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Pending Streamline direct challenges


Hex girl
is a Pre-Contributor
Having to find a user in a room or type "/user X" into a chat or the Find a User button in order to challenge them is a bit annoying, especially when you already have a message box with them pulled up. It's at least made a bit more convenient if they message you, since you can just click on their username and challenge from there, but I feel this can pretty easily be streamlined so you don't have to.


My first idea to implement this is to make the username at the top of the message box act as if you have clicked the user's name in chat (pulling up the userdetails menu with their profile picture, all the rooms they're in, challenge button, etc), rather than being an extension of the minimize button as it is now.


My second idea to implement this is to make use of all the empty space between the username and the minimize button and add a "challenge" functionality here, which acts as if you pressed the "Challenge" button on the userdetails menu.

I am aware that typing "/challenge" into the chatbox will pull up the challenge menu, but imo a few clicks > having to type

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