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Generation 8 Ubers C&C (Isle of Armor Edition)

Hello! Another new game and generation means another new batch of analyses to support both competitive newcomers and veterans alike in their goal to succeed in our tier. This is where contributors aim to provide competitive-ready information to be quality controlled by our QC team in order to get information out to our Smogon Dex readers. This time we're looking to cover the DLC 1 metagame with a very similar format to the one we used before.

Newcomers to C&C are advised to check out the following guides to prepare themselves for the section:

Welcome to Contributions and Corrections
Gen 8 Analysis Formatting Tips
Plagiarism Warnings (tl;dr: don't do it)
Spelling and Grammar Standards (seriously, make life easier for the GP team by following this)

Here is the format we will be using this time around - READ THIS:
move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:


<A couple of paragraphs go here>

Paragraph 1 - Basic Set Information
- Introduce the set. What is its purpose and/or role in the metagame?
- What type of team does this suit best? Look to generalize. Offensive teams looking for a wallbreaker that beats x defensive Pokemon? Defensive teams looking for a check to x offensive Pokemon?
- Are there specific targets in the metagame that the moves are looking to hit? Look to add metagame relevant information as briefly as possible, we don't need to read "Earthquake hits Ground-weak Pokemon", but rather "Earthquake targets both Zacian-C and Eternatus" sorta comments.

Paragraph 2 - Depth
- Is a complex (read: not max/max) spread in use? Explain its purpose as briefly as possible.
- Is there something important that someone using this set should be aware of? Note it here. Avoid overly basic gameplay principles, and remember to tie it to the metagame at large if you can. This could be possible setup targets, Dynamax usage, make sure x is not in play...
- Are there specific partners that this set works well with?
- Are there specific teammates that benefit from this Pokemon's abilities?
- What in the metagame can beat or otherwise deal with this set? Are there teammates that can help with that?

Not all of the above will be relevant to the Pokemon or require answers - this is just a guideline to assist. Remember, if its not important = don't mention it! We're looking for concise and relevant information that will help our readers get the picture from a quick read. Some Pokemon are basic in use and need and that's completely fine.
name: Trick Room
move 1: Trick Room
move 2: Dazzling Gleam
move 3: Psyshock
move 4: Mystical Fire
item: Life Orb / Leftovers
ability: Magic Bounce
nature: Quiet
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
ivs: 0 Spe
in-battle alt: Gmax

The last two parts (ivs and in-battle alt) are only to be noted when the IVs or forme stray from the defaults. Do not list them unnecessarily. Trick Room Pokemon will probably use 0 Speed IVs. Using 0 Attack IVs on special attackers doesn't count, that is a PS ease of use feature and not necessary to mention in analyses. Gigantamax Pokemon have to have that forme specified if the set intends to use it, otherwise it will import from the Smogon Dex as the base forme for Dynamax purposes.
name: Choice Band
move 1: Fishious Rend
move 2: Outrage
move 3: Psychic Fangs
move 4: Crunch / Low Kick
item: Choice Band
ability: Strong Jaw
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


Dracovish is a terror to common defensive cores in the metagame, with only Eternatus standing out as a water resist that can reasonably tank its extremely strong Fishious Rend. Choice Band sets can fit into various team structures that are looking for a wallbreaker, ranging from balance teams to offensive Rain teams. The other moves on this set have very situational targets and are rarely used, as Fishious Rend in its favorable conditions will do enough damage to resistances to force defensive walls on the back foot or outright KO them, especially if Rain is active.

Dracovish does best when given free turns and teams featuring it should aim to provide this. Teleport Blissey, U-turn Corviknight, Volt Switch Magearna, or even just a well timed double switch can all get Dracovish in safely. It is typically ill advised to use Dynamax with Dracovish as it loses the power from Choice Band and a 170 BP Fishious Rend, however, it can catch Dragon-types such as Eternatus off guard with Max Wyrmwind as it tries to heal off Fishious Rend damage, or prevent another faster Dragon such as Zekrom's attempt to set up after Dracovish gets a KO. Dracovish can be easily revenge killed due to its average speed, so teammates should be able to handle Pokemon like Zacian-C looking for revenge kills in some way.

