Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VII - Playoffs (Swiss) Round 1

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Lopunny Kicks vs Sacri' - Lopunny is on council / qc team, and as far as I'm aware of has more experience
Giannis Antetokommo-o vs Dflo - Don't know enough about either, a guess really
volcanionisgood vs zugubu royale - Good ladder player, VIG has been around for a little while
ABR vs Chaitanya - One of the best, and a favorite to win the tour
Eo Ut Mortus vs Empo - Best r1 match. Both great players, but gotta root for cute user: Empo n_n
Grandmaster Thug vs Luthier - Snake champ, impressed me on ladder
haxrme vs beatiful - I'm going with the name I recognize, but no real comment here
Stareal vs Ox the Fox - Ox has been around for time, potential dark house
egalvanc vs Pierrick - I'm going with the name I recognize, but no real comment here
Quartosa vs Sagiri - Don't know enough about either, a guess really
Tricking vs imjustgray - Tricking is another contender to win this, hope to see him go far <3
Storm Zone vs SoulWind - Another great match so early! Storm had the best ladder performance, but SoulWind is powerful. Rooting for Storm
mncmt vs Separation - Impressed a lot of people this OLT, including me. Looking forward to seeing how he performs in a tournament
John W vs Zesty43 - Performed better in OLT, but that's all really
Juuls vs Misterioussaint - I'm going with the name I recognize, but no real comment here
Tace vs Corazan - I'm going with the name I recognize, but no real comment here

Rooting for Empo, Tricking, Storm Zone, and ABR. Empo to win it all
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Lopunny Kicks vs Sacri' : kicks his ass like a real Roman Warrior
Giannis Antetokommo-o vs Dflo : friend + good
volcanionisgood vs zugubu royale : rooting for zugu (call him 'zigi' or 'zuglu')
ABR vs Chaitanya : do we have to predict that ???
Eo Ut Mortus vs Empo : same as above
Grandmaster Thug vs Luthier : idk but rooting for Luthier
haxrme vs beatiful : rooting for my man
Stareal vs Ox the Fox : rooting for star
egalvanc vs Pierrick : sorry Pierrick but egalvanc is my brother
Quartosa vs Sagiri : Sagiroat
Tricking vs imjustgray : Clef trick = 100% win
Storm Zone vs SoulWind : it's not the finals so he will win
mncmt vs Separation : he will play some crazy stuff
John W vs Zesty43 : just check his YT and you will know why I bold this man.
Juuls vs Misterioussaint : idk but rooting for Misterioussaint
Tace vs Corazan : he's french so rooting for him ofc + good.
Lopunny Kicks vs Sacri'
Giannis Antetokommo-o vs Dflo
volcanionisgood vs zugubu royale
vs Chaitanya
Eo Ut Mortus vs Empo
Grandmaster Thug vs Luthier
haxrme vs beatiful :
Stareal vs Ox the Fox
egalvanc vs Pierrick
Quartosa vs Sagiri
vs imjustgray
Storm Zone vs SoulWind
vs Separation
John W vs Zesty43
Juuls vs Misterioussaint
Tace vs Corazan


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Won OST Predictions

Lopunny Kicks vs Sacri' - Highlight matchup between two great players, gotta give the edge to the Italian.
Giannis Antetokommo-o vs Dflo - Not too familiar with Dflo, but Giannis impressed me during OST.
volcanionisgood vs zugubu royale - Vig is a great ladder player, but zugubu has more tournament experience as far as I'm aware, so I'll give him the edge.
ABR vs Chaitanya - Chaitanya is great and I think it's a shame how he wasn't picked up for Snake, but he's up against ABR, who is the favorite to win the tour in my opinion.
Eo Ut Mortus vs Empo - Another highlight matchup between two greats, going with Empo since his play has been consistently amazing over the past year or so.
Grandmaster Thug vs Luthier - This is one of the hardest matchups to predict, going with the one with more tournament experience.
haxrme vs beatiful - Not familiar with haxrme, but I rate beatiful pretty highly.
Stareal vs Ox the Fox - This matchup is really cool because it features two players that I believe to have a lot of potential. Slight edge to Ox because I really like his builds.
egalvanc vs Pierrick - I don't know Pierrick very well, but I know from experience egalvanc is good.
Quartosa vs Sagiri - Really hard to say, I think both are equally solid.
Tricking vs imjustgray - imjustgray had an impressive cycle 4 run, but Tricking is much more proven.
Storm Zone vs SoulWind - This matchup is fantastic: ladder god vs tour god, I love Storm Zone but I've gotta give the edge to the latter.
mncmt vs Separation - Separation had an impressive ladder run, but mncmt has one of the best SS OU track records out there.
John W vs Zesty43 - Already happened.
Juuls vs Misterioussaint - Juuls is another ladder legend, going with him.
Tace vs Corazan - Another highlight matchup. I think Tace is one of those players that improves with every tour he plays and I think he's at the level where he can take this one.


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Lopunny Kicks vs Sacri' great pairing to start this off. I think both player are about as good but I've been more inspired by Punny's takes on the new meta.
Giannis Antetokommo-o vs Dflo I don't know them enough to tell them apart playing wise but from what I've seen I've found ant's team choices to be wiser.
volcanionisgood vs zugubu royale I'm not very familiar with vig whereas zugubu qualifies every year and has shown to be a solid player.
ABR vs Chaitanya
Eo Ut Mortus vs Empo Empo has been too amazing in recent times to go against him, but Eo has the advantage in the teambuilder so if he can give himself good matchups he's favoured.
Grandmaster Thug vs Luthier I haven't seen Thug around, whereas Luthier has shown to be good in the past year.
haxrme vs beatiful : same except beatiful hasn't performed as much, but still has shown more that his opponent.
Stareal vs Ox the Fox
egalvanc vs Pierrick egc is at times pretty average at times but it seems that he can also perform pretty well when he's trying his best, whereas Pierrick is just inconsistent and you never know what to expect from him. I'll go with etc but Pierrick could also take it.
Quartosa vs Sagiri the "a" at the end is so cursed wtf I didn't even recognize him at first. Anw I don't really know Sagiri, I've seen them in playoffs of something I think, but I'll trust Quartos who's never disappointing and is pretty solid.
Tricking vs imjustgray
Storm Zone vs SoulWind
vs Separation mncmt is too amazing to not bold him
John W vs Zesty43 well he already won
Juuls vs Misterioussaint
Tace vs Corazan this one is very close but I've been more impressed by Cora.
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