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I'd like to subscribe to Competitive Guides, Humor, Little Cup, Monotype, Puzzle Page, Other Metagames, and Suspects.
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This is interesting. I read the first post, so I am not certain, so if these posts go through forum PMs (forums as in the thing I am posting on currently) then I would like to do it. If I am misunderstanding something and it's not through that, please delete. Sorry for being confused.

I would like to subscribe to:


Other Metagames

Past Gens

Competitive Guides





Puzzle Page

Thank you

A Golden Waddle Dee

formerly I am the Impostor
I would like to subscribe to:
  • RU
  • Other Metagames
  • Suspects
  • Humor
  • Competitive Guides
  • Spotlights
  • UU
  • NU
  • OU
  • CAP
Thanks :)
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