- Written by: [[Nayrz, 212134]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]

Analysis Thread Tag Information

Threads posted in this forum can also be equipped with tags, which should be used to indicate at a glance where in the C&C process your analysis or skeleton currently is. Here is the general idea of what to use, and when:

WIP - This tag should be used just after reserving an analysis. Posting empty threads with this tag is ok, but remember you only have 3 days to fill it with QC-ready information!

Quality Control - This tag should be used to indicate that your analysis is ready to be checked by the QC team. If the analysis is a revamp, or just a set addition over a full revamp, specify that in the title of the thread. Here are some thread title examples:

Zacian - QC 0/2
Eternatus (Defensive)* - QC 0/2

* This indicates the set name and therefore that the thread will only contain that one set. Pokemon with a lot of sets will be split up to avoid excessive workload on an individual in these rapid times.

Copyediting - This tag indicates that you have reached (and implemented) all 2 QC checks required, and the analysis is ready to be assessed by the Grammar and Prose team. They will take care of any grammar issues and pretty it up for reading purposes on the dex. Make sure to proof read and minimize any errors before posting it in the GP queue to save both you and the GP team some work! The skeleton will be ready to be uploaded after 1 GP check.

Done -
This indicates that the analysis is completely finished and ready to be uploaded to the site by the C&C moderators.

Moderation and QC Team

This subforum is currently led by myself (Nayrz) and Minority. Feel free to contact us with any queries.

The QC team aim to stamp approval on previews that meet our quality standards. Our QC team is composed of the following members:

Nayrz (Ubers C&C Leader)
Minority (Ubers C&C Leader)

Here is a list of QC User IDs for easier access. You can find anyone's user ID on their Smogon profile - the numbers at the end of the URL.
Nayrz = 212134
Minority = 222996
Manaphy = 50695
SiTuM = 274590
Terracotta = 429463

We are always on the lookout for new QC members experienced with both C&C and SS Ubers! Show your metagame knowledge by posting advice in previews, analyses, and in our Discord server's #analyses channel and we may invite you to join us!

The C&C Process

Reserve a Pokemon from the below list, and write a fully ready to QC short analysis (check the formatting guide above) within 3 days. Afterwards, you get 2 QC stamps. After that, 1 GP check before it goes on site. Check out the guides at the top of this post if you are still unsure, contact myself or Minority.

Reservation Rules

If it has a (BH) tag, it means only badgeholders or otherwise approved writers (think QC members) can take the set. You can only reserve 3 things at a time. Once something is in GP it is considered done for the purposes of reserving more. Otherwise, its a first come first serve free for all - just make sure you know what you are reserving and getting yourself into! The QC team has full right to reject work that isn't up to our expected standards.

NOTE: Some of the bigger Pokemon have been split by set to avoid process fatigue - they must be reserved and posted individually!

Cinderace - JustoonSmitts
Eternatus (Agility) (BH)
Eternatus (Cosmic Power) (BH)
Eternatus (Life Orb) (BH)
Hatterene - SiTuM
Lunala (Calm Mind)
Lunala (Choice Specs)
Lunala (Defensive)
Marshadow - Fc04
Necrozma-DM (Dragon Dance)
Necrozma-DM (Physically Defensive)
Necrozma-DM (Trick Room)
Torkoal - The Dragon Master
Zacian-C (Sun Attacker) (BH)

Eternatus (Defensive)
Galarian Darmanitan
Zacian-C (Agility)
Zacian-C (Swords Dance)

We recommend asking any questions in our #analyses channel in the Ubers Discord.
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With DLC 2 coming much sooner than expected we have decided to lock the reservations as we don't have the time to finish them all and their useful time on site will be a few weeks at best. Its not ideal by any means, but we have to adapt to the pace.

We will aim to finish what is currently in the QC stage rather than lock them so that authors with work in progress can at least be credited for their work in terms of badge progression.

Thanks for your patience everyone. Hopefully the release of the Crown Tundra will be the end of the curveballs being thrown into our processes and we can work on more long term analysis formats without the danger of being quickly outdated.
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