SS OU SS OU Magne-BO (Ft. Expert Belt Magnezone)

SS OU Magne-BO (FT. Expert Belt Magnezone)

Hello! It has been a long time since I posted a team of any kind and wanted to show one I had great success with. I'm not the greatest or most consistent player so I'm unable to climb much further with it, and was looking for some constructive criticism from higher players if there were any flaws for the team in its playstyle.

-Teambuilding Process-

:Scizor: :Landorus-Therian:

The team started as a Landorus-T and Scizor core, not intentionally developed to suit Magnezone- although being great team glue. The pair aim to check (or soft-check) various other offensive options together that might otherwise threaten themselves and Balanced Offense teams as a whole, such as Kyurem, Weavile, opposing Magnezone, Rillaboom, Kartana, Lele, Koko, Fini, Volcarona, Toxapex, and Dragapult. With such an extensive repertoire of set variety and ability to force out or threaten common threats in the SS OU, the pair were simply resistible to build around initially.

:Scizor: :Landorus-Therian: :Magnezone:

A secondary thought had occurred to me, that with all of the sublime offensive pairing that Scizor and Landorus-T offered, they had familiar checks in common. This included steel types such as Corviknight, Ferrothorn, Skarmory, and Melmetal without an offensive pairing. Magnezone was an obvious and great answer for this, as it offered all and more of this coverage while threatening other less common options that would give trouble to Scizor and Landorus, while its Flash Cannon put nice dents in some switch-ins such as Garchomp, Landorus-T, and Hippowdon. Expert Belt was a set I had recently seen used by several top ladder players for its ability to better check and clean the aforementioned threats to Scizor and Landorus-T. In combination with Scizor and Landorus-T's momentum off of U-Turn (a necessary feature for supporting Magnezone offensively and defensively when it is put into rough positions) this made Magnezone an official member of the core.

:Scizor: :Landorus-Therian: :Magnezone: :Dragonite:

The team began to take an offensive direction, Dragonite was one best supported by the defensive and offensive capabilities of Scizor and Landorus. Now in combination with Magnezone who took care of Corviknight, Ferrothorn, Skarmory, and Melmetal who would otherwise kill Dragonite offensively or whittle it down defensively, as well as setting up in front of it with Iron Defense variants of Skarmy and Corviknight that otherwise threatened to close out games and severely cripple the team. To add, Magnezone's ability to break teams and checks as a whole only goes so far as it is limited by its reduced access to recovery (which would otherwise be Leftovers) and low speed tier, so Dragonite as a better team breaker has a mutual relationship with Magnezone, as a trapper who removes said breaker's checks. Dragonite, Scizor, Magnezone, and Landorus-T at this point would all cover each other well, as Scizor and Magnezone both resisted and countered Fairy and Ice types that threatened Dragonite, and all three contribute to answering multiple water types (aside from the ever threatening Swampert, Gastrodon and Quagsire) that would chip away at or B-line to KO Landorus-T and its teamates. It is also worth mentioning that with Magnezone's Expert Belt allows it to efficiently wallbreak Toxapex, who otherwise threatens to burn Dragonite, Sczior, and Landorus-T while Dragonite and Landorus-T contribute to answering Toxapex in addition to this, with the risk of a burn. The dual access to ground immunities and defense provided Scizor reduced load bearing, and ideal offensive and defensive switches for Magnezone, making the team further functional.

:Scizor: :Landorus-Therian: :Magnezone: :Dragonite: :Weavile:

While the team could defensively cover itself, the inability to efficiently check threats long term was not there as Landorus-T had little access to recovery, and Magnezone had none. Effectively there was no way to change this, however, offensively the team could further utilize Magnezone and Dragonite's ability to break teams paired with another popular offensive threat, Weavile, specifically Banded Weavile. Weavile's ability to break its checks is one of its memorable traits, and with the support provided by Scizor, Landorus-T, Magnezone, and Dragonite, its potential felt well maximized in the team. Unfortunately, the team still has few resistances to rock types or rock type moves, especially from the likes of Garchomp who can hit Scizor with a high neutral and punish it with Rough Skin as well as rip through Magnezone, however Weavile can offensively check it with its speed and priority, making it almost necessary in the team. In addition to Garchomp, Weavile also checks other mons that would normally cause scews for the team with little or limited switches once they set up, including Superpower Rillaboom, Tornadus-T, Dragonite, and Dragapult.

