SS Ubers Stage 5 - Zacian-Crowned Voting

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Although not all of the users who have earned voting requisites have voted yet, their vote will not affect the outcome of the vote.

Eligible Voters: 129
Votes: 104

Ban: 90
Do Not Ban: 14
Ban % = 86.53%
A 66.6% supermajority was required in order for a ban - 86 votes if the total pool of voters casted their votes, which has now been exceeded. Hence, Zacian-Crowned is now banned from Ubers. Tagging Marty and Kris to implement on Showdown, thanks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this suspect, and well done for qualifying to vote. The thread will remain open until the initial deadline, Wednesday, January 20th @ 22:00 GMT in order to enable voters to get progression towards the Tiering Contributor badge, but any further votes will not effect the outcome.
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