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Good evening everyone,

I am here tonight to share with you why I believe me and CTC are the best candidates for the manager position for any competitive Pokémon team.

I know that some of you may be wondering why I am even here, given that I have been out of the scene for a while. But let me assure you, my passion for this game has never wavered. In fact, it has only grown stronger over the years. And my acuity for the game, while not as sharp as it once was, can be honed and improved with the right guidance and support which the basedlord is able to provide.

But let's not dwell on my past. Instead, let's focus on the present and the future. I am confident that with our experience and dedication, we can lead any team to victory.

We have a proven track record of success in the Pokémon world. We have won numerous regional championships, and have even represented our regions at the national level. We have trained and mentored countless young trainers, such as blunder, raptor, elodin, chaitanya and reyscarface, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success in their own right.

I know it's easy to dismiss this post since CTC isn't even allowed to post in here, but hear me out. The man keeps up with the meta and builds teams like no other, no other manager is more funny and capable than he is, and fact remains that I am still undefeated as a manager.

Please allow us to have a shot at managing a team.


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Signing up with eden
Quick post to give a better resume of us after reading some stuff on stours discord (esp about my assman lol).

I contribured in making this year's wcop champion team with a brand new France, all the way from qualifiers, being on every fronts to make this happen (be it scouting players, prepping, helping them being in a good state of mind and overall not being an asshole and having to deal with a shitton of issues all tour long). Won't repeat too much what i said on my SCL signup post, still interested in the challenge of winning team tours back to back as a manager.

As for eden, he's rly knowledgeable in old gens and won a past SPL edition. He's also a levelheaded person and an active presence, as he's been rly available in past editions for testing.
Now what about his managerial experience? It's a counter-argument i've seen about his credibility as an assman and thats something I had to clarify.
He managed in several old gen side pl in 2020/2021, and with good results : got to finals of gsc adv dpp pl back to back (down to a tiebreak), and semis in adv and dpp pl this year).

As I said, he's a level-headed person and I think that's a criteria our pair can capitalise on, as I feel it's a clutch quality to have in teamtour environnement, be it to have a healthy ambiance, taking optimal decisions and to make it a good tournament for everyone.

I understand that signups atm are p stacked, and not getting a team would be understandable.
But don't put this suggestion down on the basis that he doesnt have enough managerial experience. I think the bits i've highlighted should be at least taken in consideration. Without talking about his experience in old gens and his activity, which his past experiences can attest.

With us both we're active presences, covering every gens and motivated to help on every front. Thank you for reading, hoping those words will be at least read with an open mind.
Me and former Tigers member Separation would like to manage a team this year. Any team left is fine, though we would prefer Tigers for franchise reasons.

Sepa is a very strong and well-known player in the tournaments community, having already played a lot of officials with good results. In particular, last year he was the best player on his team, with a final score of 7-2 in a very good (in my opinion) SS OU pool. Therefore, we think he's able to support a considerable amount of slots in a a very impactful way. He's also regularly captaining Team China during WCOP, so he's experienced with being in a leading position in an official tournament.

As for me, I'm definitely not new to managing, as I've been doing that in and outside of Smogon for years. Not new to managing officials either since this summer, I formed a lovely SCL team which I'm very proud of regardless of those thrilling last week 9 hours. Having ended my season two battles away from poffs has hurt me, but also given me a lot of motivation to put in this upcoming SPL.

Finally, I'm familiar with SPL environment specifically, as I assisted Raiders managers last year since the retain and draft planning phase, all the way to the trophy. I wish to sincerely thank all the people who made it possible for me to step up as manager in this last year, can't make all the names in this post but I am truly grateful. I hope my hard work and your precious support is enough for TDs to at least take into consideration the possibility of giving us a team


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