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(amazing art by Blazenix, approved by OU Moderation Team)
Welcome to the OverUsed forum's Teambuilding Lab! Similar to that of lower tiers, this new project's aim is to help newer teambuilders and stimulate forum activity by giving custom-made teams to those who request them. Users can request teams to be built by a group of experienced, accomplished teambuilders around any Pokemon or core (if on the viability rankings) and team archetype. Soon, the builder will share the team, alongside a general idea of their teambuilding process and general gameplan ideas when using the team. Before starting the project, a form will be created and linked below to sign up as a teambuilder for our group, and will be active throughout the duration of the project if new users are interested in joining midway!

  • The Pokemon you request to be built around must be ranked on the OverUsed viability rankings.
  • Don't post anything in this thread besides requests. Do not post your own teams in the thread if you aren't on the team listed above. Any questions about teams can be addressed to the builder via forum PM.​
  • This project is aimed towards Gen 8 OverUsed. Don't request any teams for different tiers or generations.​
  • Don't request teams or cores that have been requested in the thread before.​
  • If a team that you've requested isn't posted in this thread within two weeks, feel free to forum PM me or another teambuilder and we can update you on its status. Don't worry if your team takes longer, though - we have a sizeable backlog and limited time to work on teams! Every team is being accounted for and you will receive your team eventually.​
  • Don't request more than one team at a time, and don't flood the thread with requests by the same person.​
  • Check the team archive below to make sure that teams aren't already built for a Pokemon you're planning to request. It's ok to re-request if major metagame shifts have happened or the team is outdated.​
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Team Archive

Slowking + Choice Band Bisharp Balance by Yugon

Seismitoad Sand Offense by airfare and Gomi

:victini::tapu koko::scizor::hydreigon::landorus-therian::corviknight:
Victini VoltTurn Bulky Offense by Tysonslayer

Volcarona + Stomping Tantrum Amoonguss Balance by Skypenguin

Slowking + Galarian Zapdos Offense by airfare and Gomi

Shedinja Stall by airfare

:blacephalon::ferrothorn::tapu fini::landorus-therian::kommo-o::dragapult:
Substitute Calm Mind Blacephalon Balance by Ewin

Substitute Salazzle Balance by Finchinator

Grass Spam Bulky Offense by Gomi and Ewin

Crawdaunt Rain by Yugon and Ewin

Hydreigon + Dragapult Bulky Offense by airfare

Nidoking + Substitute Bulk Up Landorus-T Bulky Offense by Skypenguin

:latios::urshifu-rapid-strike::tapu koko::corviknight::landorus-therian::volcarona:
Choice Specs Latios + Volcarona Bulky Offense by ausma

:latios::bisharp::dragapult::cloyster::landorus-therian::tapu koko:
Agility Calm Mind Latios Hyper Offense by airfare

Arctozolt Hail Offense by ausma

:corviknight::moltres-galar::dragapult::tapu koko::scizor::garchomp:
Power Trip Corviknight + Galarian Moltres Hyper Offense by airfare

Bulk Up Zeraora + Choice Band Bisharp Bulky Offense by Gomi

:landorus-therian::reuniclus::toxapex::volcarona::tapu koko::corviknight:
Reuniclus + Volcarona Balance by Gingy

:tapu lele::hawlucha::garchomp::dragonite::melmetal::weavile:
Nature's Madness Tapu Lele Physical Offense by Finchinator

Toxtricity Hyper Offense by Gomi

Trick Room by Finchinator

Urshifu-R + Slowking-G Bulky Offense by Tysonslayer and curiosity

Weavile Spikes Balance by Gomi

:keldeo::heatran::tapu koko::landorus-therian::bisharp::dragonite:
Substitute Calm Mind Keldeo Bulky Offense by airfare and Skypenguin

Substitute Dragon Dance Kyurem + Cresselia Spikes Semistall by airfare

:zarude::magnezone::slowking-galar::weavile::tapu fini::landorus-therian:
Zarude Offense by airfare and Gomi

:alakazam::tapu lele::mandibuzz::dragapult::garchomp::melmetal:
Alakazam + Tapu Lele Offense by airfare and Gomi

Terrakion Spikes Balance by Yugon

Heatran + Volcarona Hyper Offense by Gomi

Substitute Calm Mind Latias Balance by Skypenguin

Nasty Plot Tornadus-T + Choice Band Tyranitar Sand Balance by TDNT

Gyarados Hyper Offense by TDNT

:jirachi::zeraora::volcarona::hydreigon::tapu fini::landorus-therian:
Calm Mind Jirachi + Zeraora Offense by TDNT

Suicune Spikes Balance by Gomi

Mimikyu Hyper Offense by TDNT

Substitute Swords Dance Landorus-Therian Bulky Offense by zeno420

:mandibuzz::slowking-galar::tapu fini::landorus-therian::magnezone::kartana:
Kartana + Tapu Fini + Magnezone Offense by zeno420

