Suspect SS Inheritance Suspect Test #1: Regenerator and Sheer Force

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Laddered with stall, team was pretty solid. Lost one game vs the Swastik sample's Magearna, one to double Regen + breaker, and two to timeout ㋛

Gonna vote to ban both. I have the same thoughts as what other posters have said about Sheer Force. Magearna is also really busted, I'll post about that in the main thread.

I'm surprised more people aren't pro-ban on Regen. Coming from a Stall perspective might make me view the ability a little bit differently. I think Regen users being able to come in on any passive mon and slow pivot out is insane. Regen pivots can't be worn down by status, they don't care about item loss, and their recovery has infinite PP. I think the idea that Regenerator helps Stall more than it helps Bulky Offense is not very well-informed; type immunity abilities like Flash Fire/Volt Absorb/Levitate, as well as utility abilities like Intimidate, are much more useful for Stall. In an unbalanced meta like this, mons are so difficult to wall that Regenerator is a subpar defensive ability versus HO, but in my opinion it is the most problematic ability in the game in non-offense matchups.

Other things I think are broken are big Zygarde (as a body) and Rillaboom (as an inheritor).
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Can i give my opinion without being a irsf ? Idk ill, if its not autorized then ban this com.
I'm going to talk about regenerator and not sheer force because i am a stall player and idc about sheer force.
First we can all agree that regenerator is a very good ability if not the best.
I think it's not broken since we can only have 2 regen in our team which means that if we have 2 physical defensif regen to pivot we dont have any for special attacker and reverse for 2 special def regen. If we consider that point regenerator is only good against a full physical/special team.
The second point is if we do have 1 special def regen and 1 physical def regen we can't pivot to infinity.
Third point, i think that banning regen would make teambuilding impossible for defensive teams due to the number of possibility that you can face. We would only be able to build ho and i think it would ruin the meta.
Regenerator is only a big issue for ho who doesnt have any answer to regenerator-tp into a fast revenge killer.
If i could vote i would say DO NOT BAN REGENERATOR.


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Sheer Force: This is gonna be a ban from me, it enables a lot of broken breakers that with the right coverage can just break through everything. The issue is the choosing of coverage, but strong neutral stab with still be chunking mons. Abusers like kyurem, gengar and thundurus are all very threatening.

Regen: Probably a DNB since regen holds structures together so well similar to aaa, even with sf gone, bulkier teams would struggle to keep up with more offensively oriented teams if regen were to be banned.

Also yeet mage and urshifu-rapid plz, they are bonkers
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