Championship - Type B STABmons Tour - Round 2

STABmons Tournament

  • All standard STABmons' rules apply, if you're unfamiliar with these rules, familiarise yourself with them here.​
  • All battles must take place on either since that is where STABmons is permanently playable and the easiest to access.​
  • Replays are required, although if you do not wish to post replays in the thread, you must PM me. No replays = coinflip / rematch​
  • This serious will follow as a best of 3 format with single elimination.​

Battle Clauses
  • Gen Jumping, or transferring moves from one generation to the next due to type changes, is not allowed. Togekiss changed from Normal/Flying to Fairy/Flying in Generation 6, but its Normal moves do not carry forward.​
  • A Pokémon must be able to learn its new moves outside of battle similar to learning a TM. This means Mega Pokémon and some forms don't transfer their types backward since they cannot learn TMs outside of battle. For example, Mega Gyarados does not transfer all Dark moves to regular Gyarados, and thus you cannot give Gyarados any Dark moves it doesn't already know.​

Casparov vs. Marshall.Law
Simiatic vs. blazenix
Mindnight vs. KevinELF
Avaricity vs. OM room
chop vs. Highlord
ihhca vs. Official Fissure
SiTuM'parleT'mort vs. dukevesper
Chloe. vs. Betathunder

Point Distribution:

srry for being late, deadline is 29th of sept, also any deadgames were coinflipped, if you see something up, contact me asap​

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