Tournament STours Trios Tour - Round 1

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Act Wins:
h4g vs JESUSE3
dex vs MultiPokemon
Erza10Scarlet vs Cuane
Cdijk16 vs mudd_skip
Shourya Kumar vs Lizardu''
UltimateBeast vs Arkhan
vs Daskell
pannuracotta vs ElectricityCat
Pais vs BluBird
TDNT vs CaptainFunk
Darkusvanden vs eu
Luirromen vs IdolCian
HeyMan vs fabwooloo
SpectralThief vs Estuardo19
PowerfulSlash vs Taki1223
spoo vs vaporeonlv8
giove97 vs LuckyRyu
C0nfiden1 0yster vs Heni-san
Ainzcrad vs Aocry
hyssou vs Kairak

hunternoooob vs weakermaker
Smashburn vs eclipseY
Rubyblood vs MTB
BlazingDark vs Goro Yagami
Sticky Fingaaa
vs TakingNotesKinda
Paulluxx vs Bored Pikachu
vs Nefarious 2.0
Abyssal Ruins vs Tarrembeau

Round 2 will be uploaded shortly, sorry for the delay >.< might be delayed a bit more


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Going to mention, none of my team was pinged, sorry for not checking. We didn’t know it started last week but, we got lucky so hurrah.
Sorry about that, been busy and was supposed to play with my opponent last night at 9pm EST but rescheduled today. I thought that was allowed.

I'm not used to how the formalities work, I apologize for not posting on the tour page. However, I made it clear yesterday on his profile that we rescheduled today and there is already another extension going. Can you please add me and EclipseY to that list? If not I understand, I suppose.
Sorry i cant do that, you asked for extension after the next round was posted, so i cant change it now
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