Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Prelim Qualification Round

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xtra$hine vs Bloody alfa
Floppy vs Wally The Bully
D!fficult vs Googly
Nelson vs Nintendi
Rampecker vs Hiye
Rodriblutar vs Ciele
vs Liones
Isza vs Ox the Fox
ABR vs Bushtush
Lysergic vs InfernalPDC vs Updated Kanto
Choice Specs vs (DANN3 vs JohnYiu)
Mounts vs Posho
Iloveleague vs ZoroDark
Gotham Paladin vs patlop2307


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PDC ChoiceSpecs and wecameastrojans are the only good players isee in this bracket. i expect all 3 to win their games
xtra$hine vs Bloody alfa - i love the way xtra plays so i choose him
Floppy vs Wally The Bully - blunder says this guy is the next coming
D!fficult vs Googly - that's the boy not difficult
Rampecker vs Hiye - the real winner? the fans
Rodriblutar vs Ciele - cieles legit top 5 all time
Poek97 vs Liones - poek is my friend
DennisEG vs WECAMEASROMANS - i tried to join EG and they wouldn't have me so I assume it's too high of a level
ABR vs Bushtush - Abr quit doing the UU suspect test after two games saying "this tiers impossible" whereas bushtush is a confirmed UU ladder genius. 10-1 SPL is roughly equal to topping UU ladder so similar accomplishments... I'll give it to ABR just out of favoritism
Lysergic vs Vai Lusa - Mob!!! The way mob plays owns he will go far in this tour
PDC vs Updated Kanto - I saw pdc play an actually infinite OU game on ladder for extraordinarily little reason which sparked a short lived Pokemon showdown racial war where in the end we all learned to overcome our differences and respect one another. This event influenced how I see not only the game, but my fellow man. Picking pdc...
Choice Specs vs (DANN3 vs JohnYiu) - johnyiu, I taught him everything he knows about OU...
Mounts vs Posho - poshos my boy
Iloveleague vs ZoroDark - zorodark is low key like one of the best tour players on the site. He qualifies for legitimately everything, he's simultaneously acknowledged for being good yet underrated
Gotham Paladin vs patlop2307 - how could I vote against fan favorite patlop2307, with whom I've shared many a night reminiscing and shooting the breeze. Our friendship extends back far, tested by trial and tribulation but together we came through it all. I love you patlop man, this is your moment to shine..
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