Primarina + Weavile Bulky Offense by TDNT

Trapper Mew Stall by zeno420

:kartana::urshifu::weavile::landorus-therian::tapu fini::heatran:
Urshifu-R + Tapu Fini + Weavile Bulky Offense by Gomi

:tapu lele::blacephalon::tornadus-therian::gastrodon::heatran::clefable:
Tapu Lele + Blacephalon Bulky Offense by zeno420

:tapu bulu::kartana::landorus-therian::heatran::weavile::urshifu:
Grass Spam Bulky Offense by Tysonslayer

:dragonite::magnezone::tapu fini::landorus-therian::heatran::weavile:
Choice Band Dragonite Offense by Clone

Choice Band Tyranitar + Calm Mind Clefable Sand Balance by zeno420

:landorus-therian::tapu koko::magnezone::weavile::dragonite::zeraora:
Choice Band Landorus-T VoltTurn Offense by zeno420

:tapu lele::magnezone::tornadus-therian::landorus-therian::urshifu::ferrothorn:
Tapu Lele + Magnezone Bulky Offense by Clone

Cosmic Power Mew Hyper Offense by zeno420

:rhyperior::tapu lele::hydreigon::heatran::corviknight::amoonguss:
Choice Band Rhyperior Bulky Offense by TDNT

:hydreigon::garchomp::tapu koko::weavile::kartana::zeraora:
Substitute Belch Hydreigon Hyper Offense by airfare

Slowbro + Clefable Stall by airfare

Volcanion Rain by zeno420

:victini::tapu lele::melmetal::landorus-therian::weavile::dragonite:
Mixed Victini Offense by zeno420

:zapdos-galar::kyurem::volcarona::moltres-galar::tapu fini::landorus-therian:
Zapdos Galar + Kyurem Offense by TDNT

Blacephalon VoltTurn by airfare

Physical Nidoking Bulky Offense by ausma

:tapu lele::kartana::weavile::landorus-therian::heatran::tapu fini:
Twisted Spoon Tapu Lele Bulky Offense by Gomi

Aegislash + Dragapult Offense by zeno420

Darmanitan Sun by Gomi

:melmetal::tapu fini::landorus-therian::rotom-heat::weavile::slowking-galar:
Rotom-Heat Bulky Offense by zeno420

Hydreigon + Reuniclus Balance by zeno420

:garchomp::weavile::nidoqueen::corviknight::tapu fini::heatran:
Nidoqueen Bulky Offense by airfare

Dhelmise Trick Room by Clone

Heavy-Duty Boots Volcanion Bulky Offense by Gomi

Mamoswine DragMag by TDNT

:haxorus::magnezone::landorus-therian::melmetal::tapu fini::dragapult:
Haxorus DragMag by zeno420

3 Attacks Special Dragonite Rain by Finchinator

Safety Goggles Shedinja + Xatu Stall by airfare

Assault Vest Reuniclus Stall by zeno420

Modest Clefable + Substitute Zapdos Spikes Balance by airfare

Glastrier Bulky Offense by airfare

Garchomp Hail by Gomi

:tapu koko::melmetal::clefable::landorus-therian::toxapex::tornadus-therian:
Substitute Acid Armor Melmetal Balance by zeno420

Slowbro-Galar Hyper Offense by Acey 2B

:tapu koko::hawlucha::landorus-therian::scizor::tapu fini::weavile:
Tapu Koko + Hawlucha Hyper Offense by zeno420

:moltres::tapu lele::toxapex::weavile::landorus-therian::ferrothorn:
Moltres + Tapu Lele Balance by Acey 2B

:garchomp::magnezone::dragonite::ferrothorn::tapu lele::hydreigon:
Choice Band Garchomp DragMag by Acey 2B

Belly Drum Kommo-o + Double Dance Latios Hyper Offense by Acey 2B

Substitute Toxic Aegislash Balance by Acey 2B

Regieleki Hail by zeno420

:weavile::volcanion::landorus-therian::ferrothorn::zapdos::tapu lele:
Weavile + Volcanion Bulky Offense by Acey 2B

:tapu koko::magnezone::skarmory::hippowdon::toxapex::weavile:
Tapu Koko + Magnezone Balance by Acey 2B

Toxtricity Bulky Offense by zeno420

:grimmsnarl::latias::melmetal::tapu lele::landorus-therian::volcarona:
Grimmsnarl Offense by airfare

:tapu koko::garchomp::ferrothorn::weavile::tornadus-therian::victini:
Calm Mind Tapu Koko Spikes Bulky Offense by Gomi

:buzzwole::tapu bulu::heatran::clefable::landorus-therian::weavile:
Tapu Bulu + Buzzwole Bulky Offense by zeno420

