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Name: Bopp
Meta games played: Vgc 2020 and VGC2021
Time zone: GMT -4 (EST)
Inactivity: occasional weekends
Bio (optional): 21 year old who just began vgc at the start of sword and shield. Competed and top cut in several PCs and MSSs in the US northeast area in that time with my best finish being 2nd. Quick learner and looking to gain more experience in a competitive setting.
Name: Chrome8
Metagames Played: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT-6(CST)
Inactivity: Will have school in August, almost always available in the evenings.
Bio (optional): I don’t really have any results other than ladder, I am currently around 1700 on the series 9 ladder and peaked at 1850 on the series 7 ladder.
Name: Dimond_MoreThan5
Metagames Played: 2018-present
Timezone: GMT-7
Inactivity: none
Bio (optional): Top 16 Knoxville Regionals 2019, PCIV qualification, top 8 Dodrio cup, 2x Top cut of Utah/Idaho VGC draft league
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Name: TheJFrenzy
Metagames Played: VGC 2017, VGC 2018
AEST (GMT +10)
Bio (optional):
I do old gens VGC I guess.
Name: Otark
Metagames Played: VGC21
Timezone: CEST (GMT+2)
Inactivity: Nop
Bio (optional): I started VGC in 2020. I won 2 French Circuit and made it to the Top 96 of the PC2 Qualifier EU. Just picked by the Hammerlocke Hydreigons for the PGL II. Already drafted in French National team.
Outside of Pokémon I'm Renaud, I'm 25 and I work as a civil engineer. I'm a pop culture enthusiast.
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Name: pocoyo
Metagames: VGC 2020-2021
Timezone: GMT +7
Inactivity: weekdays 7 am - 5 pm
Bio: top 8 Indonesia Championship Online, reached playoff in Ever Grande League Spear Division with Necrozma Prism
Name: Ikar
Metagames Played: VGC 2021
Timezone: GMT +2
Inactivity: 28 June - 5 July
Bio (optional):

TOP 32 in Mt. Moon End of the Year Tour
TOP 4 in 1st Monthly Champions Podcast VGC Tournament
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