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Welcome to the new edition of CAP Sample Teams, this time ran by me and the rest of the VR team. This thread will feature teams that showcase the most prevalent archetypes and playstyles of the current metagame, so that everybody can try them out. You can submit a team for this thread by posting it in here or in the CAP Bazaar and we will consider it when making future updates.

Ghost Spam Balance by Lasen :dragapult::pajantom::hippowdon::clefable::Mandibuzz::toxapex:

Hex Dragapult + Choice Band Rillaboom Bulky Offense by Yubellia :dragapult::tomohawk::slowking::equilibra::rillaboom::kerfluffle:

Calm Mind Clefable + Choice Scarf Landorus-T Bulky Offense by 2spoopy4u :clefable::heatran::slowking::landorus-therian::tornadus-therian::hydreigon:

Sword Dance Garchomp + Melmetal Bulky Offense by Rabia :garchomp::melmetal::jumbao::zapdos::tyranitar::toxapex:

Toxic Aegislash + Zeraora Bulky Offense by 2spoopy4u :slowking::equilibra::aegislash::zeraora::hydreigon::tomohawk:

Sword Dance Garchomp + Zeraora Bulky Offense by Lasen, quziel, and Rabia :garchomp::jumbao::slowking::heatran::mandibuzz::zeraora:

Necrozma Spikes HO by Jordy:mew::bisharp::terrakion::necturna::necrozma::dragapult:
Terrakion Balance by Jordy:terrakion::clefable::hydreigon::equilibra::toxapex::tomohawk:
Chandelure Balance by quziel:chandelure::equilibra::toxapex::clefable::hydreigon::tomohawk:
Pajantom Bulky Offense by Jho:pajantom::clefable::jirachi::tomohawk::hydreigon::corviknight:
Urshifu Bulky Offense by quziel :equilibra::slowking::urshifu::zeraora::astrolotl::tomohawk:
Charizard Sun Offense by Mx :jumbao::charizard::venusaur::smokomodo::blissey::tomohawk:
Primarina Hyper Offense by quziel :excadrill::dragapult::bisharp::primarina::rillaboom::hawlucha:
Specs Dragapult Balance by Atha :jumbao::dragapult::toxapex::astrolotl::mandibuzz::equilibra:
Latios + Spectrier Bulky Offense by Jordy :latios::spectrier::hydreigon::clefable::equilibra::astrolotl:
Double Ghost Offense by quziel :dragapult::spectrier::tyranitar::equilibra::toxapex::rillaboom:
Life Orb Cinderace Sun Offense by quziel :torkoal::venusaur::cinderace::mandibuzz::magearna::garchomp:
Dracozolt Sand Balance by Lasen :tyranitar::excadrill::dracozolt::tomohawk::arghonaut::moltres:
Nasty Plot Tornadus-T Sand by Jordy :tornadus-therian::astrolotl::tyranitar::excadrill::slowking::tomohawk:
Tapu Koko + Cinderace Bulky Offense by Lasen :tapu koko::cinderace::ferrothorn::slowbro::hydreigon::tomohawk:
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Banned deucer.
Wanted to submit some samples since the current ones are a bit outdated:
Dragapult + CB RIllaboom Bulky Offense

A quite well balanced bulky offense that synergizes the wallbreaking power of both Rillaboom and Kerfluffle to enable a potential end game cleanup with Dragapult. These pair quite well with eachother as they can bring in eachothers checks and pivot around them quite effortlessly to put the opponent at a disadvantage, with Kerfluffle bringing in Slowking, Galarian-Slowking, and Astrlotl which enables either Rilla or Pult to come in and force them out. The defensive backbone of the team is quite standard yes, but Slowking + Tomohawk work so well with eachother so its hard to pass up in the current meta. Of course this is finally paired with a Electric-check and the best hazard remover in the tier in Equilibra cause lol this mon is the best sponge ever. This backbone also provides delayed attacks in Future Sight and Doom Desire which dissuades potential checks to the team wallbreakers in Tomohawk, Clefable, and Tyranitar from coming in for free which is also greatly beneficial. The team does struggle against opposing setup sweepers like SD Garchomp and NP Tornadus-T (which most BO teams struggle with lets be real), but can still pivot around these threats and revenge kill them either with Kerfluffle or Dragapult, respectively.
Thought I might submit a sample that's been fun to play with.
:Tapu Fini::Zapdos::Equilibra::Clefable::Colossoil::Syclant:

It's a balance team based around breaking things that beat Tapu-Fini, then setting up and winning with it. Colossoil + Syclant has turned out to be a pretty solid physical breaking core. While Scarf Colo isn't a super common set, it actually performs quite well in pressuring/getting surprise kills on Dragapult, Pajantom, and Tapu Lele. Equilibra is on the team more for its ability to act as a wall than to set up Doom Desire. Tricky Barb Clef is used to further weaken Ferrothorn and Rillaboom, both of which like to stay in on it. The team does struggle a bit with Band Rillaboom, as if it gets in on the wrong mon, Wood Hammer pretty much collects a KO. Outside of that, the team has performed quite solidly in my experience with it so far. The team itself is fairly easy to pilot and could definitely serve as a good introduction to the differences between CAP and OU.

Editing the post to include another team
This is 3v3. Hyper offense in CAP is all over the place, and this team provides a fairly good look into the staples of HO in CAP. Final Gambit Aurumoth can be quite surprising to run into if you didn't know it got it, and it's honestly an amazing addition to HO. Otherwise, the team has all the standard staples of HO. The idea is that you force a 3v3 with rocks up, then use a combination of screens + sweeper of your choice to win. The team obviously has some issues, namely with Infiltrator Pult, but rocks makes the matchup much more manageable.
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