Tournaments SSPL I - Player Signups (CA Prize!) [Auction @ Saturday 29th April 9PM+2!]

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Welcome to the first edition of the Sword & Shield Premier League! This thread is the place to signup as a player for the tournament. Information about the tournament can be found in the SS OU Discord server, and in the Commencement thread. The hosts for this edition of SSPL are Clementine and Lalaya.

The format for signing up is as follows:
Time Zone:
Tiers Interested in Playing:
Forseeable Inactivity:
The 10 Slots for this tournament are:
  • SS Ubers
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • SS DOU
  • SS UU
  • SS RU
  • SS NU
  • SS PU
  • SS LC
(if you are wondering what happened to BDSP OU, read this)

Managers and teams for this edition of SSPL are:
Reminder that only one of the two managers will be able to purchase themselves for 15k credits prior to the draft if they wish to do so.

Signups will be open for 2 weeks, and will close 24 hours before the auction, Friday, April 28th at 9PM GMT+2.
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Username: Slowpoke Fan
Time Zone: +8 GMT
Tiers Interested in Playing: SS OU, SS UU
Forseeable Inactivity: School, will be free after May
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