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Thanks again to everyone who submitted teams both within this thread and externally on Discord! We now have a freshly updated selection of Sample teams!
SD Mimikyu + AoA Lycanroc-Dusk Spikestack by Moutemoute:

Buzzwole + Ribombee Sticky Webs by Monky25:

Shell Smash Omastar + 3 Attacks Salamence Rain by avarice:

Demongross + LO Mienshao BO by Twilight:

Nasty Plot Togekiss + SubTox Aegislash Balance by Estarossa:

Please feel free to continue to submit sample teams, in particular we would appreciate having a Semi/Full Stall team and potentially a second Balance team to balance out the selection here, as both are potent playstyles in the current metagame.

We are still discussing Celebiii's submission as it was posted once we'd already prepared this update. I will make sure to write a second post within a day or so once this has been done covering all of the rejection reasons and feedback as usual, so hang tight!
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Full stall you say?

Hey everyone! During the beginning of the Crown Tundra DLC I made a team that the sample team thread has accepted and named palostall. This is the updated version of that team that I would argue is significantly better than my old version. Because the large majority of the team is the same, I will link you to my old analysis of this team, and in this post I will simply explain the differences, why they are changed, and a few other notes about the team I have seen through my EXTENSIVE time with it.

Chansey @ Eviolite
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
- Seismic Toss
- Toxic
- Soft-Boiled
- Heal Bell

Hagsire (Quagsire) @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Scald
- Earthquake
- Recover
- Toxic

Jirachi @ Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 248 HP / 188 SpD / 72 Spe
Careful Nature
- Wish
- Protect
- Iron Head
- Stealth Rock

Salamence @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 240 Def / 16 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Defog
- Roost
- Toxic
- Flamethrower

Sableye @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Foul Play
- Recover
- Encore
- Will-O-Wisp

Amoonguss @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 168 Def / 88 SpD / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Spore
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Toxic
The team has consistently gotten me to #1 on the ladder multiple times BF (before pif) and since then has consistently gotten me to #1-5 when I feel the desire to ladder again.
Here is the primary analysis:

The primary change to this team is the removal of its namesake pallosand in favor of an incredibly underused pokemon in sableye. Originally, this mon was added out of an incredible frustration with Pokemonisfun 's calm mind body press mew set, as well as cm reuinicles tearing through my origional team and the fact that terrakion is no longer in the tier, so pallosand is no longer needed. As I have found, however, sableye actually serves a significantly greater purpose. Sableye's access to prankster encore allows for it to deal with mons such as belly drum kommo-o, clangorous soul kommo-o, gyarados, haxorus(Kinda), and in a round-about way, thunderous therian. Belly-drum kommo-o is generally not a threat itself to stall, as quagsire deals with it rather well, but if it is running leftovers, which I have seen way more than I should, the possibility of being stalled out by poison jab + drain punch makes it so that sableye is a more efficient and cleaner answer. Clangorous soul kommo-o is self explanatory, come in after the substitute and lock them into clangorous soul to force them to sack their health pool then finish them off with foul play. Gyarados is hard-walled by sableye, with no options of counter-play other than hoping for paralysis, and haxorus and thunderus therian rely on you choosing the correct moment to come in. For haxorus, you have to come in on either a set up move or outrage, and if its an outrage you have to hope they arent lum berry because your plan is to prankster will-o-wisp it. Same with thundurus therian, come in on nasty plot or psychic. Sableye can also come in on a venusaur on its growth turn, which will then be oneshot by foul play if they choose to stay in.

Along with the utility of prankster encore and will-o-wisp sableye also serves as a perfect wall for two incredibly powerful hitters in our tier, being conkeldurr and buzzwole, which are both hard-walled by the little guy and easily chipped away with foul play + burn damage.

The biggest downside to using sableye is that the stall vs stall matchup of this team is rather atrocious. The most sableye can do in these matchups is to burn steel types and potentially encore a mon into a recovery move to waste pp. I've experimented with replacing will-o-wisp with toxic to improve this matchup and a few other considerations - but its not worth the loss of will-o-wisp.

Aside from sableye there are very minimal changes. Jirachi has been given stealth rock to account for the loss of pallosand, and I have slightly adjusted the evs to allow for the stall core to win speed ties.

Important note: if you see a rest-talk non-np moltres-galar, you can beat it if you just dont attack it, if you see a rest nasty plot moltres-galar, click forfeit. Also, keep in mind that sableye has enough speed that it can outspeed a marowak-alola on a trick room team.
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Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 5.25.24 AM.png

Hail Offense
Arctozolt is the late game sweeper and star of the show. It has great offensive typing, STAB Bolt Beak and Blizzard can finish off most the tier when weakened. The rest of the team does a good job of that with their offensive typing. Banded Zygarde is your early to mid game breaker. Thousand Arrows is the most spam-able move in the game. Outrage is good for bulky team and stall in certain situations. E-Speed is for revenge killing. Toxic is mainly for Tangrowth. Mimikyu is best for the mid to late game. It gets a free setup nearly everytime and has unresisted stab. It fits perfectly on this team as it sweep by itself or aid it preparing for Artozolt. Cobalion functions very well as a rocker. With Shuca Berry it can eat a STAB Ground attack from the strong Grounds in the tier and either set up rocks or click CC. Reuniclus functions as the glue and a potential sweeper as well. The CM set takes advantage of teams with out Aegislash as it can work around most team without it with proper play. It can sponge hits OK. Great synergy with Magic Guard in Hail. Last but not least Ninetails plays a great support role. I run it a bit more bulky than the smogon set bc I want it to be able to set up hail multiple times and possibly live some hits in Aurora Veil is up.

Team does very well on the ladder against a wide range of teams. It does take some skill to use as you are looking to break the opposing team down before Arctozolt can sweep. Aegislash is annoying for this team but as it is for most teams. Arctozolt with Sub is good at luring out a King Shield for Sp Def sets or Attack Forme for Offensive sets.
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Sorry this has been delayed a few weeks due to fairly important irl matters for me that had me potentially without a place to live in a few weeks. Anyway onto the rejection reasons and feedback that was promised!
Jirachirite -

So we had two Webs teams to choose from here between yours and Monky's. What we really liked about Monky's was the addition of a LO buzzwole, which really helped with Boots Zarude, something your team doesn't really switch into and pressures a lot of your team solidly, which we felt was a very important benefit to Monky's team when it came to a sample team in terms of ease of usage compared to yours. As general feedback, I would suggest running Skill Swap on your Ribombee; Hatterene isn't the most common of Pokemon but you'll love it when you do run into this matchup, and toxic doesn't add a huge amount to the team.