:Scizor: :Landorus-Therian: :Magnezone: :Dragonite: :Weavile: :Tapu Fini:

Finally, the team required its last member. Given the team's glaring weaknesses to Weavile, Urshifu-R, Buzzwole, and Heatran, as well as no provided secondary defensive resistances to Fire or Dragon, no natural speed control, and no defogger, Scarf Fini was a perfect fit to the loose end offensively and defensively.




248 HP / 188 SpD guarantees a 3HKO on Scizor from Specs Dragapult Shadow ball

248 HP / 28 Def ensures that Scizor takes a 3HKO from defensive Landorus Earthquake

44 leftover Atk EVs to boost Scizor's Bullet Punch in favor of a KO late game VS weakened mons
30 Spe IVs to slow-turn out on other Scizor


16 Spe outspeeds 220 and 221 Spe Heatran

252 HP / 120 SpD allows it to be 3HKO by Specs Dragapult Shadow Ball, and live its Draco Meteor barring and ungodly crit

252 HP / 120 SpD Prevents 3HKO from SpD Heatran Magma Storm

120 Def is a leftover stat after SpD and Speed to ensure Landorus's core role as a Phys Def mon is not taken away, while being able to take one Adamant banded DIB from Melmetal (with and without Intimidate


100 Spe outspeeds 181 Corviknight

252 Def Maximize Body Press Damage with Expert Belt (and ID)

156 SpA leftover stats, maximized damage with Expert Belt


252 Max Atk Makes things go brrr

252 Max Spe Outspeed the normies

4 SpD Eh why not


252 Max Atk with 50% to OHKO Heatran with Low Kick, OHKO after rocks (makes things go brrr)

252 Max Spe Outspeed the normies (But cooler)

4 SpD Eh why not

:Tapu Fini:

112 HP to avoid 2HKO from CB Urshifu-R CC and Specs Dragapult Shadow Ball (no rocks)

112 HP / 12 Def to avoid 2HKO from defensive Landorus-T (no rocks)

168 SpA to guarantee OHKO Urshifu-R with Moonblast, 68.8% OHKO Weavile, 56.3% OHKO Dragapult (2HKO Garchomp)


:Gastrodon: :Swampert: :Quagsire:

The three offer unique sets of traits that threaten the team. Gastrodon offers a water immunity against Fini (or functions as Knock Off fodder for Weavile), Swampert provides guaranteed rocks and is overwhelmed by chip / Weavile, as well as an early Trick from Fini (be aware of speed control), and Quagsure is nigh unkillable outside of Triple Axel (keep Weavile Healthy and chip).


Clefable as a whole is difficult to kill for its Bulk and Magic Guard in most matchups aside from Weavile's Triple Axel, Landorus's EQ, and Magnezone's Flash Cannon. Even more threatening is Unaware, which is entirely unkillable once setup. Aggressively switch on it and create your own momentum, don't let it setup.


Bisharp is the jack of all trades against this team. With your slower mons lacking the ability to kill it as a trade for bulk, you will need to play cautiously to chip it down, as well as outright kill it if ever given the chance. Make sure at the least Weavile does not come into range of +2 Sucker punch (87.1%) or late game is most likely over, you need its Low Kick to ensure you aren't swept. Dragonite is always a back up, but is typically used for late game sweeping so this isn't preferred unless you are keeping Weavile or Fini for later (or unable to remove hazards)


The steel behemoth is unkillable until proven otherwise. Get rocks up, chip it down and predict switches, sack to chip. VS Band play aggressively, sack an unnecessary mon in the MU on a turn that isn't EQ or Superpower and bring in Magnezone to kill unless you have already chipped it into OHKO range for another member of the team.

:Kartana: :Tapu Lele: :Magnezone:

Kartana is especially threatening as it can quickly overwhelm the team if the wrong calc is made, scout its set for Scarf, Band, or another item. Keep Scizor and Landorus-T healthy, chip it into range.

