Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IX - Introduction


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Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Mihowk and the translations team on a tournament related project. These individuals are some of the hardest workers on Smogon and do something that largely goes unnoticed, so a massive thank you to them for their efforts on a timely matter such as this.

With this said, in order to raise awareness and understanding of our individual official tournaments, we will be working on included translated versions of the OPs in the post below them so that users who do not have English as their native language can grasp the upcoming tournaments when applicable. Here we have Italian, Portugese, and Spanish edits of the OP updated into the post below it. We will be working to make this a more regular practice moving forward. I hope this can help continue to expand our community in tournaments.

Thanks again to the wonderful contributors who made this a possibility.

Hoy en CSI Pajeros investigaremos uno de los mayores entresijos de la comunidad hispano-hablante de los monstruos de bolsillo, el verdadero ranking de Manololt Garcia dos Santos Aveiro.


¿A qué se debe tal paupérrimo desempeño? Desde fuera es muy fácil criticar, pero ¿ que tal si nos adentramos en algunas de sus batallas en este torneo oficial de escalera?





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