Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VIII - Quarterfinals

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(Art by ium)

Remember, all matches are to be played in a BEST OF THREE format, and all standard SS OU rules apply.

Ahsan-219 vs SoulWind
Ox the Fox vs beatiful
Sagiri vs devin
Punny vs Storm Zone

Please, let us know in the thread when you will be playing once your games are scheduled, we would all very much like to spectate.

Sunday, September 19th @ 11:59 PM EDT
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I think the playerbase left in this tour is good or very good and I've got some free time so I will write down a little analysis about every one of them.

Soulwind: haven't got that much to say about him, everybody knows his records. Even though he is able to constantly make it far in every tournament he signups for, I don't really think that he is in the same form that won him the Classic. He still has some shot since he is very experienced and solid and not easy to counterteam, but imo there are more accredited players for the final win this time. I still expect him to make it to the semis and then I think I wouldn't be surprised to see him losing by any of the other ones. Not because they are incredibly better in general, but because I think SW is not in his best form, atleast not enough to win the tournament. He would benefit a short break from the game probably.
How would I prep: both his possible opponents are a lot less experienced than him and his picks are various in both playstyles and Pokémon/sets used. I would play this smart and go with stuff that can provide a lot of firepower and maybe win with some magic outplay, since I don't know if they can handle with his experience in a fat vs fat war, for example.

Ox the Fox: gotta admit I am not the biggest fan of neither how he plays nor his team picks, but he grew up on the ladder and we know how dangerous ladder players can be. That being said, I don't think he's going to win the tournament because there are amazing players left and he is not the best of them.
How would I prep: imo bea will just go with something he likes as usual, but in Ox's building there are some schemes that could help in the prep. He uses a lot of different Pokémon but usually in the same cores and I'm sure this could be abused somehow.

Sagiri: he might be the surprise of this tour. I see he's getting hyped a lot and honestly I can see part of the reasons why. He looks way more solid than you would expect from someone that hasn't got that much experience in Officials and he is in very good form, I wouldn't be surprised at this point to see him arriving at the end. Keypoints imo are about having the right prep and dealing well with the pressure given by these important games.
How would I prep: he uses standard teams, so the prep you do for people playing standard. Usually the best strategies are <something> spam and trying to overload specific checks or just going with a single reliable countermon, possibly with one or a couple setuppers to clean the game.

I will write down the other analysis once the series between Ruby and Ahsan is over
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