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I find it very annoying when my status doesn't save after logging back in from time to time, and I'd like that to change. People have been saying the same thing throughout the rooms that I hang out in, on PS!. I feel like if our status were to stay, it would be much easier, since we wouldn't have to pay attention/more use to the /status command besides changing it from time to time.

Implementation-wise for PS!, I think the best way to solve this solution is to have an option in the Settings drop-down menu that allows you to have a permanent status (like a checkmark/checkbox), so that it's user friendly and accommodates for the people who don't want their status to stay forever. I've already explained above why I think this is a good suggestion and something to consider implementing, so yeah, that's all I really got to say.
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I agree this would result in a better experience. Persisting the status involves either saving it in local storage on the client (eg. how avatars are pseudo-persisted) or, preferably, saving it in a database table on the server (eg. how avatars will/should be stored in the future). As outlined in the sticky, persistence is rather complicated and developers are somewhat burnt out on status-related work, so this feature is not likely to be added soon.

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