Comfey + Magnezone Spikes Balance by airfare

Weakness Policy Aegislash + Latias Aurora Veil Hyper Offense by TDNT

Choice Specs Gengar Bulky Offense by TDNT

Obstagoon Webs by Zen

Semi-Trick Room Hyper Offense by airfare

Nidoking + Urshifu-R Bulky Offense by airfare

:slowking-galar::urshifu-rapid-strike::tapu fini::landorus-therian::corviknight::weavile:
Slowking-G + Urshifu-R Bulky Offense by Zen

:ninetales-alola::moltres-galar::arctozolt::excadrill::dragapult::tapu lele:
Arctozolt Aurora Veil Hyper Offense by airfare

Weezing-Galar + Calm Mind Clefable Spikes Balance by airfare

Assault Vest Melmetal + Dragon Dance Dance Dragapult Offense by Gomi

:landorus-therian::dragapult::magnezone::tapu fini::kartana::weavile:
Choice Band Landorus-T Offense by airfare

:rotom-wash::landorus-therian::kartana::weavile::tapu lele:
Rotom-Wash Bulky Offense by Skypenguin

:victini::tapu koko::volcarona::landorus-therian::tornadus-therian::tapu fini:
Final Gambit Victini Bulky Offense by airfare
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I'd like to request something with Bisharp please!

Thanks :)
Hello in the hills, me and the squad have come up with a Banded Bisharp FuturePort team for you! Thanks to curiosity for helping with the team.

The lab and I thought that Banded Bisharp FuturePort is the best form of Bisharp atm. I personally love using Bisharp on HO but this seemed like the best direction to take this, however below I will link another team if you would have rathered a HO team around Bisharp.

So as mentioned above, gone with banded bisharp. Knock Off and Iron Head pretty self explanatory, the two non-drawback STAB moves. Sucker Punch is for priority and Beat Up is a non contact move to hit things such as Moltres and Zapdos on the switch without being subjected to Static. Also works for things such as Helmet Corv. The EVs on Bisharp make it so it is 3HKOd by Adamant Banded Rillaboom's Grassy Glide after Rocks+GTerrain.

Slowking is the other main idea mon of this team which Teleports on something to bring in Bisharp without taking Chip+future sight allows for extra chip on something that would otherwise be able to switchin at full such as Skarmory. Opted for Scald as most people would because team does fine vs SD Chomp.

Clefable is your knock absorber here and reliable dark resist. It also acts as a rocker but Thunder Wave allows it to cripple things that could creep Bisharp and revenge it such as Offensive Heatran being the main target or Heatran creeping Bisharp. The EVs on Clefable allow it to be 3HKOd by Specs Shadow Ball from Dragapult and won't die after a sp.def drop on switchin. It is also 3HKOd by Modest Specs Kyurem Freeze Dry. The rest is dumped into defence so that it isn't 2HKOd by 252 Jolly Landorus and 252 Adamant Zeraora as well as other physical attackers.

Landorus is the standard electric immunity as well as the Fogger. It has Toxic so it can cripple opposing Landorus and other Pokemon vulnerable to Toxic. The Speed allows it to outspeed Adamant Scizor while the rest is dumped into HP and Defence.

Dragapult pairs well with Bisharp because they beat each others checks for the most part such as Blissey and Tyranitar. It can also come in to revenge Sub Kyurem due to Infiltrator as well as providing much needed speed control.

Skarmory sort of fixes defensive holes that the team has such as opposing Bisharp and Kartana. The EVs are for Crawdaunt assuring that it OHKOs it after Helmet damage and Body Press. The speed outspeeds Crawdaunt. I opted for Whirlwind over Toxic here because otherwise mons such as Sub SD Landorus become an issue. Here is the Bisharp HO if you prefer using Bisharp there.

Hope you enjoy the team!
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Anything with Seismitoad that isn't rain pls
:seismitoad::tyranitar::excadrill::tornadus-therian::corviknight::dracozolt: (click sprites for import)
Hey, Gomi and I built a sand team with Seismitoad for you. We felt that Seismitoad shines on this archetype as a solid answer to Electric and Water-types, which sand typically struggles with. Seismitoad's ability to keep Stealth Rock up and check Heatran well also lets Tyranitar, typically reserved to specially defensive sets, become more offensively threatening with a Choice Band. Finally, in addition to checking Electric-type switch-ins from Tornadus-T, Seismitoad's ability to lure, and burn or Knock Off, most Flying and Grass-types makes Excadrill's job easier with consistent chip onto its checks from sand, status, and entry hazards.

This more offensive take on typical sand features Tyranitar, Tornadus-T, and Dracozolt as wallbreakers to facilitate Excadrill's sweep, targeting shared checks like Corviknight, Zapdos, Tangrowth, and Landorus-T.
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