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SS CAP Sample Teams

Welcome to the new edition of CAP Sample Teams, this time ran by me and the rest of the VR team (2spoopy4u, againa, Atha, quziel, snake_rattler and -Voltage-). This thread will feature teams that showcase the most prevalent archetypes and playstyles of the current metagame, so that everybody can try them out. You can submit a team for this thread by posting it in the CAP Bazaar and we will consider it when making future updates.

Urshifu Bulky Offense by quziel :equilibra::slowking::urshifu::zeraora::astrolotl::tomohawk:
Charizard Sun Offense by Mx :jumbao::charizard::venusaur::smokomodo::blissey::tomohawk:
Primarina Hyper Offense by quziel :excadrill::dragapult::bisharp::primarina::rillaboom::hawlucha:
Specs Dragapult Balance by Atha :jumbao::dragapult::toxapex::astrolotl::mandibuzz::equilibra:

Necrozma Spikes HO by Jordy:mew::bisharp::terrakion::necturna::necrozma::dragapult:
Terrakion Balance by Jordy:terrakion::clefable::hydreigon::equilibra::toxapex::tomohawk:
Chandelure Balance by quziel:chandelure::equilibra::toxapex::clefable::hydreigon::tomohawk:
Pajantom Bulky Offense by Jho:pajantom::clefable::jirachi::tomohawk::hydreigon::corviknight:
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