KM -

You obviously saw the discussion on this team in the Samples channel on Discord, but posting this for the benefit of everyone else. I think the main issue I personally had with this one was it just felt a little lackluster on the breaking department, being almost totally reliant on barraskewda who like can't really get through Tangrowth at all and needs either some decent chip or defence drops on Amoonguss, all the while getting chipped down by hazards and rocky helmet damage.

HydreigonTheChild -

We discussed this with you already on Discord to an extent, but for the benefit of others I will also comment on it here. The absolute biggest issue with this team was the horrible Nihilego matchup, it abuses so much of your team, but especially the Moltres and Amoonguss after a Sleep, and your only check to it is a Scarf Krookodile, who is inevitibly gonna get knocked and worn down. This matchup was basically just unworkable and you definitely needed to consider adding a Steel-type or AV psychic somewhere to make this manageable. In general Moltres is a pretty poor Defogger in this tier right now, it has huge issues with the best Rocker in Nihilego, (which was also ur teams worst matchup), but can't really deal with Rhyperior or Chansey and is a big momentum sink.

laevin -

We also discussed this in the Discord channel but again posting for the benefit of others. The biggest issue with this rain team for me was having Triple choice items without any Swift swimmers, meaning you struggled to really deal with the momentum drain 3 choice items was causing.

laevin -

With this Entei team we just found it really struggled to break through a Rest Talk Prim really, team is very reliant on Entei to break teams and although Jirachi gives it like an extra life the team doesn't really have a great Fogger and if Entei can't break through the Prim fast enough the team struggles.

Bandkrook -

Beginning to sound like a broken record :x but again posting for others benefit. The main issues with this team for us kinda were that it was very reliant on Lycanroc-Dusk for both wallbreaking and speed control, while only giving it momentum support from one Pokemon - Washtom, who would often just invite in stuff that it can't force out like tang / healthy amoong, and making it hard to get in to offensively check threats like Gyara.

Sickist -

This team had some issues for us with the lack of priority on it. While you are fairly fast between Thundurus and Starmie, your matchup versus DD Gyarados in particular was unworkable, even if it had to take a Toxic while trying to set up it would still claim over half your team before it died. DD Mence is a bit more manageable but still quite hard to deal with.

Celebiii -

Discussed this one on Discord with you, but the biggest issue here was the lack of Cleric support, making Aegislash much more threatening as your Umbreon had no way of dealing with Toxic's. The Lycanroc-Dusk matchup also felt really uncomfortable, while the Keldeo rain matchup felt a bit difficult to deal with. Few spreads needed updating, umbreon needs to be phys def to deal with mamo here,moltres has a more efficient spread that stops rotom volts braeking its roosted sub most of the time. rotoms are also a bit annoying to deal with since you don't have a blocker and mence can't touch them.

Moltres @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 152 HP / 132 SpD / 224 Spe
Timid Nature
- Mystical Fire
- Toxic
- Substitute
- Roost

0 SpA Rotom-Wash Volt Switch vs. 152 HP / 132 SpD Moltres: 78-93 (21.7 - 25.9%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

Mystras Leoxses -

We loved the Roserade + Starmie + Noivern idea with this team, it seemed like a very potent threatening core, but the main thing we couldn't really look past was the awfful Krook matchup here. We also felt that fat Starmie doesn't really spin reliably enough short term to keep hazards off for Entei, as long as the opp doesn't mind potentially taking burns on their Aegi. We had a couple of ideas of where to take this, but decided that any changes we would make would change the flavour of the team a lot, so decided to just let you have a play around. My personal opinion would be that you should explore taking a route with those 3 mons but with an offensive Starmie to really abuse the spikes + pivot support from Noivern, while Twi suggested you make the noivern a physical eq fog mence and the starmie offensive to better support the entei.


Hail offense is a cool structure in UU rn, though it has some issues like Arctozolt being too weak to actually break Umbreon for instance . We've seen some cool concepts past around in the Discord lately such as Taunt Zolt to make up for some of these inadequacies, i've also messed with using an SD Sandslash-Alola as a secondary breaker on these structures. Your Cobalion is a nice way to try and make up for this deficiency, although it's only a stopgap with zolt/zygarde still walled by it, I think this is a perfectly acceptable level of support when you factor in hail and reuniclus.

My main issue with this team is the Aegislash matchup, both Cobalion and Reuniclus are rather large Aegislash bait and you lack a Ghost-resist. This is further exasperated if its a SubTox set and just makes this matchup versus the best Pokemon in the tier unplayable in my eyes.


