Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

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Name: JoanGarcia
Relevant Social Media: @Joan__Garcia_ on TW and JG#8217 on discord.
Formats Played: All Gen 8
Hey, I'm Joan from Spain and I really like to play Team Draft Leagues.
I've played in the last 2 seasons of NPA, all PGL editions and EGL where I was a captain.
I have many notable results on tournaments like Desafío Latam, Victory Road or Rose Tower.
I'm tryharding on VGC because I will go to many regionals to try to make worlds, atm 30/300CP.


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Name: frostyicelad
Relevant Social Media: Frostyicelad#4151 (discord)
Formats Played: any / I'll slot into anything decently
Bio: good guy frosty
Name: Rey
Relevant Social Media: Rey_VGC (Twitter)
Formats Played: VGC 15 and 16 (more or less), VGC17, VGC18, VGC19 Sun, Moon and Ultra, VGC20, VGC21, VGC 22 (S1-12)
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Name: Deztroyer4
Social Media: Dez#8698 (Discord)
Formats Played: VGC 2022
Bio: Took a couple years off after VGC 19 and came back to a meta I didn’t understand at all. After trying out multiple different restricted comps and working with my buddy Jozzz, I settled on the classic ZacOgre combo. After a couple weeks of training with that team, I topped out around 1650 on Showdown and finished 30th at the Salt Lake City Regional. While I might still be a novice in the competitive scene, I’m a very quick learner and an excellent team player, let’s make some magic happen!
Name: SeaSoil
Relevant Social Media: Discord (Ale?.#7152), SeaSoilVGC on twitter
Formats played: S5, S10, 2022
Bio: been relatively consistent throughout team leagues starting with PGL2 and doing very well in world cup and USPA
Name: 17 Cats
Relevant Social Media: @richlesbianceo_ (Twitter), 17 cats stacked in a trenchcoat#8227 (Discord)
Formats Played: All SwSh formats
Bio: vgc twitter extraordinaire
Name: DylanCede
Relevant Social Media: @DylanCede10 (Twitter) DylanCede#9073 (Discord)
Formats Played: s5, s7/9, s8/11, s10, s12
Bio: Vgc player who was part of the Ecuadorian team in World Cup. Additionally, I have several results in various individual tournaments, the one I am most proud of was winning a rose tower a while ago. Just looking for an opportunity to develop myself even more
Name: Bread
Relevant Social Media: breadvgc loaf of bread#2675
Formats Played: Gen 8 vgc
Bio: Bubbled out of cp at 100% of the regionals I’ve attended lol
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