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SS OU Demo Teams

Art by Merlusa

It is no secret that the forum resources for the tier are woefully outdated: Smogon writeups for SS OU are littered with Kyurem-era analyses, published sets are still half-baked despite SetsuSetsuna's efforts in the past four months while the sample teams and viability rankings threads are no better. Many players who are still invested in the metagame have been hoping that there will a quick update to the sample teams thread so the process of learning the tier will at least be less daunting than it currently is, and the purpose of this thread is to hopefully act as a stopgap until the SS OU council updates tier resources (this is not a swipe at the council, I am fully aware that they have obligations outside of this tier and simply cannot devote much time to it right now) with teams that reflect the current state of the metagame. With the winter seasonal looming, I find it a good time to release the teams that I have collected.

I would like to thank the players who were kind enough to share their teams with me for this project, this thread would not be possible without your guidance.

Hyper Offence
Ina Fable Sun - (by Ina fable)
Resto Chesto Moltres - (by 3d)
Meteor Beam Nihilego + CB Gapdos - (by Gefährlicher Random)
Grassy Terrain Life Orb Spam - (by 3d)
Double Steel Hail HO - (by airfare)

Torn-T Doomstack
- (by baboboy)
Edrala cteam - (by ronaldo o fenomeno)
2bird Standard - (by unknown/cyberacc)
Scizor Stack - (by wangyu/Scalescale)
TangRachi Stall - (by Highv0ltag3)

German Offence
- (by Gefährlicher Random)
Psychic Volcarona Offence - (by pulsar512b)
ClefTini Stack - (by Gefährlicher Random)
TarPult Sand - (by xavgb)
Specs Lele Rain - (by every player who has touched rain)
RillaCune Balance - (by Ina fable)
Magnet Arcotozolt Balance - (by Critaquil)
SD Kart + Buzzwole FSight - (by anonymous)
NP Glowking + Koko Spikes - (by Ruft)
Slowtini Future Sight - (see notes below for details)
1. I could not source the player(s) who built the original variations of the 2bird Standard and Scizor Stack stalls - the former was passed to me by stall enthusiast cyberacc while my CPL teammates wangyu and Scalescale gave me a paste with a homebrew Scizor spread, so they are credited for these teams respectively.

2. Please note that Tapu Lele on pulsar512b's team can run a choice scarf set.

3. The player who built the Kartana/Buzzwole team does not wish to be named, hence the use of 'by anonymous' in the credits section.

4. People will recognise the quintet of Slowbro/Tapu Koko/Victini/Ferrothorn/Landorus-Therian of the Slowtini Future Sight team being featured in Pinkacross' sample team, but I built this variant independently with the help of some friends without prior knowledge of this when attempting to answer light screen Toxapex stalls with a Slowbro team. The core concept of using Victini and a dark type partner as breakers with future sight support while Koko acts as an offensive glue is the same, but Weavile provides a sturdier offensive check to Dragapult as well as an emergency revenge killer without relying on sucker punch against threats like Kartana.

5. This thread is not a declaration that nothing of worth is in the sample teams thread - timeless classics such as xray's Blaziken grassy terrain team as well as Ox the Fox's Volcanion hail are just as viable today as they were back then and deserve a spot on any sample team thread. But there are teams that have become suboptimal to use over the past year or two and this thread attempts to fill this void.
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