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Gen VIII NU C&C Index
If you are new to C&C and analysis writing standards, look over these threads before posting:

Welcome to the official Sword & Shield NU analysis reservation thread. Here, you may reserve analyses for Pokemon that you are knowledgeable about and wish to contribute an analysis for.

Forum Moderators
banks (NU C&C Leader)
Rabia (NU C&C Leader)

Reservation Rules
  • Anyone is able to reserve up to two Pokemon at a time. Badgeholders and QC members can reserve more if they wish (four being the maximum amount).
  • Once you figure out which Pokemon you want to reserve, post in this thread. Under the circumstances that the index isn't updated, be sure to pay attention to recent posts to see what's taken.
  • Do not edit your posts if you wish to uphold your reservation or reserve an additional Pokemon.
  • Do not post your thread until your reservation has been approved (a like on your post by a C&C moderator).
  • This should be common sense, but only reserve a Pokemon if you have a good amount of knowledge about it and experience with the metagame.
  • If you have written for a Pokemon in the past and are writing for it now, do not copy and paste lines from your old analysis. This is plagiarism, and you will be punished for it.

Analysis Thread Tags
When you post your thread, be sure to use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:

[WIP] - Work in Progress: The analysis is incomplete and is not ready for the QC team to evaluate. Keep in mind that the longer your analysis stays in the WIP stage, the greater the chance there is of it being reassigned. Please avoid making comments in these threads until they are ready unless it's something very important.

[Quality Control] - Quality Control Ready: In the thread title, include [QC 0/2]. The analysis is complete in prose form and now needs to seek approval by the QC team. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. Once you receive one check from the QC team, update the thread title to include [QC 1/2].

[Copyediting] - Grammar-Prose Ready: In the thread title, include [GP 0/1]. The two required QC approvals have been met. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for GP to check your analysis, please post in the Grammar-Prose Queue with a link to your analysis.

[Done] - After the analysis gets two GP stamps, it is ready for upload.

**Update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.**

Reservation List
After reserving a Pokemon, you must post your analysis in a timely fashion. Your analysis thread must be up in 48 hours (2 days) or your reservation will be dropped. After that, you have 7 days to get it QC ready. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from getting up your thread within this time frame, notify a QC member via Discord. Do not reserve an analysis you don't have time to write. Pokemon analyses will be categorized under the following headings:
  • Unreserved: The Pokemon has yet to be claimed by someone.
  • Reserved: The Pokemon is claimed by someone.
  • In Progress: The Pokemon's analysis has been posted and is going through the process.
  • Completed: The Pokemon's analysis is complete and is awaiting upload.
Araquanid - Mariannabelle
Braviary - Emil Heskey
Druddigon - Mariannabelle + Rabia
Gigalith - 5Dots
Glastrier - Mariannabelle
Guzzlord (revamp) - Catalisador
Palossand - Oathkeeper
Quagsire - Togkey
Sandslash - 5Dots
Silvally-Ground - Expulso
Sneasel - poh
Weezing - Holy-Darky

Note: anyone can reserve any Pokemon regardless of whether you have badges, but you must get a mod's approval before posting. Do not put an analysis into QC unless you have approval.

Golurk (revamp)
Mantine (revamp)

Absol - Rabia
Arcanine - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Blastoise- S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Bronzong - zeefable
Bronzong (revamp) - Rabia
Celebi - Rabia
Comfey - roxiee
Copperajah - Rabia
Copperajah (revamp) - Rabia
Cresselia - Meri Berry
Decidueye - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Decidueye (physical all-out attacker) - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Dhelmise - Rabia
Diancie - Oathkeeper
Diancie (revamp) - Rabia
Dragalge - Rabia
Drapion - poh
Duraludon - turtledoggo1 + S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Escavalier - Rabia
Exploud - roxiee
Flygon - Rabia
Garbodor - Rabia
Golisopod - xerovis
Golurk - SpacialRendevous and Rabia
Goodra - Mariannabelle
Guzzlord - roxiee
Heliolisk - roxiee
Inteleon - Rabia
Kingdra - Rabia
Machamp - Oathkeeper
Mantine - roxxie
Mudsdale - Rabia
Ninjask - Mariannabelle
Passimian - roxiee
Rotom-C - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d and banks
Rotom-C (revamp) - Rabia
Salazzle - Rabia
Scrafty - Expulso
Silvally-Ghost - Rabia
Sirfetch'd - Oathkeeper
Starmie - Oathkeeper
Sylveon - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Sylveon (Choice Specs) - Holy-Darky
Talonflame - Oathkeeper
Tauros - S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
Toxicroak - Pokeslice
Tyrantrum - Pokeslice
Vaporeon - Katy
Vileplume - Katy
Virizion - Oathkeeper
Xatu - Rabia
Zoroark - roxiee

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask any of the Quality Control members or the leaders themselves.
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Apparently this was taken.

Dragonvally and Golurk
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