songs you have on repeat (no embedded videos please)

at the time of typing this i am listening to Remedy Lane by Pain of Salvation
(at the time of typing this i am listening to Kentucky by Panopticon)
((i typed these two sentences at slightly different times))
edit: hi lasen :)


formerly Check1Two
Oh boy time to rant about an awesome song that's been in my head for like two weeks now

Lately, I can't stop listening to Northern Desert from PMD2. When I first played the game a few months ago, I didn't really get why it was so popular. More recently though, I've really begun appreciating just how great of a piece it is. It's equal parts mysterious, melancholy, and bittersweet, and it has enough variation to be engaging the whole way through. The key along with the frequent dip into accidentals make the first half very intriguing, and the second half really leans into the waltz feel with that part where the tempo slows down before speeding back up being just sooo addicting. Like, why am I over here just feeling such strong emotions from a song from a spinoff Pokemon game????? It's just so pretty and wistful and compelling and I just can't stop listening to it ahhhh

Also here's a personal favorite arrangement of this song too for those interested

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