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I realize any implementation of this would be a long way off, and it's fairly sweeping so forgive me if I'm overstepping as a new member or within the boundaries of this subforum, but this spun out of a thread on the Battle Spot board and I'd like to at least give it some voice.

Despite a smattering of doubles or VGC-specific sets in the XY Strategy Pokedex, there are currently no set suggestions for any of the other formats (triples, rotation or 3 vs. 3 singles where differences may apply).

Over on the Battle Spot board I was discussing with other members why we don't see many English-language players hitting high rankings on Battle Spot, and this is almost certainly part of it. Smogon and its strategy dex are the first resource for many players looking to get into competitive Pokemon, and few resources exist to get them into Battle Spot formats (as opposed to Smogon tiers or VGC, for which they're handed introductory sets and suggestions right off the bat).

It leaves some glaring holes on Pokemon as well. Hitmontop's greatest utility, for example, is in triples, and you'll see him in the top six or so on PGL statistics any given season. His strategy dex page, despite suggesting a similar set for doubles, makes no mention of the format wherein he shines the most. Azumarill's page doesn't mention a key utility it has in rotation using Perish Song as a fourth move. And then you have Pokemon that find completely different viability in these formats. Shell Smash Cloyster? Insanely difficult to use in singles, doubles or triples, but with the support of team members in rotation it's amazingly viable and can sweep teams better than many alternatives. There are plenty more examples across the national dex, with both large and small differences between formats.

I'm not sure when the earliest this could be implemented would be, but it seems like including analysis and discussion on Pokemon's roles in other formats on the read-only side of Smogon would:

1) Further the completeness of the site as a competitive resource and continue the trend started by including notable doubles and VGC sets.

2) Encourage new players toward, and improve their skills in, Battle Spot formats where they otherwise might not know where to begin. This would also improve the standing of the greater English-speaking Pokemon community (i.e., the playerbases formed around Smogon and other sites) in global rankings, which is both nice for the breadth of the game and a sense of competition/boasting rights we can all enjoy.

3) Further the goals of Smogon's tiering system in allowing players to find the optimal format for their favorite Pokemon, as several Pokemon find viability differences across formats.

4) Give Smogon a niche no other site currently has save for the statistics provided by PGL.

I know there are members here to contribute this analysis, just as I know getting it to the site would be a long-term goal. But I'm interested in getting discussion rolling.


Please do forgive the fact this is a suggestion dealing with the dex. I figured as it fell more into the vein of a long-term project/approach suggestion rather than an immediate comment on the beta dex, it might still be welcome here. I hope it doesn't seem like I blindly ignored the top of the page.
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Other metagames' analyses will be added to the dex in time. I imagine Triples and Rotation will be included, as well as things like Balanced Hackmons. The inclusion of unofficial metagames on the main dex is new to this gen (and the new dex layout itself), so how we'll go about this is still a little bit up in the air. Sets for Battle Spot formats will most likely be added at some point, though~


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The trouble with making analyses for formats which are unplayable on Showdown! (referring to Rotation specifically here as triples was recently made playable in a few forms) is that, due to the inability to play it on the sim, there will be a far smaller pool of players who understand the meta to write said analyses. This will either lead to a lack of analyses for the meta, or to a series of subpar analyses from players who don't fully understand the metagame that they're writing about (trust me i know due to people trying to get things like SR Garchomp onto its VGC'14 analysis). They would be done if we could get a large player base on the sim for said metagames, but until then there is no need to start writing analyses for said metagames.

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