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Banned deucer.

z edit: It doesn't seem like you have enough RU experience for a full analysis. You can try some of the minis if you want though.
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Banned deucer.
Since there’s been some confusion about this, here’s some info regarding how we’re handling upgrading existing minis to fulls:
  • The old mini analysis can be used (not necessarily required) as a template so long as credit to the original writer is given. This part is especially important: in this case, you must credit the old writer or it will be considered plagiarism
  • Generally, dont use a mini as a template if it’s more than 3 months old, but even newer analyses can be outdated. It’s good to check with someone on QC beforehand
  • QC will still check the entire analysis, but using an old template reduces the workload for both the writer and QC since in cases where an old mini is used, much of the content is still good

Aquarius Ghost ❤

Banned deucer.
what is still available I feel like all the mons have been taken.

z: the reservation list is right there king

Aqua: well yes but cross them out to see which ones are avaliable

z: if the mon is there it is available

Aqua: :eyes:

Aqua: Oh wait u were talking abt the reservation list on page 1

Aqua: I will take Dhelmise :dhelmise:
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