Standardizing EV abbreviations

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Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I thought I'd bring it up since the search function hasn't been working for me.

It has come to my attention that the abbreviations that Shoddy (and now Pokemon Lab) utilizes by default for EV spreads are not consistent with those listed on Smogon's analysis pages. For example, the speed stat is referred to as "Spd" on the simulator, but is called "Spe" on the analyses. Similarly, special attack and special defense have been listed as "SpAtk, SpA, SpDef, and SpD." While any relatively experienced player will have long since figured the abbreviations out, I feel that it would be beneficial and not particularly time-consuming to simply use the same terms overall. I could certainly see some players confusing the "Spd" abbreviation for speed with a shortened version of "special defense." This may seem like a very minor and even trivial suggestion, but an enforcement of consistency would at least be somewhat helpful for the sake of clarity.
I agree completely with this. paticularly the SpD issue, as I would like to see that standardized. It gets confusing at times, particularly in a set which could be running either speed or special defense in a small amount


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It's called Spe and SpD on Poke Lab, which is "the simulator" at this point.
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