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Hey everyone, to kickstart the new metagame, we've decided to put together a simple set compendium. This won't be very descriptive, but it should give you a rough idea of what sets are considered viable for each Pokemon.

  • Alakazam (Nasty Plot + Recover, Knock Off)
  • Azumarill (Belly Drum)
  • Chansey (Defensive)
  • Cinderace (Bulk Up, 4 Attacks)
  • Clefable (Utility, Calm Mind, Teleport)
  • Dragapult (Dragon Dance, Physical Will-O-Wisp, Mixed Wallbreaker, Choice Specs)
  • Excadrill (Sand Rush, Mold Breaker, Lead)
  • Ferrothorn (Entry Hazard Setter)
  • Hippowdon (Physically Defensive)
  • Kommo-o (Defensive Stealth Rock)
  • Magearna (Assault Vest, Eerie Impulse, Shift Gear + 3 Attacks, Shift Gear + Calm Mind, Iron Defense + Calm Mind, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs)
  • Mandibuzz (Specially Defensive)
  • Marowak-Alola (Swords Dance)
  • Rotom-Heat (Nasty Plot)
  • Slowbro (Physically Defensive Pivot)
  • Tangrowth (Rocky Helmet, Assault Vest)
  • Toxapex (Physically Defensive, Specially Defensive)
  • Urshifu-Single-Strike (Choice Band)
  • Volcarona (Offensive Quiver Dance)
  • Aegislash (Choice Specs, Choice Band, Swords Dance, Substitute + Toxic)
  • Amoonguss (Physically Defensive Pivot)
  • Bisharp (Swords Dance)
  • Conkeldurr (Flame Orb)
  • Corviknight (Defog, Bulk Up)
  • Ditto (Choice Scarf)
  • Gengar (Substitute, Offensive Nasty Plot)
  • Grimmsnarl (Dual Screens)
  • Hawlucha (Sky Attack, Terrain Seed)
  • Heracross (Flame Orb)
  • Hydreigon (Nasty Plot, Choice Scarf)
  • Jirachi (Choice Scarf, Substitute + Toxic)
  • Kingdra (Swift Swim)
  • Kyurem (Choice Specs)
  • Magnezone (Iron Defense + Body Press)
  • Pelipper (Damp Rock)
  • Primarina (Substitute + Calm Mind, Choice Specs)
  • Reuniclus (Calm Mind + 2 Attacks)
  • Rillaboom (Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Swords Dance)
  • Skarmory (Entry Hazard Setter)
  • Terrakion (Swords Dance, Choice Band, Lead)
  • Togekiss (Nasty Plot, Choice Scarf)
  • Zeraora (Mixed Wallbreaker)
  • Araquanid (Sticky Web Lead)
  • Barraskewda (Choice Band)
  • Chandelure (Choice Specs)
  • Charizard (Choice Specs)
  • Cloyster (Shell Smash + King's Rock)
  • Crawdaunt (Swords Dance, Choice Band)
  • Diggersby (Swords Dance)
  • Gastrodon (Specially Defensive Pivot)
  • Gyarados (Dragon Dance)
  • Hatterene (OTR, Calm Mind)
  • Incineroar (Defensive Pivot)
  • Jellicent (Physically Defensive)
  • Keldeo (Substitute + Calm Mind, Choice Scarf)
  • Krookodile (Choice Scarf)
  • Ludicolo (Swift Swim)
  • Mamoswine (Choice Band)
  • Mantine (Defensive Defog)
  • Mew (Lead)
  • Mienshao (Assault Vest)
  • Mimikyu (Swords Dance)
  • Necrozma (Stealth Rock, Calm Mind, Autotomize + Weakness Policy)
  • Ninetales-Alola (Aurora Veil)
  • Obstagoon (Flame Orb)
  • Quagsire (Unaware)
  • Rhyperior (Swords Dance + Stealth Rock)
  • Rotom-Wash (Defensive Pivot)
  • Salazzle (Nasty Plot)
  • Scizor (Specially Defensive Roost, Offensive Swords Dance)
  • Seismitoad (Stealth Rock)
  • Sirfetch'd (Choice Band)
  • Slowbro-Galar (Nasty Plot)
  • Slowking (Specially Defensive Pivot)
  • Snorlax (Curse)
  • Starmie (Bulky Rapid Spin)
  • Talonflame (Toxic + Taunt)
  • Torkoal (Drought)
  • Toxtricity (Choice Specs)
  • Tyranitar (Choice Band)
  • Urshifu-Rapid-Strike (Choice Band)
  • Vaporeon (Defensive Wish)
  • Venusaur (Chlorophyll)
  • Weavile (Choice Band)
  • Weezing-Galar (Physically Defensive Utility)
  • Xatu (Magic Bounce Pivot)
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