Smogon VGC 2022 Winter Seasonal - Round 1

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Smogon VGC 2022 Winter Seasonal

  • This is a standard VGC 2022 tournament
  • This tournament will be Double Elimination
  • Rounds will be Best of Three. You may not switch teams in between battles of the same set.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown! (main server only due to SmogTours timer rules)
  • To encourage the development of the metagame, and so that everyone is on an even playing field, replays are required for all matches. If neither player posts replays of the match, both players will suffer an automatic game loss. (If you were in losers' when you played, you are both out. If you were in winners', the winner is in losers' and the loser is out.)
  • Do not cheat. Cheating will result in a disqualification. Additional punishments may be applied as necessary. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
    • Signing up with more than one account
    • Ghosting or being ghosted by another player (e.g. while playing a set, asking for advice about what team to bring or what plays to make)
    • Manipulating match outcomes (e.g. throwing a match in exchange for Smogon likes)
  • Do not harass or insult your opponents. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone breaking this rule. Additional punishments may be applied as necessary.
Standard Rules and Clauses
  • Team Lock Clause: Players must use the same team for all games of a given round. You can switch teams in between rounds, however.
  • Item Clause: Players cannot have two of the same item on the same team.
  • Species Clause: Players cannot have two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number on the same team.
  • VGC 2022 is GS Cup Rules. This means players can use up to two of the following Pokemon (in any form) on their teams:
    • Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Lunala, Solgaleo, Necrozma, Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus
  • Mythical Pokemon are banned. These include:
    • Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, Diancie, Volcanion, Zeraora, Magearna, and Zarude
  • Matches will be played at level 50.
What are we playing for?
This tournament will award points towards the 2022 VGC Circuit, which awards a prize banner and custom avatar to the winner of the entire circuit. If you win the seasonal itself, you will also get the "Seasonal Winner" role in the official Smogon VGC Discord!


Round 1 Pairings:
 vs  CrystalNinetales
SpectralThief  vs  Churielix
PinkSylvie  vs  jonago
incineraire  vs  YaBoiGibby
Koganium  vs  Coldflame2802
Giokio  vs  mewmart
 vs  Gazoney
PurpleDolphin  vs  Spurrific
papiloco  vs  RaiGodtryingtolearnVGC!
Licenciado Pan[/
USER]  vs  Drosek2
RK_pocoyo  vs  Eddie1840
Porydonk  vs  Mr.Bossaru
izzy22x  vs  Evelyie
Ninjakiwis vs  Kotomi
ckw  vs  SrTorch13
 vs  ChrystalFalchion
Lux.Mega5  vs  attaccall
KachiVGC  vs  AC27
 vs  Sanjay das
Spactutitan  vs  Sunrose
trungdavok  vs  Puggcraff
Alexo99  vs  Aldrich
pix  vs  Evan.
loezuul  vs  Eeveon7
Ann nonima  vs  Helios of Sun
Mr.GX  vs  txitxas
Jauji Spada  vs  z0mOG
 vs  Brede
Lobsterboi9  vs  LawrenceVGC
 vs  Duck-Monke
RonJohnson  vs  Meloetta imperactive
BigBadBirdVGC  vs  Pyreon
weakermaker  vs  DarkJorch
vs  dnagerbdager
Jay is decent  vs  UmarVGC
jonas  vs  RenjuuTBC
corila  vs  Yourwelcomethanku
Crunchman  vs  Grandmas Cookin
Axolotl_MX  vs  Xplatinum
 vs  PokeMan245
Arekusabi  vs  KarthikVGC
Theoneandonly78  vs  Ace Emerald
vs  Namuko Pro
Lucky-Sama vs  RTM
DomarpVGC  vs  luisin
zee  vs  ChrisVG
dev611  vs  martinvtran
AtmosphereVGC  vs  Juan Vicencio
SephVGC  vs  yuki
Regis Regis  vs  VGCreviews
InkVGC  vs  DreamPrince
Wubben  vs  Microwave Raccoon
KennyJ  vs  TyphoeusVGC
 vs  Mariofan3451
lemepa11  vs  Ron
AlexanderB0399  vs  Sole Survivor
crying  vs  poogang
AmbrosioMX  vs  Coam
TheSturdyGraveler  vs  JoeloZ
ikerdds  vs  Chrome8
 vs  Bull Of Heaven
QuickShotMC  vs  He-who-is-not-to-be-named
Borghi  vs  C-Tiki


The Deadline For This Round Will Be Sunday, January 23rd At 11:59 PM EST

For Any questions, pm me on discord: jonas#2000

good luck and dont forget to have fun

sample teams can be found here

Remember that these best of threes are team locked! If you want to ensure your opponent is not doing sneaky changes to the team, open all three games at once (but be sure to have auto-timer off, this is why we can't play on SmogTours)
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Hi. You played with team lock off, while it should be on. (Team lock means you may not change your team in a 3 game series, but every new series you can change it). If one player did this, it would be an auto loss, but since both did, we are going to ask you to redo g2 and g3 with the teams you used In g1. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!
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