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* Solgaleo has an unfortunate place in the Ubers metagame, as it boasts a mediocre offensive typing, a rather average movepool and an ability which really doesn't help give it much offensive presence, with the exception of being immune to Intimidate and not being bothered by Sticky Webs teams.
* While it has a reasonable enough stats and movepool to be able to use multiple sets, the presence of Necrozma-DM means that most of those sets are utterly outclassed by Necrozma-DM, thus making it hard to justify using Solgaleo in the ubers tier.
* Solgaleo does however boast a faster Speed stat than Necrozma-DM and has a decent enough speed tier to utilize a Choice Scarf, allowing it to become a reasonable offensive check to Xerneas. This paired with it's ability, Full Metal Body also allows Solgaleo to have a decent Speed Tier, even against Sticky Webs teams.
* With a Choice Scarf, it is also a decent answer to Psyspam cores such as Tapu Lele + Deoxys-A or Ultra Necrozma, as it resists both of Tapu Lele's STAB moves, is able to outpace both Deoxys-A and Ultra Necrozma thanks to its Choice Scarf and OHKO Deoxys-A and 2HKO Ultra Necrozma with Sunsteel Strike.

name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Sunsteel Strike
move 2: Flare Blitz
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Stone Edge / Wild Charge / Toxic
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Full Metal Body
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


* Sunsteel Strike is Solgaleo's most powerful STAB move, allowing it to dish out heavy damage to common Fairy-type Pokemon such as Xerneas and Arceus-Fairy.
* Flare Blitz is to damage Steel-types that resist Solgaleo's dual STABs. Most notably it OHKOs Ferrothorn and Mega Lucario, and it 2HKOs Necrozma-DM and Magearna.
* Earthquake is Solgaleo's most effective way of dishing out damage to Primal Groudon, and Mega Gengar - which is otherwise able to trap Solgaleo and remove it from the field. it also helps punish Steel-types without having the drawbacks of recoil damage.
* Stone Edge allows Solgaleo to dish out heavy damage to Ho-Oh, even having a 25% to OHKO defensive sets. It is also pairs well with Earthquake.
* Wild Charge allows Solgaleo to dish out heavy damage to Primal Kyogre, while still hitting Ho-Oh for super-effective damage.
* Toxic hits a lot of neutral targets and is Solgaleo's most reliable means of punishing support Arceus formes, which can

Set Details

* Choice Scarf Solgaleo is best ran with a standard offensive set with Maximum Attack and Speed. A Jolly nature is used to take advantage of its decent Speed tier, allowing it to outpace Modest Choice Scarf Yveltal and Xerneas.

Usage Tips

* Solgaleo tends to be used best as a revenge killer and an offensive check to Xerneas. Make sure to keep it healthy until Xerneas has been removed from the field, as it can take up to 90% from a +2 Focus Blast. Therefore it is best used late-game as it's only really useful for revenge killing Xerneas and Psyspam cores.
* If you're facing less offensive teams that aren't using Xerneas, Solgaleo can be used as a decent answer to Arceus-Fairy, Magearna, and Mega Diancie. It can also be used to scout for Toxic.
* While it's primarily a revenge-killer, it's important to consider what moves you lock Solgaleo into, as Solgaleo can end up becoming setup fodder for pokemon such as Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, or utterly walled by foes such as Ho-Oh if it's locked into the wrong move.

Team Options

* Primal Groudon makes a useful partner for Solgaleo, as Solgaleo's presence allows Primal Groudon to run more offensive sets, and Solgaleo also appreciates the offensive pressure that Primal Groudon generates. It also deals with common Pokemon that threaten Solgaleo such as Mega Gengar, and its immunity to Burns and Thunder Wave, combined with Solgaleo's immunity to poison mean that they can both help prevent each other from being crippled by Status.
* Yveltal is a nice partner for Solgaleo, as it is able to threaten Mega-Gengar and Marshadow. It provides the team with a Ground-immunity, which Solgaleo greatly appreciates, and in return, it also appreciates Solgaleo's ability to threaten Fairy-types such as Xerneas and Arceus-Fairy, which otherwise wall Yveltal.
* Both Swords Dance and Support Arceus-Ground sets make for brilliant partners for Solgaleo, as they're both able to threaten Primal Groudon and Mega Gengar. Swords Dance sets are also especially useful for threatening Ho-Oh and Support sets are useful as they're able to deal with Zygarde-C, which otherwise walls Solgaleo and can either use it as setup fodder, or cripple it with glare and dish out heavy damage with Thousand Arrows. Support sets can also remove hazards for Solgaleo, preventing it from potentially being worn down and losing its ability to check Xerneas.
* Marshadow deals with many of the Pokemon that threaten Solgaleo, such as Mega Gengar and Arceus-Dark. It also provides the team with some priority, allowing it to easily revenge kill.
* Xerneas is a great partner for Solgaleo as it threatens the common Dark-type pokemon that Solgaleo dislikes such as Yveltal and Arceus-Dark. It also appreciates Solgaleo's ability to deal with Magearna.
* Ho-oh makes for a useful partner for Solgaleo, as it resists the Fire- and Ground-type attacks that threaten Solgaleo.
Mega Salamence and Rayquaza are also useful partners for Solgaleo, as they provide teams with key Fire-type resistances and Ground-immunities. Both of them also appreciate Solagleo's ability to check Xerneas, making its ability to sweep a lot easier
* Primal Kyogre is a nice partner for Solgaleo, as it's able to threaten the Fire and Ground-type Pokemon that threaten Solgaleo, such as Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh, and Arceus Ground.

