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I've been getting a lot of questions about our PS server with the most recent Smogon Tour so here's an updated guide.


Smogtours (short for Smogon Tournaments) is Smogon's personal tournament server, free from the shackles of PS Main's lag. While the far less lag is a huge reason why we have Smogtours and why it's used so often, there are a few other reasons why we have it. First and foremost being, Smogon Tour demands a dedicated server with the size of the tournaments we run on the weekend and the number of users we get on the server during it. A room on PS main simply would not cut it. The second being it gives us a lot of tools to dissuade and prevent a lot of forms of cheating and obnoxiousness that would otherwise be impossible on PS main and Pokemon Online.


As Smogtours is our tournament server, the main authority on the server are our Tournament Directors. I'll give a bit of a rundown on who wields what power.

~ - Administrator
Administrators are PS main Admins and Tournament Directors.

@ - Moderator
Long time Smogon Tour hosts, former TD's and members of the Senior Staff will be moderators.

% - Driver
Smogon tour hosts.

+ - Voice
Needed to be able to chat in the Lobby


You will need voice to be able to chat in the Lobby and the reason for this is simple: to prevent the chat from becoming obnoxiously shitty. If you've ever been on PO or PS main you'll know just how bad the Lobby can be when everyone is allowed to talk at once. Requiring voice also prevents people from jumping on alts and spamming the chat with stupid things without any real recourse or punishment.

You do not need voice to PM another user or to start matches.

How to get voice

You need to send a PM to either a Mod or an Admin with a link to your Smogon account profile while they are on the server, like so: You need the username and numbers there, or I'll just ignore you. We cannot give you voice if we are not on the server at the same time.

We will not voice alts

Your PS name needs to match your Smogon forum account for voice. Reason being we need to be able to enact the correct punishment should you do something retarded worth punishing on the server. If you cannot match completely should your Smogon account be taken on PS, you need to match as closely as possible.

If I do not recognize your name, and I cannot find it on Smogon, I will devoice you.

Your Smogon account must be a month old

This is to prevent people from creating alts on the forum to get voice on multiple accounts on Smogtours.

If you're new you're just going to have to wait it out. Enjoy playing in the Smogon Tour and watching matches, odds are because you're new you'll only say something nooby if you talk right away anyway, and nobody wants that.

Modchat, Timer, and Replays

Modchat will typically be set to @ in official tournament matches, meaning unless you have @ or higher you will not be able to talk in the battle chat. Talk in the lobby, that's what it's there for.

Timer will be turned on automatically during Smogon Tour season on the server. Do not turn off the timer if you are playing a Smogon Tour match.

Replays are saved automatically on the server so that we can calculate usage statistics for Smogon Tour. If you do not want people to find your replays should you be testing new teams, either don't play on smogtours or play under an alt.

User Conduct

My rules are simple, and just keep this in mind: Unsportsmanlike conduct on the server will affect you here on the forum via infractions.

- Do not ghost another player

- Do not flame another user

- Do not be obnoxiously stupid

- Do not be a pest

- Do not ban/mute evade

- Do not advertise or post porn

- Speak English

The Mods and Admins are not there to baby every single unofficial match that goes on, and if you are having a squabble with another user we may not care or get involved. Most of us are nice though so we'll usually try to help.

What we really care about are official tournament matches, and in those situations is where we will be strict with conduct and rulings. Otherwise we're mostly there to chill if we're on with no official matches happening.

Moderator Actions

Mod actions are for the most part absolute, especially if it comes from an Administrator. Do not complain or make a discipline appeal in the PS forum, it will be deleted and ignored. We are largely forgiving so your punishment, whatever it is, will likely not be permanent. Just don't do whatever got you muted/kicked/banned again.

Bugs and Glitches

If you notice any true bugs (ie. a mechanic is not working properly), particularly for our Past generations, please report them here: If it is a major bug, please let one of the Leaders or Admins know asap and we will make sure the appropriate people know.
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