You may have noticed that Totomon, Celebiii, and Moltracer's teams haven't been discussed here yet. Do not worry, as we are still discussing these three and will let you know what is happening with them soon! If anyone has any questions about their feedback, feel free to hit me up on the UU Discord with any questions!
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This team utilized starmie as its win con, and salamence and krookodile to punch holes into the opponent. Salamence is the teams hazard removal and breaks through would be checks with DWB and earthquake, it can also provide intidimdate support to soften attacks and turn many pokemon that would be checked by salamence into being countered, and provides a ground immunity for the team. Amoonguss and primarina form a defensive core and cover the teams and each others weaknesses. Amoonguss can help the offensive pokemon to exert more pressure by taking advantage of sleeping pokemon, can function as a great pivot to grass and fighting types, and threaten physical set up sweepers with foul play. Primarina acts as the salamence counter on the team and can function as a status sponge for stuff like toxic umbreon, chansey, buzzwole, etc, and abuse its defensive typing to check stuff the team would otherwise struggle like buzzwole, keldeo, kommo-o, salamence, and zygarde-10%. Krookodile is the rocker of the team and compresses a ton of roles and provides a ton of utility such as knock off + toxic to wear down opponents, intimidate to soften blows and to enable double intimidate cycling opponents, and provides a electric and psychic immunity. Jirachi is the speed control, it does jirachi things, pivot out of pokemon it cannot touch, spam iron head on slower pokemon to threaten them with many flinches, and healing wish to heal a battered teammate back to full.
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The team is build around jirachi and rhyperior and how well they synergize with each other. Rhyperior provides a check to galarian-moltres, aegislash, moltres, and rotom-h, while jirachi in turns checks grass types, pivots it in and provides wish support. Rhyperior is the rocker of the team and with SD can break through many pokemon the team may have struggled with such as amoonguss, and celesteela. Jirachi provides a counter to amoonguss once something is set to sleep and can pivot in dangerous threats on the team such as zygarde-10%, salamence, and rhyperior safely. Jirachi is the nihilego counter and with wish can consistently keep itself healthy throught the game and its teammates who appreciate it like tangrowth, rotom-w, and rhyperior. Tangrowth provides a pivot for thundurus-t, keldeo, primarina, and aegislash. Tangrowth provides knock off for the team to threaten pokemon such as moltres, salamence, and moltres-g to not come in on it and have pokemon such as specs keldeo, primarina, and choice scarf krookodile to be more manageable, and make pokemon such as rest talk primarina, tentacruel, rotom-h, and rotom-w easier to wear down. Salamence is the breaker of the team alongside rhyperior as they break many of their shared checks such as tangrowth, amoonguss, tapu bulu, and rotom-w. It also provides intimidate support to make Pokémon such as gyarados, zarude, and zygarde-10% more manageable. Rotom-w is the defogger on the team and can also generate momentum on its checks for salamence, rhyperior, or zygarde-10% to take advantage of. Zygarde-10% is usually the end game cleaner as after many of its checks be weakened it can spam thousand arrows and outrage and win the game. It can also pick off opponents with extreeme speed such as dragon dance salamence, nasty plot thundurus, and gyarados.
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Choice Scarf Gardevoir Balance SubToxic Moltres Variant

:ss/Gardevoir: :ss/Zarude: :ss/Moltres: :ss/Gastrodon-East: :ss/Salamence: :ss/Jirachi:

This team is the result of several revisions to a team I posted in the Bazaar at the start of July. The two changes that ended up being the most impactful were changing Gardevoir to a Choice Scarf set and changing the 3rd Pokemon to SubToxic Moltres. I had also tried various Aegislash sets and Safety Goggles CM Glowbro in this slot previously, but found myself really wanting another Ground immunity in this position and something that could deal with Amoonguss while resisting Fire moves, and Moltres fit the bill wonderfully - it's actually ended up being the key player in many of the games I've used this team for. I have been able to get to 1500+ ELO on the ladder multiple times with this team, and it has proven to be quite a consistent and solid team.

This team was built around the combination of Gardevoir + Gastrodon, since Gastrodon doesn't fear the Poison- and Steel-type hits that scare Gardevoir out. Zarude provides additional offensive pressure for the team that pairs well with Gardevoir's Psychic and Fairy coverage. Moltres helps the team greatly against bulkier teams, particularly stall teams, and helps deal with Amoonguss. Salamence is the hazard removal for the team and helps to deal with scary physical attackers like Buzzwole. Jirachi provides Stealth Rock for the team, can slow the opposing team down with paralysis, and can help to defeat the special walls with repeated Iron Heads on paralyzed Pokemon. It also makes a great lead for the team in most MUs since it outspeeds non-scarfed Krookodile and has a great defensive typing.

Usage tips for Gardevoir on this team, since it is probably the toughest Pokemon to make good use out of:
  • Bring Gardevoir in on predicted Fighting-type attacks to threaten back with either supereffective Moonblast or Psyshock. Conkeldurr is a particularly good entry point for it, but it can also come in on Barraskewda's Close Combat vs. rain teams and Trace Swift Swim to become a threat to entire rain teams
  • Make use of Gardevoir's Trace to copy useful abilities from the opposing team, particularly from the many Regenerator users in the tier. You can extend Gardevoir's lifespan significantly by predicting an Amoonguss or Tangrowth switch-in and Tracing Regenerator to gain 1/3 of Gardevoir's HP back on switch out. Other good targets for Trace are again the Swift Swimmers, Levitate to become temporarily Ground-immune, Intimidate to weaken physical attacks and revenge KO, Beast Boost to become effectively Choice Scarfed and Choice Spec'd after a KO, Volt Absorb from Thundurus-Therian to become temporarily Electric-immune, and Berserk from Galarian Moltres to become stronger after taking a hit.
  • Be very careful about when you burn Gardevoir's Trick to get rid of its Choice Scarf, as this can be a crucial tool to beating some teams. You can also give Gardevoir some very useful items with Trick, like Leftovers and Heavy-Duty Boots.
Notable Threats
:Salamence: Dragon Dance Salamence in particular must be played around very carefully with this team, since Gardevoir cannot outspeed it after a Dragon Dance. You will need to make careful use of Gardevoir to threaten it before a boost, your own Salamence to Intimidate it, Jirachi to slow it down with Thunder Wave (be very careful of Lum Berry here!) and possibly Zarude to damage it.

:Gyarados: For the same reason as Salamence, DD Gyarados can be a huge threat to this team, so you will want to prevent it from coming in unscathed. Zarude can take any unboosted hit from it but does not OHKO in return (Zarude's Power Whip does 68.2 - 80.6%), and can't take a boosted Bounce, so you will again need to make good use of Zarude, Salamence, and Jirachi to prevent it from sweeping.

:Zygarde-10%: You will need to play around this carefully again by using Zarude and Jirachi to handle its STABs. You can also threaten a KO with Choice Scarf Gardevoir, but you must be careful to stay out of Banded Extreme Speed range.

:Diggersby: Nothing on the team really likes switching into Diggersby, and letting it get a Swords Dance up is a huge threat to the entire team. Play around this very carefully with Zarude and Jirachi.

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:articuno::quagsire::reuniclus::slowbro-galar::tapu bulu::kommo-o:

Hey, I am they guy in top10 who's spam articuno team.I think is one of the most cancer team I build but I get tired of forfeit turn one, lol.