Tapu Lele is usually easy to deal with, bring in Scizor or Magnezone on its Psychic, Moonblast, and Psyshock, predict and absorb Focus Blast. Bring in Weavile to consistently pressure it out unless there are rocks or it is Scarf, in which case keep Scizor healthy at all times.

Magnezone is not entirely as threatening as the previous two for the amount of switches and pivots you have, but it can be threatening to specific members of the team. Never let it trap your Magnezone, if it is needed as the trade can result in a serious loss of momentum and offensive power. Very dangerous VS Lele and Kartana (or any combination of the two and Mangezone) as they still need to be dealt with still, you will need it for choice locked Kartana or Lele's Psyshock if so. Predict switching turns and get mons out that you don't want chipped, keep Landorus healthy at all or most times.

The combination of the three is extremely difficult to beat on its own, especially without knowing the MU. Keep Landorus, Magnezone, and Scizor Healthy as they are your answers to these three throughout the match alongside Weavile for offensive pressure after Magnezone is chipped into range of Low Kick. Never let Kartana secure a kill early or mid game, sacks can be used for Magnezone and Lele. Dragonite is useful as it can act as a tank and chip mons into range or finish the game out, always keep healthy until you are ready to make a sack. Fini can be used as an endgame sweeper if all threats are brought into range, barring no Choice Scarf on either Lele or Kartana.

:Tapu Koko:

Keep Magnezone, Landorus, and Scizor healthy, make sure to actively keep offensive pressure on it and never switch Fini, Dragonite, or Weavile in on it unless their purpose is to late game revenge kill. As long as you follow those guidelines it is not an issue.


As for most teams if you don't keep your ground type or speed control handy it will sweep your entire team easily, especially Bulk Up sets that are common. Be sure to keep Landorus Healthy, and use Tapu Fini as an emergency RK once Zeraora is chipped into range if Landorus goes down.

:Urshifu-Rapid Strike:

Keep Fini and Magnezone Healthy, VS it (unless circumstantia)l always lead Fini. Bluff Dragonite Dual Wingbeat in an emergency make agressive switches to chip / keep it out.


You're pretty much screwed unless you keep Dragonite and Landorus Healthy. If you run into Giga Drain sets for some reason and Fini is one of your remaining checks just make sure that you never let Volcarona reach a +1, in general to have a shot at winning, don't sack it ever unless both Landorus and Dragonite are healthy.


Your main switches are Landorus and Tapu Fini, with the occasional Dragonite if either go down or you need the pair. Make sure that if you use Fini it never reaches range of their priority users if any, or hazards. You'll need Defog to bring it Weavile for Low Kick if it is your method of killing it.


Keep rocks up, Weavile, Fini, Scizor, and Landorus (or any combination of the four) should be kept healthy in order to check Dragapult. Scizor is mostly a tertiary check although it blocks Shadow Ball and Draco Meteor, be weary of Flamethrower and Scald sets, read the team preview to get an idea of what they are using.


Keep Scizor, Landorus, Magnezone, and Dragonite Healthy. Combinations of the four are dependent on your strategy to win the game based off of an opponent's team. If you happen to run into a setup set, make sure that Rillaboom is chipped to Ice Shard or Ice Punch range to kill it, use turns of Superpower or Stomping tantrum if either come up to predicatively switch in Landorus and lower its stats.
Be weary of bulkier HO variants of Rillaboom.


Keep Magnezone healthy to kill it, unless you're in an unsightly matchup where you see Corviknight or Melmetal along with it. In which case, be prepared for an aggressive game and scout the sets, one mess up VS variants of these can mess up your entire game plan and cripple you.


Keep Weavile and Tapu Fini healthy, Weavile can always RK Garchomp aside from when Psychic terrain is up. Keep Fini out of EQ Range, proactively switch on predicted SD and Scale Shot turns.

Keep Weavile and Magnezone Healthy, you can use either Tapu Fini or Landorus if possible (as well as the team preview) to scout for Heat Wave or Hurricane, ensuring that a game losing misstep isn't taken VS Tornadus.


Keep your physical attackers healthy, aggressively Trick with Fini to cripple it if needed, be weary of doing this VS stall and hazard stack.

Thank you for reading this RMT! :)​
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