Tournament STours Trios Tour - Round 2

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Claiming AW against PikachuZappyZap :
- Opponent asked to play before week-end, implying they can't play on the week-end which I understand
- Scheduled for saturday 2am GMT +2, which corresponds to his friday as my opponent is gmt -7
- Pm'd my oppo at 1:30am saying I am ready, waited until now with no response coming from them
- they're over 20 minutes late based on the first schedule, still no answer

Here's the schedule proof :
View attachment 450957
I had a set of unfortunate circumstances that kept me from playing at the time, I told you this and tried to reschedule on the weekend, you were LITERALLY ONLINE just said “I can’t” and have been radio silent the past 24 hours while I’ve been trying to work something out
Act wins:
Joya vs HEAVENLY BLESSING : Their opp never responded
Goro Yagami vs Monai : Given win
Regnite vs Strat8246 : Strat missed scheduled time
Jordy004 vs Sticky Fingaaa : Sticky missed the time
Smortny vs Ahsan-219 : ahsan missed time and never responded

Estuardo19 vs Haxlolo
KaiserKaiba vs TrainerGoldAlt
MTB vs Xrn
TDNT vs Ayzen
PA vs spoo
Maxisc23 vs JuanSG
Scarlet stars vs Sweet Yamato
Shourya Kumar vs Batataplays
Kyo vs Paulluxx

eclipseY vs Reze
mudd_skip vs IdolCian
UltimateBeast vs Coffy
hunternoooob vs be7
VyoletRayn vs PikachuZappyZap : Coinflipping this bcs pikachu missed sched time, but tried multiple times to reschedule on weekends, which they weren't available on in the first place, VyoletRayn hadn't responded properly to these attempts, so it would be fair to coinflip this

R3 will be up shortly
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