The legandary bird has a stellar bulk dispaste being an ice pokemon, he has access to heal bell, pressure, defog and others cool defensives options. Thank pressure, Articunos is a win condition against stall. Quagsire helps against Cosmic Power users, Marowak and Salamence. I recommand no item on him because the team is very weak to polertgeist spam but RH is fine.
Then comes Reuniclus, the blob can sponges barely any special move and pressures infinitely with Regenerator, Futur Sight and knock off spam. Reuni is very potent tool to make progress sept by step. Stall has not much option in SR users, Chansey is a meh Pokemon who has no passive recovery and takes SR. Kommo-o helps to checks Aegislash and absorb Knock Off spam from tang, Rest give him a way to deal with the subtoxic set and a free switch on most passive Pokemon. Tapu Bulu was added in Thundurus-I's area to check him better and to keep in check Lycanrock, Buzzwole and zydog. In last Slowbro-G is my first win condition and pressures with the combo scald/sludge is a glue Pokemon. The team is very weak to Moltres-G, Heracross, Polteageist and Mamoswine
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This is a team that I built when I was bored and needed something to ladder with. It has overall been very consistent across the 50+ games I've played with it - I have also gotten 1736 and 1670 on the ladder with two alts respectively at the time of writing this post.

The first niche mon here is Articuno, which has two very important roles. Pressure + Heal Bell is incredible utility, as you can outstall any one Toxic user if you so desire. It's also the only Defogger to beat the up and coming Roserade, which can be useful in mirror matches. Stole the EV spread from pif, which lets you take on threats like Nidoking better and avoid the 2HKO from +1 Gyara Waterfall. Roserade is a newer mon, and one that might seem questionable over Amoonguss, but Spikes support is overrall more valuable to this team. 16 speed is for random Specs Primarina and max speed Aegislash. Quagsire really needs no introduction, and though it's much, much worse this gen, Haze utility is useful so that Articuno can keep its emergency Defog. It's also the mandatory volt blocker and check to stuff like physical Aegislash and Kommo-o.

Jirachi provides a rocker, a useful defensive Steel-type, and Wish support. The latter honestly isn't that valuable since everything here doesn't need it, but it can help in a pinch. There's not really much other options for it either way. Guzzlord is another odd option, but KM has sold me on it. Seriously, this thing is disgusting. Knock Off is a broken move and Dragon Tail can really disrupt teams, especially with Spikes support. It sits on SubToxic Aegislash, checks the Nidos, isn't 2HKOed by Keldeo's Hydro Pump in the rain, and has other less known useful attributes like checking the rare Crawdaunt. Lastly, Buzzwole is a secondary check to physical threats, and most importantly, hard checks threatening fighters like Mienshao and Conkeldurr. 20 attack with an Adamant nature provides more power since I have not found a defense boosting nature to be particularly useful.

There's honestly not a huge amount of stuff that threatens this team. Diggersby and Thundurus-T are annoying and must be played around cautiously mainly. Dazzling Gleam Azelf is obnoxious but usually is dropping an important move, so Jirachi or Quagsire can check it decently.


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Just posting to announce that we are closing sample team submissions for the rest of this month now. Shifts are in just over 2 weeks now so we want to make some quick additions to our sample teams for the remainder of this metagame and then let it rest. We have mostly finished discussing the additions we'd like to make now, so expect an update within 1-2 days.


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Thank you to everyone who has submitted since last time! We have added two new sample teams with this update, with the goal of reflecting Roserade's huge impact on the tier in the last Month or so.

Expert Belt Azelf + Roserade Spikes BO by Indigo Plateau:

Defog Articuno + Roserade Spikes Semi Stall by Juno:

As mentioned previously, this will likely be our last update for samples until the October tier shifts. I will make another announcement when we have a clear roadmap for updating samples after this, as the tier will likely need some time to settle first due to the potential scale of the shifts.


Rejection reasons for samples we didn't add are given below!

We honestly skimmed over your team the first time around without noticing it TotomonGang so my bad. As mentioned in a previous update we were still discussing what to do with this one as quite a few of us liked this team quite a bit when discussing it, but decided to wait until the Thundurus suspect was over to decide as it's Thundurus matchup was lacking. In the end we decided to Reject this one despite enjoying it - we felt the matchup against VoltTurn was a little tricky, felt that it struggled with the Thundy replacements like Azelf/Therian a lot too, and that despite having an AV glowbro Pokemon like Primarina could get really annoying due to being able to overwhelm it with Scald burns + hazards.

Celebiii - (togekiss stall). Talked to pif about this one a bit to get some second opinions. This is a bit Lycanroc weak when it has support like rocks/spikes since your tang is av, defog toge being the remover makes this awkward since it like loses to nihi / rose both. Bigger issue is that your Gyarados matchup is very difficult here.

Celebiii - (garde balance). Also talked to pif about this one, he felt it had a quite awkward matchup versus stuff like SubCM Prim / Lycanroc-D, but we also felt that it was a bit to passive without any real way of breaking something fatter apart from Trick Gardevoir, as SubTox molt is unlkely to make progress into fat teams on its own.

Moltracer - Probably our biggest issue with this team was that the Aegislash matchup isn't really intuitive for a sample team. Its honestly quite tough versus arguably the best Aegislash set in the tier rn in CC SB KS Toxic, you really can't switch into much safely at all to deal with it so if you end up going Chansey on a CC / quag on an sball etc you are in a nasty position. The team also struggles to keep Spikes off especially with a slower than Rose mence that can't even threaten it out either with a DWB, which can cause some big problems with potential vortexing.

HydreigonTheChild - (Starmie BO). This team just lacks breaking power, Starmie really isn't going to cut it on its own into bulkier matchups. You'd be better off exploring some more Spikes based routes if you were to edit this imo, this will obviously require some structural edits to improve your Krookodile matchup.

HydreigonTheChild - (Rhyp Zygarde BO). This team is literally hard 6-0d by Gyarados. (Also by umbreon but that wouldn't really bother me as much). This is arguably a bit too passive in general too.

