SS OU Crew Battle - Finals (won by Waylaid, Vaboh, Valentine, and Hockey1)


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Welcome to the SS OU Crew Battle! This is a single elimination tournament. For those of you unfamiliar with crew battles, here's how this tournament works.

Each team will have three players. Players from each team will play in a predetermined order. After the first player from each team battle each other, the winner will play the next person on the loser's team, starting with the number of Pokemon they had remaining at the end of the previous battle. This process repeats until one team is entirely out of Pokemon. I will run through an example to make sure this is clear.

Team A : Boat, Big Disappointment, Little Disappointment
Team B : Tosty, Xaritte, Nadamoor

Boat plays Toasty, and wins with 4 Pokemon remaining.
Boat plays Xaritte starting with 4 Pokemon. Xaritte wins with 5 Pokemon remaining.
Xaritte plays Big Disappointment starting with 5 Pokemon. Xaritte wins with 1 Pokemon remaining.
Xaritte plays Little Disappointment starting with 1 Pokemon. Little Disappointment wins with 6 Pokemon remaining.
Little Disappointment plays Nadamoor starting with 6 Pokemon. Little Disappointment wins. Team A wins.

Please contact your opponent as soon as possible and decide whether your team will play all your matches at once, or over the course of the week. Both are acceptable, but if you choose to play over the course of the week, you need to schedule for earlier rather than later. If you don't, not all the games will be able to finish.

I will not give any extensions. If a series goes unfinished, the winner, if not decided by activity, will be decided by the number of remaining Pokemon across the team. You can change Pokemon between matches, you are not locked to the ones you had remaining at the end of the previous match.

WAY too laid vs HAMSLAM

Hockey1 vs MJ 4-0
Hockey1 vs Hamhamhamhamham 0-5
Valentine vs Hamhamhamhamham 6-0
Valentine vs EternalSnowman 0-4
Vaboh vs EternalSnowman 5-0
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