Other Options

* A set running Z splash with Flame Charge and a filler move can be a potential set that Solgaleo can use, boosting Solgaleo's attack Three Stages. This set is best used on Sticky Webs Hyper Offense teams. However this is outclassed by Necrozma-DM, who finds it easier to set up and can rely on Swords Dance and Rock Polish, rather than a singular use Z move.
* A bulkier set with Toxic and Morning sun can be used, however this is set is also outclassed by Necrozma-DM.
* A Calm Mind set can take advantage of Solgaleo's reasonable Special Attack stat, however this is still outclassed by Necrozma-DM.

Checks and Counters

**Ground-types**: Almost all of the Ground-types in the Ubers tier have enough natural bulk to survive any of Solgaleo's attacks and can OHKO it with thier STAB moves. Primal Groudon is able to OHKO Solgaleo with any of its dual STAB moves and has enough natural bulk to survive Earthquakes from Solgaleo. Both Arceus-Ground formes are able to dish out heavy damage with their STAB moves. Support sets are also able to recover off any damage that Solgaleo dishes out. Zygarde-C is completely unphazed by Solgaleo's attacks, as none of them even break it's substitute, allowing it to easily set up in front of Solgaleo, and OHKO it with Thousand Arrows.

**Ghost-types**: Mega Gengar is one of the biggest threats to Solgaleo, as it is able to trap Solgaleo and remove it from the field. It is however OHKOed by Earthquake and 2HKOed by any of Solgaleo's attacks, so it isn't able to switch in to any of Solgaleo's attacks. Arceus-Ghost is able to survive any of Solgaleo's attacks and OHKO it with it's STAB moves, and Giratina-O is able to OHKO it with Shadow Force, or if it chooses to run a more defensive set, is able to cripple it with Will-o-wisp and OHKO it with Hex if Solgaleo is statused.

**Dark-types**: Yveltal survives any hit and OHKOes with Dark Pulse, Arceus-Dark survives any hit, can recover off any damage, can cripple it with Will-o-Wisp and dish out heavy damage to Solgaleo with Judgement.

**Ho-Oh**: Ho-Oh hard walls Solgaleo unless it is locked into Stone Edge and is able to OHKO it with Sacred Fire

**Kyogre-Primal**: All Kyogre-Primal sets beat Solgaleo one-on-one, as Physical sets 2HKO Solgaleo with Liquidation and Earthquake, Calm Mind sets have a chance to OHKO Solgaleo after Stealth Rock with Origin Pulse and Defensive sets are able to 2HKO Solgaleo with Scald, potentially burn Solgaleo and recover off any of the damage that Solgaleo dishes out with rest.

**Status**: Although Solgaleo is immune to Toxic, it is heavily crippled by burns as they cut its Attack in half, thus removing any offensive presence, and its Speed is cut in half by paralysis, thus meaning it can't effectively revenge kill opponents.
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Usage Tips

* When using Solgaleo, it is best to try and find a Necrozma, when fuzed with Necrozma, it is able to then fuze with it and Solgaleo transforms into
Team Options

* Something decent in case you have to ask your opponent to trade a Necrozma.
remove these before the gp process, despite how hilarious and how much I want to keep them.

Usage tips are looking a bit empty, I would like to see some content about being careful of what moves you lock solgaleo into top avoid becoming complete set up fodder in various scenarios, as this is probably the main issue with scarf solgaleo.

Good analysis for a bottom of the barrel pokemon otherwise.

QC: 2/3
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Add Toxic to Moves (over Stone Edge/Wild Charge), its a relatively safe move early vs bulkier teams that can cripple many of its switchins especially support Arceus formes while still annoying Primal Groudon, Ho-Oh and Primal Kyogre without being as prediction reliant. Just to clarify, it shouldn't be on the main set.

Add some Fire and Ground resists to Team Options, Solg is going to be forced out by Fire- or Ground-types often.

Implement for QC: 3/3
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