Bad feeling - We found this team very unintuitive to use for a sample stall team. We weren't at all fond of Rest Kommo-o without heal bell here as it makes it a huge momentum drain when its inevitibly forced to rest by things like Aegislash. Nihilego also felt awkward since it threatens half the team, keeps rocks up vs cuno, and your only real switch in-to it is quag unless you can afford to lose your AV on reuni which you probably can't, meaning quag can easily get overwhelmed when paired with other stuff. Meteor beam sets can easily dismantle a lot of this team if reuni gets worn down into a bad position. The inability to keep rocks off also causes stuff like Zarude + Mienshao to infinitely pivot versus this and you really struggle with this sort of stuff in general with the lack of helmets / contact punishment. Also feel like the quag rly needs spdef to block washtom here. In general we preferred Juno's semi stall to this much more, and in general believe semi stall to be a much more reliable playstyle in this current metagame than full stall.
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Not unlocking the thread for submissions atm as the Latias suspect is rather time limited, but wanted to make a quick announcement that the samples committee is currently discussing and internally submitting some teams to include as Samples for the duration of the Latias suspect. This will likely take one or two more days, but we will be including some teams in a range of playstyles for you guys soon.


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Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this update! We have five fresh new teams in a range of playstyles for you all for the Latias Suspect, I hope you all enjoy and good luck with getting reqs if you are going for them!

Dragon Dance Necrozma + Nasty Plot Thundurus-T HO by Twilight:

Swords Dance Heracross + Swords Dance Tapu Bulu BO by Lilburr:

Hex Chandelure + Toxic Umbreon Balance by Estarossa:

Future Sight Slowking + Conkeldurr Balance by Amane Misa:

Articuno + Calm Mind Slowking & Latias Semi-Stall by Estarossa:

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with submitting and discussing the teams for this update.


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I’ve unlocked this thread for public submissions again now that the Latias and Kommo-o suspect tests are over, feel free to submit any teams you think are sample worthy!

We will be internally discussing a few initial sampleteams to hit the ground running this weekend, but any teams posted during this time period will be immediately discussed as part of this update.

Expect the initial wave of teams to be updated by around Tuesday!
SD Spin Drill Hazard Stack

Pokepast up there :)
I originally made this team during the Latias test for a post-Lati meta, and after the Kommo-o ban I think it got even better. As a result of this I have tested it quite a bit and I think it has some potential. This team follows a standard Hazard Stack approach with the classic core of Azu-Moltres-Nihi to facilitate Excadrill to sweep, for which we use SD and Spin to double as hazard removal in matchups it wont be able to sweep. CB Azumarill complements it very nicely, luring Phys Tang and Skarmory to weaken them or just outright remove them. Skarmory and AV Tang form a solid defensive core blanket checking almost every mon in the tier (and providing the first part of the hazard stack!). Since we have heavy anti-Excadrill measure we can use Nihilego as our rocker, beating some mons that the other two struggle with, mainly Moltres and Thundurus. Finally Moltres glues the team together, bringing a secondary check to the likes of Mienshao and Zarude, discouraging U-Turn spam and bringing its own u-turn to safely bring our threats in front of Rotom, opposing Nihi and Rhyperior.

This team has a strong Knock Off Spam core, which might end up in basically everything without an item. Making our hazards incredibly strong. This team might struggle with certain water types as Tangrowth is our only sturdy water resist, which really hates a burn and can get overwhelmed with hazards. However with Hazards up they can easily be lured by Moltres or Azumarill which limits their points of entry. While there isn't a very solid speed control, between priority, speed boosting and the solid defensive backbone I don't think it is necessary on this team.
Have a team that I wanna share for the community, Click the sprites for the Importable, Don’t mind if the post does not look great since this is my first Smogon Post

Zarude + Sylveon Balance
With Kommo-o being banned. Zarude seems like a decent pick atm, checking popular Pokémon such as Azumarill and Excadrill, I went with Heavy-Duty-Boots since Scarf cripples Zarude and isn’t great speed control anyway. Rock Slide is a option instead of Jungle Healing to hit Moltres and OHKO it, but it is not preferred. Sylveon assists Zarude and its teammates greatly, checking many special threats for them, or instantly take them out. Yawn is here since it can force switch-outs and become problematic if hazards are up.
Skarmory walls most of the physical meta game while also providing Spikes to chip switch-ins in with Sylveon forcing them with Yawn, Safety Goggles and Brave Bird helps us have a better match-up against Amoonguss and Sleep Powder Tangrowth. Krookodile and Tentacruel form a Knock Off core which can be useful for there teammates, Krookodile provides Stealth Rock for Hazards, and Taunt to prevent Defog from going into play, While Tentacruel has Hazard Control, it also has Liquid Ooze to punish Leech Seed Celesteela. Noivern rounds up the team with solid speed control to revenge kill fast threats and U-Turn to create momentum against switch-ins

NP Thundy + LO Mamo Hazard Stack

Click Here!

The overall goal this team is to get hazards up with Excadrill and Skarmory for Thundurus-T and Mamoswine to wear down switchins with their strong offensive synergy.

Team Roles:

Sash Drill is meant to get rocks up while also keeping hazards off your field since only Mienshao and Thundy don't care about hazard damage racking up.

Scarf Mienshao provides speed control and momentum for the team while also being able to revenge fast set-up sweepers such as NP Azelf, DD Salamence, DD Gyarados, Autotomize Celesteela, Nihilego at +1 Speed after Beast Boost and outspeed scarfers like Krookodile, Hydreigon, Nidoking and Jirachi.

NP Thundy is a very dangerous threat in the metagame right now and almost always forces a sac on the opposing team with it's coverage being able to hit nearly everything for neutral damage.

Mamo compliments Thundy with offensive presence and generally needs LO + 4 attacks to dish out good damage.

Skarm is the secondary hazard setter with 96 Speed meant to outpace Adamant Conk and Adamant Azumarill which this team generally has trouble switching in on, and Mamo doesn't appreciate getting revenged with priority so Skarm can Brave Bird in conjunction with Helmet and hazards to chip their health down a lot.

Tangrowth is meant to provide a good defensive core with Skarmory and helps manage against opposing Thundys running around with the AV set. Rock Slide 2HKOes Thundy and Focus Blast hits mons like Zarude and Hydra harder, especially the latter mon since this team does not have a Fairy and Hydra sets might not run Scarf anymore after the Kommo-o ban.

