator personally, but it seems that he is a really awesome person and a great Pokemon player. He hasn't won any of the previous 26 Smogon Tours, but I believe he will be successful this time. I will show my support by posting "finchtour27" and he will give me good boy points for my post.

literally everyone in this thread said:
Finchinator after he posted #FINCHTOUR112 on Smogon
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So like:
- 112 (edition of the tour chosen by you) - 27 (actual edition) = 85 editions
- Assuming 2 editions per year, 85 / 2 = 42 and half years from now
- Finchinator is 20.5 years old, in 42.5 years He will be 63 years old
- The old man in the picture is András Arató, He is actually 74.5 years old but the stock photo that made him famous was taken in 2011 when He was 66.5 years old
- Your post is really accurate if you relate it to the man in the meme, however I think #FINCHTOUR119 would have been even more precise

refractory period over, sy ig
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