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Hey all!

Back with hopefully another quick round of discussion here.

Astrolotl gained two moves from the Isle of Armour Tutors; Meteor Beam and Scorching Sands.

Both of these have flavour issues for Solotl.

Meteor Beam could be problematic as I believe it looks like very few non Rock types get the move as base formes. These being Corsola-G and Elgyem.

Scorching Sands could also pose an issue as the only non-evolved Fire type that gets it is Sizzlepede.

I am OK with Solotl getting neither of these moves based on the above precedence, but I will ultimately leave it up to you guys.
There are a two other NFE non-rock type Pokemon that receive Meteor Beam. Clefairy is a celestial Pokemon that is a former base forme, and Metang.

Considering that both Elgyem and Clefairy learn it, as non-Rock type space themed Pokemon, I think that it is fair that Solotl also learns Meteor Beam. The only space themed nfe Pokemon I can think of that does not learn it are Cleffa (baby) and Staryu. But then the debate comes in whether Solotl also qualifies as space themed, or if it is only Astrolotl.

Scorching Sands can stay off, I don't think its got good flavour for the prevo.
For reference, this is the sample size of fully evolved, non-Ground type Pokemon that get Scorching Sands:
Arcanine, Blaziken, Centiskorch, Charizard, Cinderace, Coalossal, Entei, Flareon, Heatmor, Heatran, Ho-Oh, Incineroar, Magmortar, Marowak-Alola, Mew, Moltres, Ninetales, Rapidash, Reshiram, Torkoal, Turtonator, Victini, Volcanion
Out of these, Arcanine, Blaziken, Charizard, Cinderace, Flareon, Incineroar, Ninetales, and Rapidash are fully evolved Pokemon whose prevos do not get Scorching Sands. Centiskorch's prevo gets it, but only Coalossal and Magmortar's mid forms (Carkoal and Magmar, respectively) get the move, while Marowak-Alola evolves from a Ground type.
Basically, there is little precedent for us to give Scorching Sands here.

The sample size of fully evolved, non-Rock type Pokemon that get Meteor Beam:
Arctovish, Arctozolt, Beheeyem, Bronzong, Celesteela, Clefable, Cursola, Dracovish, Dracozolt, Eternatus, Jirachi, Lunala, Metagross, Mew, Necrozma, Rayquaza, Registeel, Solgaleo, Starmie, Steelix
Out of these, Bronzong and Starmie only have one prevo, which do not get Meteor Beam. Clefable's and Metagross's mid forms do get Meteor Beam, but not the base forms. Steelix can effectively be ignored for this because Onix is a Rock type. Beheeyem is the only Pokemon whose base form is both non-Rock type and gets Meteor Beam.
The sample size here is smaller, so it's harder to make a conclusive point. Solotl does have space flavor directly mentioned in its dex entries, so I could really go either way on this.
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I don't think Solotl is realistically running either move in CAP LC, so there's that. I think Meteor Beam might be fun to add since Solotl totally has shooting star vibes, and also it sounds like some high level spell for the magic girl side of the design.

Agreeing Scorching Sands can stay off, I think the flavor is much more sour.
I have to lean towards not giving Solotl either of these. Meteor Beam is poorly distributed among non-Rocks, and Scorching Sands is too dry (like dry pet food) for Solotl. Most who get the latter are fully evolved.


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I also agree with the majority here in regards to Scorching Sands - quite frankly I do not agree with Astrololt to get Scorching Sands anyways.

I do think there is some merit for Meteor Beam on Solotl though. While the space flavor is not as distinct, it's still there, and I think I do not think it would add too much competitive implications for LC.
I think Meteor Beam is a really good flavor to add because of the space theming, I mean this is the Pokémon that came from a shooting star afterall
As for Scorching sands I don't think it fits the flavor enough to be considered for its movepool :blobshrug:


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I'll take another look over this in 24 hours

I am leaning against both, but I will see how people feel about Meteor Beam. Looking like a definite no on Sands.
In my last post, I said that I feel the debate comes to just how space-themed Solotl really was. After looking at its Pokedex entry...

Solotl, the Shooting Star Pokémon

Sword: Legends say that Solotl first came to Galar after falling from space. They radiate intense heat.
For a Pokemon that sounds like it came to the Pokemon world itself like a meteor, I think it is sufficiently flavourful to give it Meteor Beam as well.
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