Mid-1400+ Replays:

(big ups to Celebii for helping me with the team!)
:ss/mienshao: :ss/nidoking: :ss/rotom-wash: :ss/cobalion: :ss/mandibuzz: :ss/slowbro-galar:

Swords Dance Mienshao Balance

The Gimmick:

The two best mienshao sets are scarf and lorb. This set takes the Life Orb set to the Extreme with Swords Dance. SD skyrockets Shao's already formidablow power to frightening levels, allowing it to break through even tougher walls such as physically defensive Tangrowth (that takes 89 maximum, a small chance to OHKO after rocks) that would otherwise wall it.+2 U-turn can also do good chip damage, KOing Colbur Berry Slowking after rocks.

Team Roles:
Nidoking fairs well as a partner, getting rid of a wide variety of checks such as Amoonguss and Celesteela, although spdef Steela is KOd by a +2 CC from Shao from full.

Rotom is great at slowing down other speed control with a very fast Twave, and can trick to cripple walls like Chansey. It's also good for beating Gyarados at +1.

Mandibuzz helps keeps ghosts in check, as well as doing a decent job against Excadrill, which this team does have a rough time with.

Glowbro is great offensive-defensive utility, as well as being a fighting resist and a fairy resist for the team, helping with threats such as special attacking salamence and other misc special attackers, such as Rotom. It can also stomach a Will-o Wisp in a pinch.

Cobalion is the team's designated Steel Type and stealth rocker. It can also absorb a Knock Off in a pinch. It carries Stone Edge in order to help take care of flying types.

Mienshao is a potent wallbreaker as stated before, with knock + Close combat hitting a lot of the tier and hitting everything else for chip.


This team is weak to Conkeldurr, although it has to be aware of Future Sight from Slowbro. It would be walled by Mr. Bro if some satanic being didn't decide to give it Knock Off but here we are

Excadrill also is very good against this team, although if it carries Rapid Spin it should be easily revenge killed by Rotom, and if not, then Mienshao should be able to deal with it fine enough.

Nasty Plot Thundurus is, well, very hard to wall. In rare scenarios it can boost past Glowbro and then proceed to wipe the floor with this team. Although it is 2hkoed by Shao's Knock Off (Ohko'd if shao is at +2)

Aqua Jet

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:SS/Amoonguss: :SS/Moltres: :SS/Tornadus: :SS/Chansey: :SS/Nidoking: :SS/Skarmory:

I've always wanted to build around Tornadus, and I think that this is the most optimal set with Heat Wave for Excadrill and Skarmory. I chose to make the team around Hazard Stacking because it would force opponents using Defog as their primary force of hazard control to do so more often, giving the user more opportunities for Tornadus to get a Defiant boost and sweep. I chose Chansey + Skarmory because, while a classic defensive backbone, they were also able to get hazards on the field frequently enough. Itemless Amoonguss is a neat tech allowing Amononguss to be able to switch into Azumarill as it uses Belly Drum, then kill it with Sludge Bomb. Moltres greatly eases the VoltTurn matchup, threatening foes such as Mienshao and Zarude with burns. It is also able to cleanly OHKO Conkeldurr with Hurricane. Finally, I added Nidoking as an offensive answer to Fairy-types such as Primarina and Hatterene.

Edit: here is a replay of the team in action, being used by TotomonGang
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I've chosen Dhelmise as it's probably one of the best Excadrill checks (in fact could call it counter but it's prolly not as Toxic + Iron Head is quite annoying for it) while also checking stuff such as Keldeo, Rotom-W, Diancie (outspeeds it thanks to it's Speed investment and does a chunk w/Poltergeist), non-Knock Off/Foul Play Diggersby and Glowbro while also hitting very hard. Then I found Skarmory to be quite good, as it likes the Dhelmise's ability to check some SpA attackers plus Skarm allows it to not get too overwhelmed with checking Drill. Skarmory also offers Spikes support to the team, which Dhelmise appreciates quite a bit as then it can chunk stuff harder. Mienshao was chosen as Speed Control plus it also has Knock Off to remove foes boots while also U-turning into checks such as Skarmory or Primarina. Then Swampy is chosen for the Mamo MU, as this mon is one of the best Mamoswine checks in the metagame (be wary of Knock Off though!) and you also give pivoting support for the Offensive threats of the team. Then I figured out Yawn + SR + Flip Turn with Spikes support was a quite nasty combo so I just put Yawn. EBelt Azelf 2HKOes the whole metagame while also appreciating the pivoting support this team brings for it. I decided to choose Energy Ball over Knock Off as Shao already brings it plus it's also quite good to hit through Azumarill and Washtom. Another Azelf perk is outspeeding Thundurus-Therian and it chunks it if chipped or puts it in Close Combat Shao range. AV Azumarill offers priority and a secondary way to remove items (Knock Off support) while also checking foes such as GMolt and Hydreigon quite reliably.
S/o Monky25 for giving their imput on this team (they gave me the AV Azu idea as well)

SubCM Keldeo is a quite good wincon with a phenomenal speed able to outspeed mons such as LO Mienshao, HDB Zarude, Thundurus-Therian and Nihilego while also having a rather decent bulk, not to mention Scald is a quite spammable move as the 30% burn chance allows it to wear down answers such as Primarina. Life Orb Mienshao is just a quite good wallbreaker which also has U-turn in order to give Keldeo a free-entry vs mons which Shao invite in such as Giga Drain Tangrowth or Skarmory. Then Tangrowth is a good check to Gyarados, non-Megahorn Tapu Bulu (if it's Zen Headbutt it'd have to pray for flinch), Lycanroc-Dusk and Excadrill while also having the broken combination of Knock Off + Regenerator, which allows it to have a good longevity as well. Hydreigon Choice Scarf has been chosen as Defog is a quite good utility move while also forming a good pivoting core with Shao, as Hydra invites in stuff such as Chansey. Not to mention Hydreigon is also a quite good Fire-Type check. Sylveon is a solid Hydreigon, Thundurus-Therian and Keldeo check while also forming Wish cores with the rest of the team (Keldeo SubCM especially appreciates it, as Substitute worns it down quite a bit). Excadrill is a solid Electric Inmunity with access to Stealth Rock, it fits quite well here as SubCM Keldeo helps it vs Skarmory.
S/o Aqua Jet for helping me with the Tangrowth set.

