SS Monotype Suspect #2 - Kyurem-B, Voting

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Out of the currently submitted 43 votes out of 44 voters, 27 voters have voted to ban Kyurem-B, and 16 voters have voted to do not ban Kyurem-B. The number of ban votes required to ban Kyurem-B was 27, so the 60% threshold has been met with an insanely close vote. As a result, Kyurem-B is now banned from SS Monotype.

For the remaining voter, you may still submit your vote in this thread up until the deadline if you wish for the vote to count for the TC badge.

If you have met the TC threshold of 4 votes in one tier or 10 total votes, feel free to pm Chaitanya, Decem, or Zap with the links to your votes so we can process your request.

Tagging The Immortal or Kris to implement, thanks in advance!
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