Tournament STABmons Open! - (R4: Fjight)

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God I'm super sick I hope I'm doing this right.

Friendly reminders:
  • Matches are Best of 3
  • Replays required
  • Play on
  • Silvally learns every move in STABmons! All Rotom formes learn every Ghost, Electric, Water, Fire, Grass, Flying, and Ice moves!
  • This is sorta a Kartana suspect tour, too...

Round 1

InfernapeTropius11 vs. aesf
ggggd vs. WhiteLion (sub)
terrors vs. Akashi
MiyoKa vs. Funbot28 (extension)
ihhca vs. Betathunder
Official Fissure vs. Megazard
OM room vs. BIAF (sub)
Kingofthesun vs. Josh
Scarfnaut vs. MAMP
Squawkerz vs. The Reptile
Arifeen vs. Dragongroudon9
Kris vs. lost heros
iLlama vs. Quantum Tesseract
Amoonguss vs. darksylvion
Pradhaaan vs. Aki Kino
LaxLapras vs. wishes


Taking subs through Round 1! Deadline is 1/29.
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Torchic is best mon
Instead of writing a boring contacted post, I am going to spice it up with some predictions.

Squawkerz vs. The Reptile (lol I am bad)
Kingofthesun vs. Josh (upset of the century)

I don't want to
anyone, so I will stop with the predictions.


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i won

e: removed replays to maintain confidentiality, check the edit history or PM me for the replays if you need them
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