I've found Glaceon to be a quite unique wallbreaker with Ice Beam + Shadow Ball coverage which allows it to hit through like everything except Chansey (s/o Lily for using it and encouraging me (indirectly) to use it). Blizzard can hit through Celesteela (quite unreliable but 2HKOes if needed) but u can use Ice Shard over it. So I think Slowking was a quite intuitive pick here, as Glaceon appreciates Teleport support quite a bit. Slowking Colbur allows it to beat Conkeldurr quite well w/Psychic too. Excadrill SR Spin is honestly not my favorite set but I needed it as Glaceon needs solid Hazzard removal and the ice fox girl (glace) also appreciate the SR support, so dropping it isn't a that good idea imo (u can change it to Toxic if you want though). Tapu Bulu SD Leftovers is a quite good wincon with good longevity which also helps the team to support Slowking in order to tank EQ from Exca better w/Grassy Terrain support plus it also helps Glaceon to stay healthy. Mienshao Choice Scarf is one of the best speed control available in the metagame, as it's quite solid at pivoting and Regenerator is quite annoying, plus it helps Bulu/Glaceon to get in. Mence Defog in the last slot as it's backup defog support plus it also checks Exca and Conk quite well, which is honestly nice in this team. Intimidate support is also quite good for Bulu/Glaceon. Building this team took me days though, as while I like the final result, the teambuilding process was quite stressful so keep that in mind when building teams like this one.

So I honestly think Stall is a fun playstyle to build with (hot take), as there's many defensive picks and I like how you have to play around with the movesets, spreads and stuff to check stuff. So I really wanted to build a SpD Quag team for a while so I found it interesting, as it checks Glowbro, NP Thund and PhysDef barely checks anything, so I decided to give it a try. Then I've chosen Umbreon as it's a really consistent Mamoswine, Pivot Thundurus-Therian, Gyarados and DD Mence in one slot, allowing Quagsire to not have to take care of all setup sweepers. Weezing-Galar is a quite good mon with Corrosive Gas + Pain Split which allows it to make progress vs fatter teams (even offensive teams doesn't like switching into this team) while also walling Mienshao (don't let it get Knocked Off too soon btw), Conkeldurr, Heracross and non-Zen Headbutt Tapu Bulu, making it a quite nice stall pick. Articuno is a stall staple as well as it beats CM Primarina, Special Mence and non-Flash Cannon Hydreigon while also having Defog and Haze to keep hazzards off and get a better MU vs CM (especially Snore) Primarina. Chansey is here as it still hard walls lots of SpA attackers such as Moltres-Galar and Nidoking while also offering SR Support. Skarmory Spikes as a last pick in order to improve the Tapu Bulu MU and SkarmChansey is still a broken core as they both stack hazzards. On this team, Skarmory is also not forced to run Defog + Spikes so it's free to run Body Press + Brave Bird in order to check foes such as Drill and Bulu more reliably.

Choice Scarf Jirachi is a quite good Speed Control with Thunder Punch + Ice Punch, as it can rkill threats such as Salamence and Gyarados while also offering speed control plus annoying flinch. CM Slowking + SD Tapu Bulu are my wincons. Slowking on one hand it's a very good check to Mence, Glowbro and Volcanion while also abusing trends such as Umbreon & Primarina. Colbur is good as then u tank Knock Off from fighting types and Mamoswine better. Bulu on other hand has a really good longevity and can benefit the team with Grassy Terrain, as can keep members healthy while also allows Rachi to take hits from Ground-Types (EQ) better. Mamoswine is just a quite good Volt Absorber and wallbreaker with access to priority and Knock Off, I'm trying Never-Melt Ice as it doesn't kill itself while using Icicle Crash (you lose power but I think it's worth it). Diancie is a trending rocker which is quite good vs foes such as GMolt, Thundurus-Therian, Mence and Moltres while also offering an HO countermeasure with cheesy Diamond Storm having a good chance to increase defense. It also offers Heal Bell support in order to keep the team far from status. Mandibuzz Defog allows this team to get a better hazzards MU while also pivoting and being a good Chandelure/Aegislash countermeasure. Foul Play allows it to check Mence/Gyara but if you want you can use Knock Off.


Edit: Shoutouts to pokemonisfun for giving their inputs on the two last teams! (Stall and Jirachi one respectively)
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Hello everyone, sorry these ended up taking a few more days than originally planned due to irl circumstances for me. We are including three new teams for the time-being, and will continue to discuss any additional teams posted as well as any other internal submissions on an as-submitted basis.

Life Orb Mienshao + Grass Knot Thundurus-T BO by Twilight:

Choice Scarf Azelf + Choice Band Mamoswine BO by Askov and Juno:

Calm Mind Slowking + Toxic Umbreon Stall by Juno:

Ty everyone for your submissions so far. I'll be editing in team descriptions to these pastes tomorrow once I have the descriptions from everyone, and will be writing up rejection reasons for any teams we've rejected so far in the morning.

In particular we would like to see a Balance team submitted currently, but are willing to take submissions of all forms.
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In particular we would like to see a Balance team submitted currently, but are willing to take submissions of all forms.
Hi, :amoonguss: :swampert: :jirachi: :salamence: :mamoswine: :moltres galar:

This is a balance team with very standard balance mons (Amoong, Swamp, Jirachi are standard, Defog Mence is standardish I think, Goltres is usually Mandibuzz but Goltres for the extra oompth and owning Toxic Aegislash is pretty useful here, Mamoswine set is nice power addition).

Anyways some pros of the team:

Nice type synergy covering most weaknesses, a lot of bulk with pivots make it an easier team to handle

Some issues:

It's slow even for fat balance meaning it's weak to fast boosters like NP Azelf and the reliance on Jirachi as the glue mon (over like Umbreon) means it's a tad weak to Moltres as well. There is also some weakness to BD Azumarill.

Basic idea of the team: live a long time with the fat and defensive synergy on the team and use the pivots to bring in Mamoswine to break thing.

