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Name: gramgus
Metagames Played: 17, 18, 19 (all of them, not sure which we're using)
nothing in the foreseeable future but stuff may come up
Bio (optional):
short version; ive been playing vgc irl since ~2013 and peaked in practice and skill in gen 7. ive cut a ton of tournaments and have seen and played against probably every team that will be used in the 17-19 formats. im probably one of the most practiced 17 players on the planet and currently feel very strong in my abilities in 18 and 19 (hosted and played in tournaments for all of these formats well after they've ended). even if i cant play all 3 old gen formats at once (as much as id like to) id like to think that id be a valuable resource for the team in building for and/or demystifying these older formats. feel free to hmu in messages with any questions regarding availability/any questions u may have and stuff
Name: Clipperz1235 (clippers1235 on showdown)
Metagames played: 2021
Timezone: GMT -7
Inactivity: possible vacation late June/July but nothing final yet
Bio (optional): I started playing vgc in early 2020. The only tournaments I have participated in are Champions Cup last April (in which I went 6-3), spring scramble, and PC4 qualifiers. I qualified for PC4, my peak is #4 on s9 showdown ladder, and I have been top 10 on showdown ladder in s5, s7, and early s8.
Name: typhoeus200318
Metagames Played: '21
Timezone: GMT+5:30
Inactivity: no foreseeable inactivity
Bio (optional):
top100 atleast once in every format since series 5,s8 peak of rank 7,s9 peak of rank 48,currently 4 alts above 1600 on PS.Made playoffs in the official room tours with 10 points. No major tour exp but im eager to learn and make friends :)
Name : NitroKnight68
Metagames : VGC 2021
Timezone : GMT +5.5
Inactivity : Never
Bio : Not much but have won multiple room tours and top 10 on the Smogon VGC-Series 7 Ladder at some point


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Name: Coconut
Metagames Played: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT-4
Inactivity: Nope!
Bio: I play Little Cup. I also very casually play VGC. I cut in Players Cup (?) in 2020 after playing the meta for like a week. Can probably play the old metas as well if you need it.
Name: SkyFlyHigh

Played: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021


Weekdays before 8pm GMT +8

Bio (optional):
I'm a VGC player based in Singapore and have been actively playing since 2016 till now. Top cut a few of my local tournaments and went top 16 in Washington DC open 2019.
Name: Eddie1840
Metagames: All
Timezone: gmt-7 /pdt
Inactivity: None.
Bio: Won/top various local tours in Tijuana, Mx and San Diego CA since 17-2020. Top 8 Monterrey Special Event 2018 in Mexico.
Top 8 VGC Smogon tour done by Pyritie in Series 4 this past june 2020
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Name: Asada Shino San

Metagames Played: 2018, 2019, 2021

Timezone: GMT+8

Inactivity: Currently on vacation but some stuff may crop up when classes start again in August

Bio: I'm a Singapore based player but more recently my focus have been on hosting grassroots and helping the local VGC scene with the help of my friends at The Mirage Island. My achievements include top cutting the 2019 Malaysian Open and winning some locals.
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You're doing amazing, Keep it up!
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Name: Giokio
Metagames Played: -17 -18 -19 -21
Timezone: gmt +2 (Italy)
Inactivity: I should be free all summer since I’m a student, but I could take one week of vacantion in late July.
Bio (optional): Hello, I’m an Italian player who plays vgc since 2015, But I started competing in tours only last year in minor private tournaments, you can find me on smogon a lot, working on the translations project and in the vgc subforum, I can compete in every tier but I’ll probably have to shake off some rust with the help of teammates.
Only tournament result I think is worth mentioning is top 4 to the first smogon dordrio cup.


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Name: emma
Metagames Played: VGC 2021 / VGC 2018 / VGC 2017
I am perpetually online
Bio (optional):
I was around and activity playing when VGC 17 was the current format, have played enough SM Doubles OU to understand VGC 2018, and have messed around with VGC 2021 a bit. Nails follows me on Twitter. I am probably not your best option to win games, but I'll be super active and supporting if you draft me with some of my friends.



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Name: Yami
Metagames Played: All
Timezone: Gmt-4
Inactivity: One week in July, but should be able to prep and play given at nights.
Bio (optional): While I never entered any tours, I casually played 2017 and 2018 when they were the current meta. I believe in my skills in Pokemon that should transfer to VGC and willing to do anything. I always wanted to try to get into the smogon VGC community and into the VGC community in general. I am also an awesome team presense.
Name: Oriol Plaza
Metagames Played: VGC 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 (I prefer 17,18 and 19)
Timezone: GMT +1 (Spain)
Inactivity:I finished my studies so i have all day for practice
Bio (optional):
I love to help my teammates , i'm always looking for practice and I can be very usefull in a team , i also have many TC in mt.Silver , some rose tower , and a top 16 in the zelda challenge, I played NPA X for the Brave birds .
Name: Smeg
Metagames played: all
Timezone: GMT +2
Inactivity: from 28th of July to 6th of August, and from 11th to 18th of August
Bio: 2x Mt. Silver weekly winner, Top 16 VGP tournament (Italian tour with 256 players), 2nd place in PGL season 1 with Athens Ultra Beasts, earning the Best Midseason player award with a record of 5-1
Name: Asuya
Metagames Played: From VGC20 S2 to the current one
Bio (optional):
Started playing VGC in early 2020. Made topcut in a lot of grassroots majors, won some of them. Just finished my first NPA with a final score of 9-2.
Name: Pyreon
Metagames Played: VGC17, VGC18, VGC19, VGC21
WEST (UTC+1, Lisbon / London)
On holidays the third week of July.
Bio (optional):
VGC player since late 2014, doubles and competitive player since 2008-2009. Don't have many major results but made Worlds in 2019. Usually don't ladder much and prefer to play in tournaments.
I have plenty of experience with draft leagues, played in five different LatAm Leagues, two Copa America editions and VR European Cup with Portugal and played in two NPA seasons with the Stars and the Hams. Currently playing in the Ever Grande League as well.
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