Tournament SS CAP Regular Tournament (Won by reachzero)

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bracket run by badged user Mx

SS CAP Regular Tournament
Hello all. This is regular tournament. Nothing to see here officer. Standard SS CAP banlist and Smogon tournament rules apply. Please be expedient about contacting your opponent and getting your games done before the deadline. If your opponent is inactive or you plan on leaving the tournament please let me know so I can substitute in a poor neglected CAP head mod Snake recused himself from the tour, Birkal is now subbed in. Now let's have some fun. Week 1 matchups are below. For this round all matches are to be SS CAP singles best of one three.
All matches are to be held before Sunday, October 4th at 11:59pm GMT-5. Please contact me if you're in need of an extension. Best of luck to all participants.
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I've been noticing a trend with the ongoing tours in this forum that I want to address. Let me be emphatic about this: post your replays. It's not a difficult task. When you finish your battle, you click save replay. Then you copy the link of that replay and paste it into a post in the relevant tour thread.
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