Replay (with a DWB and slower Salamence and an Oblivious Mamoswine, changed after this game to faster than Moltres to reduce Moltres weakness):

I won this UU majors finals game as there was no solid switch in to Moltres Galarian after it gets the Berserk boost and Mamoswine showed both offensive and defensive utlity by being able to stop the opponents threat from sweeping (rip Kommo-o) as well as threaten to sweep after Moltres was low.
Starmie Hazard Stack

:ss/starmie: :ss/thundurus-therian: :ss/mandibuzz: :ss/roserade: :ss/zarude: :ss/skarmory:
The goal of this team is to stack hazards with Roserade and Skarmory and take advantage of the pressure they put on with offensive Starmie and Thundurus-Therian.

Team Roles
:starmie: : Outspeeds almost all of the unboosted metagame and threatens most of it with strong special damage. Blizzard was chosen to secure the OHKO on Thundurus-Therian. Recover helps Starmie stay healthy throughout a match.
:thundurus-therian: : The team's necessary Electric immunity and provides the team with a sweeping threat. Sludge Bomb was chosen over Psychic since it can be run more freely in Kommo-o's absence now, and pairs better with Thunderbolt for more coverage + a poison chance for additional damage. Psychic STAB is additionally covered for the team by Starmie.
:mandibuzz: : Gives the team some mixed defensive backbone and provides Knock Off support. Can also be used to pivot into the more threatening members of the team.
:roserade: : Abuses the Regenerator Grass-types to lay down Spikes, while being able to stomach some special hits in a pinch. Energy Ball was chosen to maintain a hard hit on Excadrill while not dropping Roserade's Special Attack. The given EVs allow Roserade to outspeed Tapu Bulu that speed creep Primarina/Aegislash while not being OHKO'd by Choice Specs Primarina's Psychic.
:zarude: : Provides fast pivot support and speed control for the team. Can also act as a Ground resist or Knock Off absorber if needed. Makes a great lead as well.
:skarmory: : Lays Stealth Rock for the team and helps check physical threats. Can also abuse hazards itself by phazing with Whirlwind.
Another submission!

CM Raikou Semi Stall

:ss/raikou: :ss/tangrowth: :ss/chansey: :ss/slowking: :ss/celesteela: :ss/excadrill:

This team's goal is to wear down the opponent with a strong stall backbone until they are in range for Raikou to set up and sweep. Raikou was initially chosen as a fast CM sweeper that isn't weak to Thundurus-Therian and can muscle through teams after a few CM boosts.

Team Roles
:raikou: : The team's setup sweeper after the opposing team has been weakened. Has respectable base special bulk and can leverage this to set up against weaker special attackers or passive Pokemon to sweep late-game. Also provides the team with a reliable answer to Skarmory and opposing Celesteela.
:tangrowth: : Checks most physical threats in the metagame, but most importantly, Ground-types, which this team does not like dealing with otherwise. Also acts as the team's Knock Off user and absorber.
:chansey: : Acts as a special wall and sets up Stealth Rocks while dishing out Toxic. Pretty simple.
:slowking: : Helps the team against Fighting-types and acts as a bulky pivot. Also aids against Mamoswine.
:celesteela: : Celesteela was chosen to wall DD Salamence, as the team is otherwise very weak to it. It also aids in wearing down the opponent with Leech Seed and generally being very difficult to KO.
:excadrill: : Provides hazard removal for the team and an Electric immunity. Rock Tomb was added to lure Moltres and since Chansey already provides Stealth Rocks.
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:ss/azumarill: :ss/jirachi: :ss/swampert: :ss/excadrill: :ss/salamence: :ss/tangrowth:

Azumarill was chosen as its a very good breaker that abuses a lot of the tier such as skarmory, hydreigon, moltres-g, and more. It has no true counters outside of the rare weezing-g and the team is built around by making it benefit the most out of the opportunities it has from coming in. Ice Punch over knock off is to stop giving amoonguss and phys def tang free switch ins after their item has been knocked off and its a nuisance to azumarill.

Jirachi is used for its steel typing, speed control, and healing wish, the steel typing helps azumarill against poison, and grass moves from pokemon such as tapu bulu, nihilego, and nidoking. Speed control is nice here as it lets me revenge kill pokemon that are otherwise problematic for the team such as mienshao, thundurus-t, and gyarados. Healing wish is nice so when azumarill takes a bunch of chip damage that hinders it from being used well it can be healing wished back up so it can be continuing the assault of attacks or other teammates that need it like swampert so it can continue to wall.

Swampert is used here as it compresses a ground type, a mixed wall, stealth rocks, and a pivot move all in one set. It provides ways to check thundy-t with toxic, pivoting into a favorable MU, or just being able to switch into it with the sp. def bulk. It also can successfully keep up rocks against most fogger or spinners as toxic + earthquake hits most of them.

Excadrill is a ground/steel types that is a backup to swampert and jirachi as it counters jirachi, nihilego, and checks slowbro-g, aegislash and more. It is useful here as if you are facing a nihilego you only need to sack leftovers of one of your less valuable ground types in the matchup and being able to keep the the other ground type insead.

Salamence abuses the grass types that switch into azumarill like phys def. tang, amoonguss, zarude, tapu bulu, and even roserade, it gets free turns on a good double or just switching into them in general. It provides a lot of utility to the team with a ground immunity, intimidate, and the ability to be able to set up turns like setting up azumarill to double switch on a would be salamence counter such as chansey or umbreon. The Bulky Salamence spread allows it to survive a stone edge from mienshao, 2 darkest lariet from zarude, and can better check pokemon such as tapu bulu, conkeldurr, and zygarde-10%.

Phys def. Tangrowth is the last member of the team as it helps the MU against primarina, azumarill, gyarados, lycanroc-d and more. It also helps with utility on the team as it threatens knock on many pokemon esp with helmet which annoy azumarill, and leftovers which hinder them from being able to take attacks over he course of a game. Power Whip is for primarina to make it unable to set up on it, 4 speed is for opposing tang and get the first sludge bomb, and synthesis is for recovery and not being overly reliant on regenerator as with spikes it will really find a hard time healing back up

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