Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Finals [Won by Alexander.]

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The better player won for once. Bravo.

Vedi che non ti ho gufato ma ti ho portato bene <3
Ti farei i complimenti sul canale ma quel ducetto di Haund mi ha bannato quindi w/e
I know im late, but that youtube clip Alexander linked at the end of gm.3 was probably the most ruthless, cold-blooded ending to a Pokemon game of all time.

Congrats on your victory bud, you've come a long way.


a quality human being
Boosting their ladder ratings during the cycle phase and teamworking massively during the playoff phase wasnt enough for them to win the whole thing. One man topped'em all

Alexander > Vod tryhards

grats bud and thanks for succeeding where i miserably failed: not letting any of those impure, undeserving scrubs get even close to conquer the holiest trophy
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